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  1. I really do not understand the discussion. Adobe and now the MAXON move show clearly, that there are people that prefer perpetual and others that prefer renting. If you stick to one of the two you will loose quite some customers. That is basically what the discussion is all about. If MAXON committed itself clearly to offer both for the future they would not have produced this uproar. (poor communication or bad intentions) If you find a not to complicated way to offer both for fair prices (that should be possible) it will lead to better profit for you, and better offers for your customers. offering more features but force half of your customers into a licensing scheme they hate, or can not afford is not an option I would think.
  2. This poll might not list all the quitters. In germany for example all the MSAs are running from January to December. therefor they all get the R21. If they want to quit they will do it after the R21.
  3. If this is all you are thinking about, the less optimistic fellas might be right and there is no need to discuss it any further. we will see.
  4. Thank you very much, I personally appreciate the possibility to have a choice to rent (handy for a second or third license). I really hope you guys find a fair solution for perpetual as for me exclusively renting is no option (as it was with Adobe that didn't get any money from me since CS6) I at least want to have one perpetual license. To be honest I would appreciate a perpetual update to be cheaper then renting, as it is payed upfront. But I also could live with the easy and uncomplicated solution of everything costing the same: rent with cineversity, and perpetual update with cineversity till next version. But of course MAXON is free in its decisions. exactly like its customers. :) I will lose access to cineversity at the end of the year, as all the other german MSA customers I think, and internationally some people even earlier . So It would be nice If you wouldn't wait till next August to sort this issue out :) best regards Jops
  5. Hi Rick, as you can't make a statement about MAXON's future strategy. Maybe you can tell us something about the reasons for the current strategy. MAXON has decided to end the existing MSA and introduce a rental option as the only renewing option. What advantages does MAXON hope to gain from a rental license over an MSA? I am asking this, because I can't understand why MAXON is alienating its MSA customers, even though they produced a steady stream of income (which at the time was the communicated reason for the MSA) thanks a lot Jops
  6. if your cinema 4d version is :C4D VER: AFTER EFFECTS / C4D LITE, like stated in your profile I can understand why you are exited :) then you are exactly the one this move is aimed at.
  7. Maybe because you underestimate how much trust MAXON lost. People are still in the shock about Adobe. This arrogant way in which the company has overcome the concerns of its long-standing customers has left a deep mark. And now MAXON is doing the same in the eyes of many. Even if you're certainly not the one to blame (you are here to answer questions). But in my personal opinion, MAXON's lack of communication and willingness to compromise has not only lost a few customers. MAXON also lost much more trust than you imagine right now. But shurely you can compensate it with a lot of new subscibers. best regards Jops
  8. Dear Rick, Thank you for facing the wave of outrage. But... I hope you've noticed that this whole simplification is just progress for MAXON, not for the existing users. - MAXON only has one software version left to maintain, but Prime users now have to triple their payments. - MAXON implements a new licensing system and can thus have better control over its customers (and only have to maintain one version). But customers can't be sure if MAXON won't shut down the license server for old versions. - MAXON simplifies its accounting by abolishing the MSA. But from now on, at best, customers will have to pay more for an annual update (but there is no guarantee that it will continue to be offered). - MAXON is euphoric because it hopes to get many new users. But, the existing users feel cheated and passed over. (by the way, many of those who make up this great community) With all the answers posted here in the forum, I have the feeling that MAXON is confusing its own benefit with the benefit to the user. And this thread should be a sufficient sign that your userbase is not euphoric. All the best Jops
  9. du kannst natürlich auch nach "eventual" suchen und dir den zweiten Übersetzungsvorschlag anschaun. But you are right... back to topic :)
  10. bei der suche nach eventuell gab google mir das hier: eventual schließlich, eventuell, endlich
  11. thank you very much I think that should be clear now in most languages :)
  12. I am sorry, but as I am German and no nativ English speaker I have to ask (and maybe I am not the only one) eventually can be translated to "eventuell" which means possibly or perhaps, or it can be translated to "schließlich" which means finally or at last. That is a huge difference, so in the given context what does it mean? thanks a lot Jops
  13. That is good to hear! Thanks for clarification.
  14. As there are some MAXON representatives on this side. could You please comment on this information found in the site of greyscalegorilla. https://greyscalegorilla.com/2019/08/cinema-4d-redshift-subscription/#more-563297 MAXON told Greyscalegorilla that the MSA program will no longer continue, and that C4D release updates will be managed by the new MyMaxon service. If your MSA contract extends beyond Sept 1st, you’ll receive Cinema 4D R21 Perpetual in early September. You can convert your license to a Cinema 4D subscription at any time prior to the expiration of your MAXON Service Agreement. When you convert to a subscription, we’ll credit any remaining time on your MAXON Service Agreement in addition to a nice discount. .......... That said, a perpetual license does not include future releases, so if you want R22 next year, you would need to buy a new $3,000+ perpetual license. So if you plan on staying up to date with the latest version, the subscription service does make the most sense if you plan to continually update the software.
  15. As long as there is both subsription and perpetual. Everyone should be treated the same. The perpetual users paied upfront to have access later. And subsrition guys need to pay a perpetual license when they want to leave and keep access to their work. So 720 for a year subsripion with cineversity and 720 for a perpetual update from the previouse Version with one year access to cineversity. Very simple!

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