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  1. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Hmmm for me here it would probably be 1000EUR ... MODO permanent license is 1600 EUR. I hate resellers business :D
  2. Cinema 4D + Octane Render farm?

    Well it is you pay for farm, new gear or render on ur machine :D 8000 frames is lot, and 800$ is around something you would probably get elsewhere too.
  3. It should work, if rendering with OSX only AMD at the moment.
  4. R19 ProRender

    No that can not be, ProRender is AMD render engine, so there is no single chance it works better on Nvidia cards. As a matter a fact it is slower on Nvidia cards than on AMD (OpenCL). I guess that is some kind of driver issues, realted to Apple OpenCL integration probably.
  5. Some ProRender rendering

    Me like them :D Curious about this too.
  6. My thoughts too, also my hopes are that upcoming MacPro will finally be what I need for Pro machine.
  7. Personal R&D Series

    Nice, Xparticles mostly?
  8. Honestly this is impressive only in Apple realm...
  9. UI With a 4k Monitor

    On Dell XPS laptop with 4K resolution and scaling of 250% C4D looks too blurry. When I was checking (version 17) C4D was DPI Unaware in windows 10, thus crappy look. For example Blackmagic Fusion and Houdini are and they look amazing on every scaling option. MODO also looks too blurry and does not scale well.... Not sure is this changed in v19 though.
  10. Any particular reason why you do not consider AMD Threadripper?
  11. I think I read somewhere that Prorender (C4D and Blender) does not work with Nvidia cards on OSX, at the moment.
  12. New macbook

    Yeah, I was in same boat. 15 years Apple user, now have one Hackintosh and WIndows workstation, and 2 laptops one Linux and one Windows. I had 2015 MBP with Nvida sold it and purchased DellXPS 4k, love it. But I would not call them workstations, after using Asus RoG with 980.... Day and night. And one reason I sold MBP is cause I could not have more than 16GB RAM, and for AE that was not enough, at least for my work. So yeah MBP is nice but not for 3D, especailly if you consider amount of $ you need to invest.
  13. New macbook

    How are you going to use Octane with AMD card? As far as I know new MBP comes only with AMD cards.
  14. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I would not agree on this part, you can do A LOT before even touch VEX or Python.
  15. 1. more subtle details, like leaves 2. variation in materials, some of your materials are too flat 3. you image looks like raw render, examples went through postwork in PS, like adding S curve on top of them Your renders are good, and with some PS touch they good be as good as examples you posted.