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  1. Navie Effex Gone?

    ok, so spireil over at cgtalk helped me find out: it was the missing or to old opencl.dllok... so here for all:install like described in the Navie effex zip- copy a tpp.dll to the dir where you find the cinema4d.exe (working for me is version 4.2.2013.1114 for spireil version 2018.0.0.0 works, maybe wersion it is not that crucial here)- take care that your windows/system32 folder contains a opencl.dll (version works for spireil, works for me (I had it laying around so I used this one.)thanks a lot to everyone!and especially to Samir!
  2. Navie Effex Gone?

    Hi There, thanks Samir for this great gift. I wish you all the best for your life. to all the others. I just can't get it running. Not on my workstation not on my Laptop. I downloaded everything twice, tested 10 different tbb.dlls and tripple checked that I put everything where it belongs. on R17 to R19 on win 10 and 8.1 (all 64Bit) is someone else having problems to? or am I the only one? thanks for every bit of advice. Best regards Jops
  3. If you have long preperation times this can happen. Due to the special way a lot of renderfarms work they have to make the preperation for every frame from the start. While your workstation just calculates diferences to the frame earlier.