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  1. Wait.. I think this might only work on a single keyframed object. Not nested within a cloner set to blend. Any thoughts?
  2. So I think I've found a way of using the delay effector by dropping my keyframed objects into a fracture object and then applying the delay effector to the fracture object. In theory this should work. See tutorial below. https://c4ddownload.com/c4d-using-delay-effector-with-keyframe-animation/
  3. Ahh!! I see. Stupid me. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey there. Have silly C4D problem but I'm pulling my hair out here! Can't get the delay effector to work at all. I have two ico's (half a sphere - 10 sections) in a Cloner. 1 large ico blends down to a smaller ico with about 20 clones between them. I've created a nice animation on the smaller ico to roate 90 degress every 30 frames or so. The animation and the blend between looks nice but felt it would look much better with a delay effector adding some offset to the movement of each clone. for the life of me I can't get it to work. I've added the delay effector and made sure its present in the effects field of the cloner. Set Sprint to 100%, 90% etc... Nothing happens to animation. no bouncing of the rotated clones. What am i missing??? I've tried keeping it outside the cloner. At the bottom of the cloner group. and finally as a child of the smaller roated ico. Still nothing. Does the delay effector have some restriction that doesn't allow it to effect blended clones?? I know I'm going to smack myself when I see your obvious answer. Also Anyone have experience using GSG Singal to drive parametic animation on blended clones? Should this be baked to keyframes for the effector to work. I've tried both manual keyframes and signal method but neither work. Here's my Object Tree, -
  5. I'm having same issue here with the MX and MY splines appearing as null object with no control over them. When I click on the null to expand the drop down they just disappear.
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