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  1. @jwiede Didn't try that yet, I will thanks! And it's then probably a problem that not everyone has, cause i've searched allover the web and there's plenty of people with all types of rig setups, gtx 1080, gtx1080ti, gtx 1070, gtx1070ti etc. it appears only a handfull of people are facing this issue.
  2. Hi @Alez Unfortunately the same problem is still occuring when using TFD always, i'm upgrading my rig with a few extra GPU's wonder if the problem would still persist, if so it's a software or hardware or idk issue, if not it was my 4K monitor apparently taking that much vram for tfd to not be able to simulate on gpu anymore
  3. If that's the case, then my 4K screen is probably taking that Vram not allowing me to run the sim on GPU, but still it won't allow any type of simulation to run on GPU not even a simulation which barely takes any calculation it just switches to CPU in every type of sim i tried
  4. Thanx for the reply guys, unfortunately though I have considered these options. Switching before the sim also doesn't work. Tested it out on different simulation types some custom made heavier complicated ones aswell as your basic temperature and density channel emission from a sphere. Tried running the simulation cached aswell as interactive Tried increasing voxel size aswell as decreasing it. I've been hearing some stuff about Vram (Video-Ram) of my GPU. I can't imagine a GPU of this caliber wouldn't be able to handle either of the simulations, GTX1080 is an above average GPU it shouldn't have issues with a simulation of this level. I just really can't put a finger on it and apparently i'm the only one experiencing this issue, or atleast nowone knows how to fix it or seems to be troubled by it. Thanx for the suggestions tho guys
  5. Hello, I've been wondering why Turbulence won't run any simulations i calculate on my GPU. When i run simulations it calculates via my CPU, it offers the option to use my GPU but the second i switch to my GPU during a sim it switches back to my CPU automaticly immedately. I have no idea how this is possible, hope someone could help me out on this one. Thank you in advance. 27" 4K LG Monitor 32GB RAM GTX 1080 Intel i7
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