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  1. Mouse can only move camera. HELP!

    No. I just have a normal Mac mouse. I think sometimes Macs just need a refresh. L x
  2. Mouse can only move camera. HELP!

    I had this and posted about it a while ago. Do a full restart of your system, I found it went away after that. Something was hanging in the background of the OS and stopping c4d from working properly x Laura
  3. My Wip's & Finals

    Great model and nice GI, but bloom is way too porny. Unless this is the set for Emanuelle 7?
  4. Cinebench, cpus etc

    I used to think that a cpu with a cinebench score of 1000 would render a frame twice as fast as a cpu with cinebench of 500 but in my recent experience this isn't quite the case. A while ago I bought a pc just to use as a render machine for team render with a couple of 2nd hand xeons in it. (E5 2660) v1. 2 x 8 cores 2.2 ghz each means a total of 32 threads clocking in at cinebench 1850. I've been testing it extensively for the last month and find that on average it renders 25-30% quicker than my iMac (cinebench 870). Here I'm talking about the exact same frame on each computer rendering without TR. for example 1 min 20 on pc, 1 min 50 on iMac. i also have an old laptop which is quite beaten up and this has approx cinebench 400 this can do the same frame in 2 min 22. The reason why I am posting is because I want to buy another render pc, I need more power for animations. maybe I could upgrade the old one. But I'm now confused about value for money. I'm on a small budget so I think reconditioned parts is the best way to go, but .... i have been offered by the same company 2 x Xeon e5 2690 v1 2.9 ghz but it's a relatively expensive chip compared to the 2660/2670 which are most common on the market. for roughly the same price I could buy a newer generation version of the 2660 (2.2ghz). but I don't understand what is the difference between old generation and new generation chips. Does anyone have any idea how the new gen chips would compare to old gen chips of same ghz (for c4d render) or if old gen higher ghz would be better? I'm a bit confused ?? (Lol) thanks Laura xxxxx
  5. Vray Render help

    I agree that they always write back - my experience has been that during week days (and some weekends) Stefan responds within an hour or two. and in this respect it feels like we are getting very close to the core of the software. Especially compared to my brief experiences with Maxwell. i worry a little bit that the vray for c4d setup seems a bit unsustainable- the product is first class but with such a small team it feels like they might get washed out by future devs in other renderers - especially with the new wave of GPU renderers. for me it was well worth the money spent and it opened up completely new aspects of rendering. If vray for c4d was to fold I would be more likely to move to max or maya and use their version of vray rather than find an alternative renderer for c4d.
  6. Vray Render help

    It's getting much more straightforward there was a big leap between 1.9 -> 3.4 there are basically no render settings anymore (unless you start messing around under the bonnet) render settings used to be difficult to understand. lighting is also very much simpler to set up than c4d AR. which means that once you have gotten hold of the core concepts of Gi which are common to all physically based renderers then it's just about getting some practice with the brdf materials. Which again are conceptually identical to all other physically based renders - simply the interface is different. there are some good materials libraries available (3d and beyond) and I strongly recommend buying the official vray for c4d masterclass - it's absolutely brilliant - hundreds of files to look at with lots of materials that you can use right away. Also about 20 hours of very detailed videos explaining how it works.
  7. Vray Render help

    AO is not used much in vray since it is so quick to produce physically accurate GI. stefan advises not to use it. Instead turn on GI. within a vray advanced material you can upload texture maps (bump, specular, diffuse etc) which should then be assigned as vray advanced bitmaps. Sometimes you have to hit reload bitmap.
  8. Turbo boost on intel xeons

    Haha thanks @SIgor - difficult to stay away xx Haha thanks @SIgor - difficult to stay away xx
  9. Turbo boost on intel xeons

    Sounds like I should upgrade to w10 asap i checked the coa sticker which looks genuine and it's for windows 7 pro 64bit - so hopefully all will be well - I assume this means I can upgrade to w10 pro?
  10. Turbo boost on intel xeons

