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  1. Hi Guys! I have an idea. I want to deelop a simple plug-in for cinema4d, but i need a roadmap for it. What is the first phase of plug-in development and where to start? Obviously, some sources are no more than confusing. For this I need a clear and simple introduction document or video tutorial. C ++ or Python doesn't matter, it's just a simple plugin example and I need to find additional ways to read data from a json or xml file and use it in the plugin. I need your valuable ideas and help. Thanks.
  2. import c4d #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): #a common line in c4d python plugins return c4d.documents.MergeDocument(c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument(), "preset://testImport.lib4d/figure_1.c4d", c4d.SCENEFILTER_OBJECTS) Python Generator this script works but the script manager does not work either. How to run this command in the Script Manager.
  3. Hi Guys! I want to invoke a model that I have placed in a static directory when I click on the button. How can I write such a script?
  4. Hi Guys! There was a Floor Generator built with Xpresso. It will be very useful for a project. But the link to download is corrupted. Could she share it if she had already downloaded it? That's the link, but it's broken. josefbsharah.blogspot.com/2011/12/xpresso-floor-generator-update.html
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