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  1. You can find the object visibility under the basic tab of every object. see the file best regards Jops visibility bool.c4d
  2. Hi mhellring, the setup is quite complicated. Here is a suggestion to simplify it. by the way. update your profile. I tried to open the file in R19 and there was nothing animated as fields are a R20+ feature. best regards Jops Star Test_solution.c4d
  3. You have a point there. But as much as I find the project blender facinating and as much as I adore the values behind. The succes is based on free developement work,even though now there are some people that get paid for. I prefer a software the developers can make a living out of, as I want to make a living out of 3D animation. Besides that the field I am teaching in is UX design and in the way we use this software blender is no mach for cinema (even with animation nodes).
  4. Thanks for the response, I'm really arguing here in the name of MAXON. I find it problematic that a university that wants to try out whether a cinema 4d course makes sense for it has to pay. That's a scare off. I think it would be important for all commercial 3D software producers to reach people before they get used to blender. But since they're working on it anyway, we'll see
  5. @bentraje Thanks for your answer. I don't think we're that far apart. But the way I met Dave McGavran, I don't feel he needs to be protected from criticism. On the contrary, he enjoys controversial discussion. best regards Jops
  6. As far as I know you can not renew your MSA anymore. you either have to go subscription with 20% bonus for your running MSA (and loose your perpetual license) or without bonus (doesn't make sense as you have R21), or you wait till next year without MSA and update perpetual for expected 850€ excl. VAT. best regards Jops
  7. I had the same Situation in a German university. Of course MAXON can charge for their software what they want, but I don't find it smart, to charge the institutions, that teach your software, considering, that more or less every student I had already had worked with Blender before. If they don't get Cinema4d taught they probably just stick with it. bentraje I don't know what your status is with MAXON. But this is a free forum. And one of it's main purposes is to exchange opinions. That include views about the business model. I don't think that phrases like "If push comes to shove, you can always go ahead and use Autodesk or Blender " are very helpful (I don't even think for MAXON). To Illustrate this as a example I reword it to: "If push comes to shove, you can always go ahead and find a new forum with less whining tone". That doesn't help much right? because if you stay people here will benefit from your answers in future, as MAXON benefits from different opinions about their business model. no offense meant, best regards Jops
  8. It would be nice if xpresso could get some sort of miltiprocessor support. I am aware that this is complicated for functions that somehow interact, but I always have parts that are independend and even a manual swich in the xpresso tag to use a certain core would be verry helpfull. Nodes that would help to controll the amound of verteces of a object without the need to script would be nice to. I am shure that I can find some more ideas for xpresso when I come home from holidays
  9. As far as I know TRS has a watchfolder. You copy a project with assets into that folder and start the rendering in the webiterface. When the rendering is finished you copy the results to the place you want them to be. Team render in picturefiewer uses the normal project folders, but team render server not (as far as i know). That means save with assets, start render, copy results, delete job.
  10. The problem that I will run into regularly is a rendering license in the office (TR or DR) and me at home wanting to work. Strictly speaking, this is a violation of the license and therefor not possible. I think that this is something that should be possible but I will have fire up team render server and copy the stuff around everytime to avoid this.
  11. perpetual and subscription are two licenses for one and the same product. Of course there are differences: Perpetual costs a lot of money in the front, but you can use the software without paying subscription. MAXON calculates this with 5 years. You also have the freedom to update or omit a version. Subscription doesn't cost a hurdle to get started. so you don't have to pay 3500€ in front. you can also rent an additional license for one month for about 100 euro. You get updates faster than perpetual customers. Disadvantage: if you want to have access to your work after finishing your career, you either have to rent again or buy a perpetual license. The software is the same. Only the dependencies are different. Because of this differences there will be customers with different needs for both license types as long as the offer is fair. MAXON is of course aware that customers who rent are less free and the difference between prices is the defined cost of this freedom. But the perpetual customer has already paid for this freedom with the 3600€ in advance even though MAXON does not value that. So basically there is no reason to make perpetual more expensive than subscription unless you want your customers to give up their already paid perpetual license and switch to subscription to take your freedom away from you. And unfortunately this is exactly what happens. MAXON expects his MSA customers to pay roughly 50%+ more for the same product update and freedom they had before. That's a pretty sharp price increase considering that the general trend in product and software development is the other way around. By the way, the hourly rate of customers is following a different trend. It was MAXON's decision to cancel the MSA and as an alternative they offer us our freedom to exchange for 20% discount for 2 years or a sharp 50%+ price increase. best regards Jops
  12. Cineversity is not included right now but they said they are looking into It if they might include it in part or completely.
  13. My guess is, that they want it to die in a couple of years an go subscription only with the argument that no one updated or bought perpetual. But that is just my personal theory.
  14. 850€ is the price without VAT I would guess. incl. VAT that would be 1011,50€ in Germany for example. please correct me If I am mistaken.
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