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  1. Hey guys, I downloaded HDRI links from Greyscalegorilla and the HDRI Browser is not working, it does not launch and does not show in the plugins menu, double clicking icon does not work either. I am using r 17, and downloaded and installed like they said too. I have already restarted the program and computer. Can anyone help, I have contacted them already, and thought maybe someone here might help me quicker. Thank you
  2. How does one model this? Having a tough time figuring what to start with, and pretty much how to model it from base to tip. Should I start with a cube in a subdivision surface, or with a sphere? or something else? And how would I model the rest? Including the three ridges, and the base having 2-3 diff portions. Any advice or walkthrough would help out alot. Thank you also have it possible to be able to change the arm
  3. Hello, I wanted to know how to go about creating this model and animation, and what render settings to use for realism if possible. Thank you
  4. Hello I am doing a render using ambient occlusion and use the sky environment box checked off with GI as well. The materials I have used are not metallic and not shiny, they are matte. Yet they show up shiny like below. I like the lighting the hdri I am using gives the object (which is not the spheres shown below) but do not like the reflections they are giving. Is there a way to use a sky hdri for its lighting and the ambient occlusion use sky environment without it giving the objects reflections of the hdri? Compositing tag doesnt seem to be hiding reflections, maybe I am doing something wrong.
  5. Hello I can not seem to find any tutorials on Corona and how to use it and its render settings in english. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give any type of tips to help with the use of it? Thank you
  6. Hello I am looking to render images as realistic as possible, and wanted to know if this is possible just using the CInema 4d render engine and not other engines like mental ray, octane etc. I currently have R15 and also wanted to know if there are good free render engines for this version? and tutorials on them? The render engines I have seen don't seem to support R15 anymore. I also wanted to know if there set render settings that seem to work for any of you for almost all renders, to create a realistic shot? (no matter the product) Thank you
  7. Hey thanks 3DKiwi, I will test out working with the UV, here is a better image to show what I am trying to go for.
  8. Hi, I am trying to do a jacket like wrap around a cone/tapered cylinder piece, where I would also be able extrude the shape straight and also set a pattern on it. Any tips would help. Thank you
  9. Hello, I am looking to model a quilted pattern on flat surface and on a sphere surface, what is the best way to go about this? Attached are some examples.
  10. How do I access?
  11. I am looking to model the images below. It is a button on a sphere object on an angle, and I would like to know where to start to model it. I would be starting with a cube in a hypernurb, or is there a better way to model it. Any information would help
  12. Hello guys, I wanted to know if there are any courses or classes offered in Canada Toronto to learn Cinema4D, that are in class and not a 2 day event. Any information will help. Thank you
  13. Hello I am a beginner modelling in cinema 4d.,and new to the community. I am looking to model the objects attached and wanted to know the right way to start modelling them. I am having a tricky time when I start to model them and then come to the point where the models start to split into different directions and then come back together. Are there any tips anyone can give that would help in creating these type of organic shapes? I also wanted to know if it is possible to make some of these shapes without the use of deformers? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you