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  1. No need for single character of Vex code if you want to do that, plus there are several ways of doing it without Vex. But lets not go offtopic, I can send you screenshot if u want.
  2. No need for scripting either. But if you need more control VEX is there.
  3. I see that decision was made but just to give my impression about Threadripper. I have 1950X. After using 4770K (overclocked) for several years, this AMD beast is crazy. Can not compare. Single thread is in my opinion irrelevant in 3D work, more for gamers. You will rarely feel that difference in everyday work, but if you use app that utilize multicore, like Houdini, you will be happy. Par it with 2 GTX 1080Ti and you are in future :D I am using it for 2 months now no issue whatsoever. Recommend. And this is first time I purchased AMD CPU.
  4. And this is only for Americas territory?
  5. I have Dell XPS it is great. But I think that you need better GPU card than 1050. I mean it really depends on how much work you will do with it. So it is Blade and Aero. Blade has much better built quality. It is always good to listen what Lisa says - YT
  6. Fortunately can not understand single thing you said ... I am guessing you are using google translate or something like that. Does not make much sense to be honest.
  7. Why would you even use AO with Redhsift? Also throw some refractions and reflections in scene and see how render times are different ...
  8. Sreckom

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I do not think it has anything to do with license. Something else happened there. You might used digital asset from Apprentice or something like that.
  9. Sreckom

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    That is awesome move!
  10. Sreckom

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    To be fair, with Houdini you can do more without coding than with any other app out there. It is just that for TDs it is more practical to code in VEX than to use VOP nodes or other nodes to get results they want.
  11. Hmmm for me here it would probably be 1000EUR ... MODO permanent license is 1600 EUR. I hate resellers business :D
  12. Well it is you pay for farm, new gear or render on ur machine :D 8000 frames is lot, and 800$ is around something you would probably get elsewhere too.
  13. It should work, if rendering with OSX only AMD at the moment.



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