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  1. Thank you Emir, I've seen this method was hoping to find a straight way to do it, it won't work in my situation since there is collision with other surfaces/objects , plus some different animated objects in the background, I guess i'll have to just render them separately, thanks again =]]
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make some paper animation with cloth tags in slow motion while some object being animated in between them I usually achieve that with fps render, but now can't do it since it will effect the animated objects speed, any tips ? thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I have an animated interior scene with lantern's and candles, I can't find a way to create the flame of the candles in octane, i have also x-particles 4, not familiar with it yet any advice's or tutorial suggestions ? thanks in advance,
  4. Hahahah! =D, hope it'll help you, i have provided the scene file along with the last comment,
  5. @mattide No worries at all, I would appreciate a simple like if i helped, hard good luck, all the best~
  6. Teno

    Transparent texture only on vray

    anytime Arivald, ^^ i would appreciate a like if i helped , best of luck
  7. Teno

    Transparent texture only on vray

    Hi Arivald, you are adding the texture to the wrong place, you should add it to the diffuse channel only, not the material weight,
  8. anytime atracksler, best of luck
  9. that's what beefdoctor meant, combined with delay effector, jiggletest fix.c4d
  10. Hello mattide, you can make a new material, add the video you have in color channel , it doesn't matter which channel, then apply the material to your shader effector by going to shading tab > and use channel: color drag your material to the texture tag inside the shader effector, add a plane with the material of the video applied to it for visual reference, then change the projection of the shader material to frontal, use the texture mode to adjust your UV, "so important to check on enable axis to maintain the footage ratio" and here you go hope i helped Mapping fix.c4d
  11. Hello, hope this will help, In the surface emitter, go to emission tab > motion inheritance > check the "use motion inheritance tab, and Voila, you have it done cloth tracer.c4d
  12. anytime djfilms, i would appreciate a simple like if i helped, thanks, best regards
  13. Hi, you can achieve it couple of ways, 1- dynamic, with the dynamic mode set to trigger by expresso, here is a fast tutorial 2- manual control using time effector, mixed with random weight, with linear falloff
  14. try using delay effector, set the mode to : spring,
  15. @Cerbera Thank you very much man! I have upgraded to r19 today, so happy with voronoi fractures details! so much potential controlling the shape of the fracture, , I think i'll sitck with the manual solution for now, i already finished modelling the parts, now trying to figure out the xparticles with tfd, thanks again