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  1. as far as i know the MSA text is very clear. If your MSA was still valid when R23 was released MAXON owes you this version. You have kept to the contract and paid the MSA so MAXON has to keep to the contract as well. That is a natural thing to do.
  2. i have had this discussion several times. even with David. if a university cannot guarantee to offer a course for several years, the installation in a PC pool costs a few thousand euros. That's the reason why the students had to bring their personal laptops to install free student versions. but since this semester was my last anyway, they will probably continue with blender from now on. I have absolutely nothing against David McGavran. But I think the statement is close to the truth. I didn't say anything nasty, just why I think there will be no indi license. I personally think it is much mo
  3. regarding indi licenses there is another aspect that makes them unlikely. David McGavran got CEO just 2 Years ago. So what is the goal for an ambitious new CEO? revenue! You can't blame him for that, but customer satisfaction and a vibrant community are probably not that prominently featured in the target paper (although they wouldn't mind it). And, of course, the growth should be greater than that of his predecessors. In addition to short-term goals, such targets are often defined over 3 or 5 years. MAXON had quite good figures even before David McGavran. so you can assume that h
  4. I hope this saves as much money as it costs. best regards Jops
  5. I was no fan of prorender, not at all, but it's 2020 and c4d can not render volumes. And that not because MAXON doesn't have the technology, but because they decided, that a 3k€ 3d software doesn't need it.
  6. Not at all! Again MAXON is stripping people from features without proper substitution.
  7. I most propably will not update. Its not that I dont like some of the features, its just, that 1000€ for a yearly update doesn't feel right. I didn't cancle my msa, MAXON did. So I will use my new freedom. If redshift was included I would update thoug.
  8. you can use diferent values instead of: New range min = -0.5 New range max = +0.5 try New range min = -0.4 New range max = +0.6 and so on. till your tree sits right. alternative would be to edit the displacement map in a way that it is neutral grey at the place your tree is. then it yould not displace this part of the geometry.
  9. if you are not using sub poly displacement. you could also use the displacer deformer on the object insted the displacement chanel in the material. best regards Jops
  10. If I was into Archvis I would look up Twinmotion. That is based on unreal just with a different interface. I don't know much about it, but what I saw was quite impressive.
  11. A fair treatement of perpetual licensce holders (and former MSA customers) compared to subscription customers.
  12. If I knew that I wouldn't write to a forum but to the support I mainly wanted to know If othres have simular experiences. That doesn't seem to be the case judging from the lack of feedback to this post. best regards Jops
  13. Thank You Cerbera, even thoug I would call it restoration rather than improvement, it shows, that my rant was unnecessary. Thanks for enlighten me. I agree with you that for most people it might be better If the enviroment is blendet out in ortogonal views, but at least we can make it work now. Hopefully they will change that in R22 ( that would save hundred of thousands of klicks around the world best regards Jops
  14. Hi there, The background objhekt was a very reliable tool. You threw it into the scene, put some material on it and you had a background. I don't know exactly when it started, but at some point version 18 or so it was suddenly sometimes not visible in the viewport anymore. The reason was that now you had to use a pixel texture in the assigned material to make it visible in the viewport. Gradients and noises, with which you could create backgrounds very efficiently, were suddenly no longer accepted. Only during rendering the corresponding material was visible. And now since vers
  15. Hi there, I am right now working on a customer computer (Dual Xeon, 1080TI). I have R21 and S22 installed. No Plugins and everything patched. I have quite some stability issues (freezes) with S22 while R21 runs ok. Do you have the simular findings? Or is this just a special computer related hickup? Thanks Jops
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