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  1. Hello again! This is the second part of the project, it includes some live shooting material and frame-by-frame animations. I hope you like it! Fick - Rise the City:
  2. Honestly, when I started working with them I didn't know this. They told me that the name came from a mathematician called Adolf Eugen Fick (german guy, indeed). Now I think that they also knew this other variation but they thought that it would be a good strategy out of Spain (where they're from). I just made the video and I couldn't change their brand (obviously). Now I'm not sure if I should make a director's cut without that name haha Anyway, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it :)
  3. Haha yes, I think so. I didn't know what FICK meant in german and neither the client., and now it's too late to make a rebranding Thanks for your comment!
  4. Two weeks ago I released a new project: FICK - BoneSystem. It's a commercial about the birth a new sneakers brand. The main feature is its 3D printed sole. A full CGI video made with C4D, Octane and X-Particles. Here it is: https://vimeo.com/296829935 I hope you like it! EDIT: anybody knows how to show the Vimeo player in the post? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. Hi! I recently published a personal project based on xpTrails and Octane render. I called it "The X-Paghetti Incident?" One grid, three styles and lots of spaghettis. An Instagram's project. You can see the development timelapse in the following link: The full project is on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/63125461/The-X-Paghetti-Incident I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! :)
  6. Hi Ivan! Is that Octane? Maybe you could try with teh Random color node ;) Un abrazo chavallllllllll jeje PS: we want to see the result!
  7. Thanks! This was my last project with Arnold. I'm a happy Octane user now :)
  8. Hello! I'm very happy to share with everybody a new project I worked on last summer! It's about a new APP: Pikotea. I worked on the art direction, design and animation. You can see the full project on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/58346683/Pikotea I hope you like it!
  9. Thank you! I'm working in a new isometric project, I'll share it with the community :)
  10. What about some UV mapping? I'll subscribe soon! Nice sh**! :)



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