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  1. looking at rfanoni's post even the resellers are confused. In principle a new deal with the posibility to hold the R21 license is a good thing. But why only active MSA Holders? They should get S22 anyway. And the ones that don't have a active MSA anymore... well MAXON canceld them not the users. It is just a matter of luck or bad luck if someone still has a MSA or not. Sorry to say this but it is still a chaos. and yes: 5G doesn't cause corona! No doubt about that. We should add this statement to every post
  2. seems to me that all this confusion is intentional. They had a quite some tme to clear this up or change things, but posting in a forum once in a while is not really the way to clarify things officially for a company. They didnt change a thing with comunication and they are sticking to their plan. Therefore the confusion is intentional.
  3. Just for c4d subscription not for c4d perpetual. Redshift also for perpetual though.
  4. it is no shadow but ambient occlusion. there is a button for that in the rendertag on the plane. deactivate it. you should use null objects to group things not connector objects. They weld near points of geometra together whitch can leed to problems. best regards Jops
  5. hopefully these bugfixes will also be pached in r21.
  6. if you do not use plugins and are getting money for the Jobs you can look into zync render.
  7. MAXON should make a online updater! here you are https://we.tl/t-bKgr8sYWPP best regards Jops
  8. Great now I really can think about changing to GPU
  9. Yes that is right. would love to see the look of octane and ther versability of redshift. But look often has to do with the presets that where choosen by the producing company. But for redshift, besides that Nürburgring Video I have not seen much impressive stuff
  10. I would have beleeeved you anyway only thing that I miss is the 2d trancparency (that culls away everything but the firts ray contact). Like the left figure, not Like The right. but impressive anyway. havent seen this amount of fexibility in the other GPU renderers I used.
  11. excelent news, thanks a lot! Jops
  12. Nice to have you here, just knowing cotane and cyles and I often hear that redshift is a much etter production renderer. Thinking about switching myself I would love to know some things. excludibng objects from lights is standard, right? but.... - Can I make a object invisible but keep its shadow in the sceene? - Can I setup a object, that is excluded from the reflection of exactly one other object but not not from the rest of the sceene? - Can I make objects invisible behind Glas? - Can I make a object semi transperent as if it was a compositing (so that it looks like blending out a layer, flat not 3d looking) Things like this are not possible in Octane or cycles without workarounds (as far as i know) But I need them regularly, so it would be great If redshift could do stuff like that thanks for the info, best regards Jops
  13. The Pros of CPU: Over all very robust and stable. RenderFarms for CPUs are easier to find and cheaper Old Computers qualify much easier as rendernodes as you can upgrade RAM easily and for little money. You can render out many different passes with just one rendering process. (Many GPU renderer are much more limited in this area) It is easy to include or exclude Objects from lights, shadows or reflections. easier to get unrealistic artificial looks. Easy accessible as many 3D software Packages have a production ready CPU Renderer included. Files easy to give away as render engine is included in Software. (if the GPU Renderengine is included it is the same of corse) The Pros of GPU: Fast Preview and interactive working global ilumination always included. much less to think about. much easier to get realistic results. easier to learn for 3D Beginners. a lot of renderpower can be included into just one computer. computers can be upgraded with GPUs very easily.
  14. Without mayor testing I could emagine this to work. It feels a bit complicated so there may be a simpler solution. ok... so this is a untested setup, but you could try this. make a Matrix objekt (linear) with the amount of elements that you need diferent phonetic sounds. arange them for example x0 y0 z50. Use the clone selection tool to generate one selection tag for each element. generate one sound effector with y100 for each element and use one selection for each effector. define the fequencies in in the effectors. Now every element should rise 100 units when its sound is played. to read out this information. use a xpresso node drag in the matrix and connect its object exit to a Data node. Whith it you should be able to extract the z Vallue of each matrix element. best regards Jops
  15. Hi there, UV peeler is such a nice tool for cylinders, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with ribbons. Is there a workflow for that? for the sake of illustration here a screenshot
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