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  1. Version 1.60


    InstanceMan is a plugin for Cinema 4D that helps to make life with instance objects a little easier. Before R20, there was another plugin around - InstanceVault, that used worked well in prior versions of Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, that plugin wasn't of much use in R20, so I decided to write a similar plugin - InstanceMan. Besides having all that functionality in R20 again, I managed to extend and improve the overall functionality and stability. All functions are explained below. Happy instancing. SELECT Select all instances of the same reference object. Ctrl
  2. Hello, Changes in 1.60: Select: Fixed wrong axis and other issues when selecting multiple instances Split: Fixed wrong position of new reference object Added Select broken: Quickly selects all unlinked instances Various smaller fixes and improvements No more support for versions prior R20 Support for R22+R23 Merged all versions into a single repository on GitHub: https://github.com/mp5gosu/InstanceMan Find the download here: https://www.roberthitzer.de/projects/instanceman/ Have fun! :)
  3. Hello, I updated the plugin again and also made it available for R21. Source and release on Github: https://github.com/mp5gosu/InstanceMan-R21 Or direct download: https://www.roberthitzer.de/projects/instanceman/ By the way: This plugin has nothing to do with InstanceVault. I wrote InstanceMan from scratch, because InstanceVault isn't maintained anymore.


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