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  1. I'd like to detect if the animation is being played back in the viewport so the rig hides the controllers. Preferabably through xpresso, but i wouldn't mind using a python or coffee node.
  2. I have a xpresso rig, and randomly the result nodes I stuck in it go blank, restarting c4d fixes this, but it's annoying. Any fixes?
  3. If you have a gaming mouse you can set the DPI very low, or set the mouse sensitivity to low in settings(windows) or you could manually enter the camera angle, and add a degree, or cm, until you get what you like. Also in your first render, it looks pretty nice, but the water looks too big, maybe turn the UV tiling up on the water.
  4. How do I detect if a object was deleted? I have a layer that locks down a rig, but, I want that if the layer is deleted the rig delete itself or something (I already figure out that part) I just can't figure out how to detect if the layer was deleted. Right now if the layer is deleted, the xpresso node just outputs what was there before it was deleted.
  5. I couldn't figure out a way to set it, was hard to figure out how to get it into xpresso, but, it should be able to be set by a in/exlusion data. Thanks
  6. Hiding layers

    Well then I accidently just lost my reply. I need it because I don't want people figuring out how my rigs are made, and selecting objects could give away some of that info. The selection filter wouldn't work, because there are some thigns that do need to be used, that are the same kind. I figured out a stupid solution though. using container object, xpresso a layer to be locked, and if it's deleted then set the scale of the rig to 0 or delete it. speaking of which do you know how to delete a object using coffee or xpresso?
  7. Hiding layers

    The container plugin is nice, but how do I make the contained objects not selectable in the viewport?
  8. Hiding layers

    Would it be possible to have the effects by layers (mainly hide objects from object manager, and make them deselectable in viewport) without layers? Is there a plugin for this?
  9. Hiding layers

    I know that this may seem simple, I might have missed something, but I couldn't find how to hide layers from the layer manager itself. I didn't know what forum to put this in, but I think it could be done through xpresso or something.
  10. UV mapping for Parametric Objects

    Well, I have somewhat of a alternative, make some editable versions of it, in different segment stages, low, medium high, won't be as smooth but it should work, or I could try some crazy camera mapping system, because All I need to do is make it a color from the UV map and the texture on the front of it, like that, but I'm still new to UV in general and I'm not sure it it will work well since the import has around 5-10 other objects using the same map, in the attatchment you can see in the top right, although it's darker, that's what I'm trying to map
  11. I'm new to uv mapping in the first place but I would like to uv map a cylinder with a Fillet, (http://prntscr.com/dip4ot) but I want to do It without making it a editable object, the object is based off or a replica of of a imported model, with UV maps, In the end it should still be Parametric, but UV maped so the texture can be swapped out with another import (uses the same UV mapping) Also the reason for keeping it parametric is so you can change the Segments (done with xpresso).
  12. I want to wrap objects like this, not sure how. The picture is from my friend and he's not telling me.