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  1. How to learn design hard surface models?

    Practice practice practice.
  2. Performance issues

    Yeah Caveman might be on good track here.
  3. how can Blender be free?

    Because of the license. Many part of Blender are GPL. Same as Linux.
  4. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Let me go slightly off topic, how much would cost me to to upgrade from R17 to R19?
  5. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    You are right, it goes from 399$ to 599$, but if you want to start maintenance again you pay 599$ for that year. It is not 599$+599$ for one year, if I understood you correctly. Still 599$ per year is afforadable.
  6. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    This is why I sold my C4D license. Even though I am not hobbyist, I just could not justify such cost. Especially if releases are weak. I mean it happens to every app, for example MODO 11.1 so far I am not sure I will upgrade, but I can skip year and I am not penalized.
  7. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Point is that with Houdini you have no limits, you do not need math or programming to do things like acrylic text flying for sports channel, but if you need some crazy stuff you will realize that only limitation is your knowledge and imagination, and that is what I like about it ... Also your client will. What you see as limitation I see as advantage. It is better long term investment in my opinion. If I am motiongraph and Vfx newbie I would not look anywhere else but Houdini. As I said on MODO forum, I do think that using multiple apps is future, not just sticking to one app. And that is where pricing became even more important factor.
  8. MAXON new Radeon ProRenderer 'leaked'

    ^^ Yes I was using it with Houdini on few projects. Amazing fast, reliable and without RAM limitation. Really production proof. Reminds me on Arnold development. One thing to note that there is no OSX version so far.
  9. MAXON new Radeon ProRenderer 'leaked'

    Not much, most 'issues' comes from that industry goes more towards GPU engines and Apple products are 1. not giving you much choice, only AMD 2.not giving you possibility to upgrade 3.too expensive, when you put 1 and 2 in formula. Interesting comparison, when some has money to waste However C4D works great on OSX.
  10. C4D GPU Future of Rendering

    I am asking because there are Nvidia drivers for OSX, alternative to Apple drivers that are far far behind. I am using TitanBlack card on Hackintosh with El Capitan. I thought that is some recent news that they are droping them, scary :D. Not sure, though, do they support newer cards like 1080. But older Macs issue is more on PSU side, it is just old hardware. And trashcan is not possible to upgrade. But my guess that 980Ti should work. Problem with Apple is that is is choosing one side and most of their hardware is not possible to upgrade which is pretty bad in GPU rendering world, changes are happening fast. Also I am not sure will this engine work with CUDA at all, it is OpenCl based engine that should work on both Nvidia and AMD cards.
  11. C4D GPU Future of Rendering

    Where did you read that Nvidia stoped making drivers for OSX?
  12. C4D GPU Future of Rendering

    Indigo render does that already. It is not so easy to develop and maintain though. But I believe that dev resources are much much better on C4D and AMD side :D
  13. PC? CPU i7, 16GB RAM (at least), 256SSD+1TB SATA, some Nvidia (with at least 2GB of RAM, maybe 970 or something around that price range). That should probably fit under 1500 EUR.
  14. In my opinion all of these cards are weak. What is ur budget?