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  1. if you like a little bit more action then frankfurt is only a 30min train/car ride away. frankfurt is a really cool international city with so much to do. i lived in friedrichsdorf for a few years before decideing to move to frankfurt and do not regret the decision at all, theres so much to do, there festivals and events everyday, hundreds of bars, clubs, restauraunts, cafes, a cool street food culture. all walks of life comfortably in the same areas together and regardless of the crime stats you hear about frankfurt, its a very safe city.
  2. jep. it even works with multiple reflectance layers, such as a car paint with flakes :)
  3. hi, just to clear up a few things, the SSAO and viewport reflections are opengl features so they can only be rendered with the hardware renderer
  4. the thin film shader is maybe only a small feature of R18 but its one of my favourite
  5. reverse AO can be used to very quickly add aged effects to models
  6. not a big thing, but the thinfilm shader is pretty cool!
  7. not being an animator i cant really give you an accurate answer, sorry
  8. this shows whats now possible in the viewport
  9. the viewport enhancements are of a cosmetic nature, no more black objects when using reflectance for example. the enhancements are.... SSAO reflections realtime vertex maps displacment tessselation
  10. the reverse AO is swesome for creating old worn edges :)
  11. i only use cursor navi mode ;)
  12. if you want smooth AO try the Caching option, on complex scenes it will render quicker too
  13. i dont think it sucks ;)
  14. please be aware that not all devs, or all MAXON employees want to be publicly known. only a few actively participate on public forums and even then under a differnent name. im sorry but someone on the outside simply wont be able to have access to this infomation unless individuals decide to do so of their own free will.
  15. i would agree with everything that Patrick said. The physical renderer is a very capable renderer. manytimes its the detail you dont see that can help with realism, the dirt, the scratches, the uneven surfaces and how they all effect the way light is distributed over a surface. i would also recomend swatting up on BPR materials and rendering. and in the following link you can find a few more renders in the series that Patrick posted.