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  1. I think that is what they are planing. keeping perpetual for the old not MSA update price and offering a MSA cost subscription. Well that is basically a price increase of 40%. Everyone can see it. It favors new customers over old ones (as they already invested a lot and are unlikely to quit). You can see it everywhere: New inexperienced users are flooding the forums. That is not bad and I have no objections. But when they alienate there experienced customers, they will have to educate the new customers themselves and not rely on the "fantastic comunity" who has just been taken advantage of.
  2. you could try sphere mapping instead of UV mapping
  3. not just that but also 15% of MAXON stock. english: https://ir.nemetschek.com/websites/nemetschek/English/2110/news.html?newsID=1874979 german: https://ir.nemetschek.com/websites/nemetschek/German/2110/news.html?newsID=1874981
  4. yes with on license of c4d come additional 5 client licenses (have been unlimited in the past just changed that in r21) and there comes one team render server license. Install the clients on up to 5 machines, then you can access them with your c4d directly to team render (many frames) or for distributed rendering (one frame). You can also use batch rendering to render several sceenes. For animations I prefer to install the server and connect the clients to it. The server has a watch folder where you save your projects with assets into. then you can start them via a browser UI. Be aware, that everything in Team render is unstable and might not work as intended. It is a very un-MAXON-like part of the software.
  5. For me it doesn't feel like a perfect match. It might be a match, in my opinion there could have been better ones. I really hope, that MAXON is not using all the developement time on a Integration. They left so many basic features untouched. Performance of the editor view, UV, Volumes. Others got worsened like the Teamrender (NET). And now one could get the impression that MAXON is occupied with business developement (optimization of stream of income, optimization of licensing, buying and joining). It looks a bit like MAXON is circling around it self, its business Model and value. I am shure this feels great at MAXON HQ but as a customer I don't feel that rush.
  6. two very different things.
  7. maybe someone from MAXON can comment on this?
  8. I think this is true not just in this one case. The "we make the rules take it or leave it" approach was a big mistake imho.
  9. you can use a text spline. make a xpresso and feed the text with a time Node Frame output. put the spline Text object under the cam here is a example file open GL frame count.c4d
  10. do you use GI? To avoid flickering iridiance cache and maybe also lightmaps might try to calculate on base of the old frames. the more frames they have to calculate throug the longer. Well that at least was a problem many years ago. I have no Idea if it still is a problem though. If you restart the rendering at a certain frame it will calculate fast again, but you might get flickering on your new starting frame. you can of corse render overlapping sequences and blend them together.
  11. Hi srek, nice to get some Infos, thanks. I personally are not against an online help on principal, but I would like to know if there where so many demands to change it, because one could get the Impression, that people quite like the old help system. Or was it a decision to accommodate all the new subscription users? best regards Jops
  12. You can find the object visibility under the basic tab of every object. see the file best regards Jops visibility bool.c4d
  13. Hi mhellring, the setup is quite complicated. Here is a suggestion to simplify it. by the way. update your profile. I tried to open the file in R19 and there was nothing animated as fields are a R20+ feature. best regards Jops Star Test_solution.c4d

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