    I've got it hooked up to a router by Ethernet but the LAN is not online so the dongle is incase I need to install updates etc. thanks for your notes about the processor they are really helpful - so much to learn xxx
  11. Turbo boost on intel xeons

    Thanks @jed I'm slowly learning to love my pc but it's taking a while. And I've got constant FOMO of processing power. Partly because I bought the machine as reconstituted from a seemingly reputable company but there have been lots of little issues that have made the company seem a bit dodgy. Nothing major but I'm yet to fully trust the machine. For example the machine allegedly has a windows coa and it has a sticker on the bottom with a serial on it which looks real. the machine is offline at the moment because it has no wifi board (I've ordered a USB wifi connector) but currently I get intermittent messages from windows 7 saying it has not been able to verify the serial number. Maybe I just need to put it online? To authenticate? eventually I will put windows 10 on (I believe it's still free to update) but first I need to get it online and check carefully that the OS is genuine. anyway (this is a digression) my main point was that I'm still not sure whether or not I need to alter anything in the bios to enable turbo boost - obvs I will know more when I download CPU-Z tomorrow. thanks for the tip. Also - today I've started doing a few team render and vray dr renders and I've become obsessed with watching the task manager cpu monitors. The moving graphs are mesmerising and very satisfying - I'm starting to cut through render times a bit more as well xx
  12. Hi I'm slowly getting my render pc to work - how do I know at what Ghz my processor is running? the machine is dual Xeon 16 core 2.2ghz with turbo to 3ghz the cinebench score is 1850 (roughly) but doesn't seem to be cutting through images as quickly as I had calculated it might. Does turbo switch on automatically or is it coo talked in the bios? i had to turn hyperthreading on via the bios thanks xx
  13. networking Mac to PC and PC issues??

    Thank you @jed this is really helpful. In my building (student halls) there is a wifi network which runs throughout the building. And I have an old router which Is not plugged into the www but I can use to connect the computers. I didn't know about cross over cables - since it had worked no problem with my cable between two macs. But it makes sense and is probably the reason why there is no communication between machines. Also useful to know about static Ip addresses - I'm guessing that by saying "computers should be in same IP range" you mean that this relates to the ip number? I will google this Many thanks
  14. networking Mac to PC and PC issues??

    Thanx @bezo Anyone have any comments about the networking? or the crashing??
  15. Hi all I'm back to the cafe - although still a little unsure of my future with c4d. Part of my meltdown with c4d was failing to be able to network my render PC to my Mac. I am a naturalised Mac user and a bit rusty with PC's so not sure what I am doing wrong: 1: I bought a PC with 32GB Ram - but didn't realise that the supplier would split it unevenly between processors 24 + 8 - on two Xeon processors - is this an issue? Should I have 32 on each? The PC is a render slave for my iMac which has 32GB ram on a single i7 chip. 2: I installed cinebench. And the initial results were a bit disappointing: I got 1420 - but then went into the bios and turned on hyper threading and got 1852 - is it always better to have hyper threading on? for some reason the computer seems to hang more since the change. 3. I then installed R17 and tested the same scene file on both PC and Mac - the scene is AR physical using GI - the iMac has cinebench 870 and PC 1852 - The Mac did the scene in 14 mins and the PC did it in 11 - not as fast as I would imagine?? but then the PC kept clocking over, even when all the buckets were finished and went into meltdown. It did that thing where if you try and move a window you get a million staggered images of the window - like when you win at solitaire. And then I had to force quit Cinema. I don't know enough about PC's to know whether this might be hardware, software (a virus?) or what to check ???? 4. And finally I can't work out how to network the two together for team render and Vray DR. I have a single ethernet cable between the two - which has worked well in the past with a Mac laptop to the iMac. - would I need a switch/router if communicating between Mac and PC? I have sharing turned on the Mac. On the PC I have turned off firewall and file sharing for all public/work - I am running windows 7 - should I update to 10? would this help? I think if this worked then I might be more likely to get back into c4d. thanks xxxx