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  1. OK i just attached a PSR constraint to the null and made it follow the actual hip joint, which does record world position (unlike the geometry which does not). Now I have a null that I can bake out.
  2. I have a rigged character running through it's paces, moving from position to position by following pivot objects assigned to each motion clip. The one character has up to 10 motion clips following a series of 5 pivot objects. I need to bake out one null object that just follows the character in all it's positions. Is there any way to track that? The original rig geometry is always at the origin when using the motion clip method, but there must be some output that i can hook into to get the rig's current motion clip position. Any ideas?
  3. I've tried every way I can think of, including making it editable, but I'm clearly missing something. My goal is to create a motion clip from the skeleton (without the mesh) that I can use in the motion clip editor alongside other Mixamo FBX animations. This particular one only has vibration tags added to the controllers, but others I'm making will also have keyframes I'll be animating on the rig: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ojbqh0a51ado8uq/hiker-idle.c4d?dl=0 Thanks for any advice!
  4. I've created some animation with the Character object and now I need to bake the joint chain animation out and export as an FBX. I have a vibration tag and some animation done through the character object controllers, but I can't seem to get the joints to bake out. I don't need the mesh, just the joint animation.
  5. I have a dense mesh with a vray displacement material assigned. I’d like to create a game level normal map I can apply to a lighter mesh of the same model. How do I create a normal map based on my displacement texture?
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