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  1. I have a character with a host of facial pose morph poses, but most of them are specific to one side of the face (i.e. smile left, smile right). To control the mouth, I've made a 2D vector user data on a controller object. I also have a Driver tag on the object, that I've fed the character's pose morph tag, and is linked to the 2D vector. This allows me to assign a pose to each vertex within the 2D vector box, and my character's mouth will animate as I drag the controller around the vector box. The problem is, I'd like to be able to, for example, move my controller straight up to make the character smile ON BOTH SIDES (but I can only assign UP a single pose via the Driver tag). Is there a way to merge two poses (i.e. smile left & smile right)? Or create a third pose that combines the two??

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