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  1. Happy Birthday cinema. this is a nice opportunity to thank all developers for their dedication and perseverance best wishes for the next 30 years, Jops
  2. This really sounds astonishing. small chip with little cooling, first generation. we will see how apple manages to develop this in the future. Lets see how much a upgrade to a 128 Gig Ram chip will cost
  3. that all is super interesting benchmark results of the A12Z (not the M1) can be found here: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/cinebench-r23-with-support-for-apple-m1-soc-is-now-out-geekbench-scores-up-too.2267129/ edit: the second screenshot seems to be wrong. looks like we will have to wait a bit more to get proper and safe results
  4. I don't know what user error this should be that didn't occur the last 20 years I am working with c4d. Even though I feel this lesser stability on different computers it is of corse still not representative in any way.
  5. my feeling is, that R21 is unfortunately also less stable then R19 for example. It tends to freezes when the picture manager opens. That could be just a local problem here of corse, but R19 is more stable for me here. S22 ( that I was working with at a customer) as you said even felt less stable then that. unfortunately
  6. Hi BBBB, in 3d we always work with previews, as final rendered images need way to long to render. You have to understand, that the final rendered image is the "real" one, and the preview is a simplistic representation of it. I would say, that in your case the preview and the final render look quite similar. I can find nothing unusual, unexpected or bad about this two images. best regards Jops
  7. that is a great project. and incredible with how few people you can pull of something like this today.
  8. I can assure you that I only did this survey because I was curious how other users see it. All mentioned problems could be solved without questioning subscription as a system, so I did not see the connection.
  9. Hi LECHUCK, I think that what you are experiencing is something a lot of design workers experience. Most of the things you mention are universal for graphic designers as well as for 3d Artists. I would say that long hours for example are more dependent of the company you are working for then the stuff you do. It is absolutely not uncommon in the 3d World. But as you often have longer projects then working 2D you might have the possibility to arrange your work in a smarter way and therefor you might be able to influence it a bit. But the more efficient you are the more work will be
  10. try to set stuff in relation to each other. for example: the ceiling height looks 2 to 2,5 the height of the person. If the guy is 1,70 m that would be 3,40 m to 4,25 m. you can also look at the stools. they are proppably 40 to 50 cm heigh. comapred to the pillar you could stack 7 to 8 of them that means: 2,80m to 4,0m. therefor I would propably go for 3,40 m or 3,80 m and model it in a way that I can change it if necessary. best regards Jops
  11. I think that cinema 4d has the best interface of any program that I know... maybe moi can compete (even though it is much smaller) There are so many small things, that make such a huge difference. for example the possibility to change parameters of multiple similar objects at once just by activating them all. The possibility to use x+ or x* to edit even multiple values that are different. that alone makes working with adobe products feel like stone age. Change the size of multible comps in AE you need a script... you need a script for every second thing in AE. If you have the impress
  12. Igor, the Guy who found out about the POSCAP issue already analyzed the new driver version. https://www.igorslab.de/en/wonder-how-invidia-the-crashes-of-the-force-rtx-3080-andrtx-3090-will-be-removed-and-still-will-be-removed-even-from-the-power-supplies-analysis/ if you understand german ( I dont think the subtitles are to good) here is the video which is much more detailed: best regards Jops


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