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  2. To be honest these days there's so many untalented people charging five bucks a piece for sublime work that you either have to appeal to the top dogs or resort to qualifications. I respect the fact that you waited 7 years to pop C4D's cherry but I'm very impatient. (EDIT: Please ignore what I said about a certain warmonger).
  3. ِDepends on how much you want to make. If you are going to choose freelance 3D modelling as your career, there's certainly a knack to it. But if you want to do it as a passive income, like I do, there's a world of difference. I'm still not ready for that either. Maybe Adobe Certification will help?
  4. Seven years? You clearly overdid it. If you are extremely perfectionist about the amount of skills needed for a freelance job, why didn't you go to art school? I'm thinking of going. Not bachelor's, clearly, just associates. I already went for my bachelor's and dropped out. But if getting a degree solves the ever-lasting question of "When am I ready?", why not go?
  5. This is true. I've been doing mograph palpably since early 2015, and seriously since late 2015 --- and overall of 2 months there --- then I completely gave it up for a year and started again two-three weeks ago. I've seen people who've just started doing this, like for 2 weeks, and they make better mograph than me. Granted, they ALL use Motion 2 and I DETEST this piece of script. It's making everything repetitive. I showed my mom a few motion graphics which all somehow had Motion 2 in their flow and she said "Why can't you make stuff like that". I was like, mom, I have integrity. I keyframe natively and I try to come up with with original animation. But by doing so I'm harming my chances of ever getting work at this point. I'm on welfare so it's ok and I don't care about money, so I can just hope this pays off in the long run. Right now people call my work out of date but I'd rather call them stale. An out of date work is Happy Day's intro. A stale work is something new that's only good for the duration of its production. Trends are like preservatives, they'll poison your work but they'll keep it fresh. I want to stay away from trends because I want to invent my own. After realizing how stupid my "Payprator" idea was, I'm going to use bitmaps with alpha channels to create a nice tool that will be similar to the effect seen in one of Captain Disillusion's episodes. That could become a trend. Who knows? I'm still optimistic. Noobs can do stuff too.
  6. I know. I know. Not everyone who works is perfect at it. I want to start working as soon as possible but I'm gridlocked by creative obstacles for which the solution I'm unaware of. I'm going to publish a few free plugins then make a website that sells plugins for AE, C4D and NUKE , templates for the aforementioned software and assets. Then people will see those and assume my work is good. That's when I'll strike. I'm fairly sure at some point my work will become at least adequate but right now I have to rely on technicality and marketing to get freelancing job.
  7. That just doesn't cut it for me. I want to be perfect at both. I usually go to Coolors, choose a color palette and make up a work around it.
  8. I believe programs are just tools. I know C4D and AE and NUKE. I know AE to the extent that I just coded a non-functional plugin for it, and this can become functional in matter of days. I know C4D enough to work with XPresso, MoGraph and Mat. I know rigging but just enough for Motion Graphics --- I never pursued modelling because I simply don't like it. If I need a model, I'll get it off the internet which what mograph artists do. Unless they're generalists and have better skills. I know NUKE too --- and I'm learning how to script for it with Python... It's not the tools that I have the problem with. My work is stale. I don't think it's clumsy, or ugly, it's just stale. It doesn't zing, it doesn't wham, it doesn't wroom. I don't know how to fix this. I really don't.
  9. Where do I get the talent.
  10. Hey guys this Payperator idea sucks. I coded the UI, compiled it, stared at it for two hours and then I said to myself: Who needs it? I'm so stupid.
  11. We all learned about the UDHR at school. We all hated it because it was nearly 30 articles. Now I'm doing a mograph on it. To do so, I've created 30 pictorgrams to convey the 30 articles. You can view the final version of them here --- This is the old version of the pictograms. I showed them to /r/graphic_design (great sub, but I was banned from it for insulting Mohammad) and they helped me to improve it. I'm going to use Cinema 4D for the main animation (it has two images) And this was before I discovered "Push Apart" effector which is very nice and great. I'm writing a paper-generator plugin for AE called Payperator which takes time, probably weeks, but once I'm done, I will create the text assets in front of papers and finally composite them in NUKE. I'll keep you guys posted.
  12. Check out this one too. I made this using C4D+AE. Do you think that my work has improved at all? I get this crushing feeling that no, it has not.
  13. Thanks. It may be hard, it may be easy. If I believe something's easy, I will have a much easier time overcoming the obstacles I face along the way, right? I think I have the solution for it: Become a top graphics programmer, become a mediocre graphic designer. You know why? Because with software, your audience is professionals and they're picky. With design, your audience is normal people, and most people need bright colors and fast, intrepid motion.
  14. I was going through my 2016 album and most of them weren't good. They were extremely ostentatious and lacked aesthetics. But this one stood out. I know what's going through your mind: If this stood out, what were the bad ones? I can assure you that I'm working hard and my work will improve tenfold before cows go moo.
  15. I never implied that knowing Processing in in anyway determinant of MAXON and Adobe API SDK skills (which are libraries for Python and headers for C++, respectively). What I meant for you to infer was that Processing is indeed easy and a skill every designer must acquire. I think we've looped through the deterrents here. What I'm saying is that how many free plugins does it take to build a nice repertoire so you can sell them, and what you're saying is that I don't have the skills to make a plugin. Which is a little cruel considering that I posted those 173 lines of code which I coded in 3 hours in a language I just learned being faraway from coding for 9 months to show off the fact that with vigorous practice, research, study and a inordinate amount of luck, making free or paid plugins is easy. Like everything else, it takes effort.