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  1. here is the hair object and the material, thanks for taking the time to help :) hair.c4d
  2. Hi, I am currently working on a simple animation in c4d where all the textures are "flat", just 100% luminance in different colors. I have this character that has hair, and I am trying to render the hair in a similar way. Thing is, for some reason the hair still shades darker and lighter in different places despite unchecking specular, backlit color etc in the hair texture settings (see attached image). Any ideas? Thanks,
  3. And it did! Thanks a lot for your reply :)
  4. Okay! So if i add an atmosphere pass I will get the volumetric light?
  5. Hi, I am working on a scene of a stage that has this low poly tree with a volumetric light inside. I need to render it as an alpha, so that I can change the background. If I remember correctly I think I have rendered scenes with volumetric light and alpha together, and I think it has worked, but I am not sure... And in this case it doesn't - As you can see in the first image, the volumetric light is there, but as soon as there is no background, it is not visible at all. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. I did that but couldn't find it :( I was thinking that perhaps the file got corrupt in some way and saved or changed to a different file format or something, sometimes other software do that but I don't know about Cinema... Thank you for your reply!
  7. Nobody else used my computer and I had only Cinema running... The strangest thing is that the file was visible in recent, but disappeared after I tried to open it. Anyway, will definitely save incremental from now on! Thank you for your reply
  8. Hi, For a couple of days I was working in a C4D file. Yesterday night I saved it, and when I tried to open it again today from "recent files", C4D said "unable to open file". Then, the file disappeared from the list, and also seemingly on my computer. I have used a data recovery program to try and locate it - at first I thought I must have put it in the trash accidentally (even though I can't recall deleting anything since yesterday) - but the file is nowhere to be found. The weirdest thing is that I also made a backup last night, which means the file should be on my drive as well - but it isn't. I have been rendering to that drive all night without any issues. C4D didn't crash and my bugreports folder is empy. I am working on a mac. Any ideas?
  9. Thank you for your reply! I tried it, and something strange seems to be happening - when i scrub through the timeline, my object is static, but when i play and then press pause, it jumps to the correct position - but only when it is paused. whilst its playing, the object stays its original position... Also when rendered
  10. Hi, I am trying to constrain an object to the hand of a rigged, animated character. I can't constrain the object to the joint itself, because I have a rather messy setup where my rig is constrained to a source (mocap) rig and then offsetted. I tried to make a small xpresso setup where the object is constrained to the vertex via the point node. This works - but only constrains the object to the original position of the character in T-pose. Any ideas on how I can make the object follow the movements of this specific vertex? I don't have much experience with xpresso... Thanks! Zara
  11. Hi! I am looking for a way to automatise lip sync in C4D. I have a 5 minute monologue that my character will deliver in a sort of presentation setting. I have followed this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyudnaKd5EI which basically connects the pose morph (blend shape) of an open mouth to a sound file of a voice over through the sound effector in xpresso. I got this to work - and it is a big help making the lower lip move down together with the sound. So far so good. I have created a few other blend shapes for different phonemes (like O, E, etc), and started doing some research on how to time the keyframes of these (combined with the open mouth pose morph linked to the sound effector) to my voice over sound file in an efficient way - like, do I play the sound in C4D and try timing it by listening to the different letters? This didn't seem like a very efficient way, since it is hard to play in realtime and that way time it with the sound. I came across this program called Papagayo (http://www.lostmarble.com/papagayo/), which helps line up phonemes (the mouth shapes) with sound of actors speaking, to help with timing and animating. The program exports a file (.dat) with a list of the different shapes at different frames (see image). Again, pretty big help - this way I can just "follow the list" and put the keyframes of my different blend shapes on the frames it says there. Now, I came across this thread at C4D Cafe (https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/58120-lipsync/) where someone has made a plugin to actually bring this Papagayo file into Cinema. This person has managed to link the different phonemes in this list to different materials in C4D. Then, someone else has used the plugin and linked it to different pose morphs of their character with COFFEE. If I could manage to do this too, I wouldn't need to keyframe the lip sync at all, which would be really amazing. I have a low poly character and it doesn't have to look realistic - it is more about making the face move in a way that makes a bit of sense... First problem is, I don't have much experience with xpresso, and don't know how I could take this file the first person provides (where the materials are linked to the papagayo file) and change it so that the xpresso setup goes to my pose morphs instead of his materials. It is a pretty old thread, so unfortunately I can't ask someone from there. If anyone has other ideas on how to automatise this process, could refer me somewhere or anything really, please let me know. Thank you! Zara
  12. Hi! So, I am about to start my first attempt to lip syncing in C4D. I have made a setup where a blend shape (pose morph) is connected to my sound file via the sound effector in xpresso. This makes the mouth move up and down according to the sound. So far so good. Now I need to start tweaking it using other pose morphs etc. The problem is that I can't seem to sync the sound with the animation playback - there is a big delay. We hear the sound, and much later the character is moving. I am wondering if anyone has any idea on how this is usually done, or any tips for me on how to get the sound in cinema and have it play "together" with the animation. If the animation is playing slower than realtime, it would be okay that the sound is slower too - as long as it is in sync... I have a very low poly character - not very slow to work with. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  13. Thank you for you reply! It worked :)



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