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  1. @everfreshOne more comment: the way I'm looking at it is no one seems to address having joints or bones along adjacent or parallel axes - am I thinking about this correctly?
  2. Hey @everfresh, Vialen Dank für ihren Blick. I will review this thread and look in the file here first this this morning.
  3. One correction: in my previous post, the annotation I added to the .c4d file says 'restriction' rather than 'protection' tag. I have tried to use 'protection' tags not restriction.
  4. Good evening/afternoon/morning folks: I have a few, related, questions about IK rigging a robotic arm. I've created an example file with my exact questions for any of you: brave, bored, experienced or generous enough to have a look. The crux of my challenge is multi-axis and rotation constraints. I've looked, closely, at most online tuts, to no avail. Thanks a ton, in advance for having a look. IK_Reference_for_Questions.c4d
  5. Greeting C4DCafe Members: A curious challenge: I apply a Displacer deformer to a sphere, (either parametric or geometric) animate a noise in the shader, 'render perfect' turned OFF for parametric, Interactive Render Region shows deformation, Render to Picture Viewer shows deformation - but the ACTUAL render - perfect sphere - EVERY TIME - no matter what -very curious. I've tried, variously: increased polys, added Sub-D, changed project scale, added displacement channel to texture...still, every render revert to a perfect sphere. Any suggestions? In advance, really, thank you for your time and consideration.
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