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  1. r21 introduced a much enhanced multitouch trackpad support on Macs (if in previous versions it ever existed at all). It's much nicer, but... Not quite usable. Look, to move viewport now you have to alt + two finger move, to zoom - alt + pinch, to orbit... alt + CLICK. When you do something homogenous you quickly use to it and changing behaviour becomes a pain. Here we have to switch the way of operation (just moving fingers and clicking is vastly different here). It's inconsistent, forces to remember what you should do every time and makes a good concept not so nice at all. I think that should be MUCH better, simply excellent if you wouldn't have to click - ALT should enter you into navigation mode, so you only need to move the finger. I know there's a alt+RMB to select "throught" the object. But it's relatively rarely used (despite very handy) and can be re-assigned to another modifier key without a hassle. MAXON, please, consider this. It would be wonderful! And, I see Macs becoming a joke not really worth looking into anymore if you actually work, so I think the flee to PC will increase more and more. Windows precision driver allows good multitouch support on many different devices. Please, consider porting this principle into Windows version, I do ask.
  2. Hi I'm not sure I can do much with UVs, but if you have some more tasks to tackle maybe I can help you. I'm a setup/mograph/xpresso artist making some custom py tools. Reel wouldn't tell much on the topic, but here it is https://www.behance.net/ambiclusion https://vimeo.com/ambiclusion https://www.instagram.com/ambiclusion
  3. Hi! I need to check whether the children of an object with Python tag has been changed (added/removed). I tried obj.IsDirty(c4d.DIRTYFLAGS_CHILDREN) but it's always False whatever happens to the scene. I guess this method is not intended to function in a tag? What to use than?
  4. Not Huinon, but there's a Wacom one. Actually, it seems 21.207 fixed the issue
  5. Finally timeline hotkeys problem seems solved, I didn't catch it yet at least, thanks! Seems the demand is very high, download speed is about 200kbps
  6. I do, the same with many of my acquaintances from the community. Primarily because it's MUCH more stable, and new versions didn't show a progress worth switching. And this is only one instance among many others. This practice is wicked. It speeds up vector calculations with a dedicated logical block of a processor. You're quite right regarding the multicore support, I agree
  7. Completely NOPE. I always stay away at least 1-2 versions back as newer ones are pretty much always unreliable. I hate when my plugins need to be updated (ok, even if you'll pay me I wouldn't be satisfied). I need backwards capability! And simply imagine those who make templates for Videohive - they MUST support a broad range of versions, CS6 and up. How can they to it this way? I hate "updates for updates" policy. Every year you must update everything at least once. And what's the profit let me ask? ZERO.
  8. Yeah. But if there's a lot of us (Mac users in 3d? Hahahahahah :D) MAXON can change it's way as with the help system Edited the first message
  9. I bet there WASN'T such note there when I started the topic. Only Catalina was mentioned So seems either they listened or it was a mistake! Regarding Catalina itself - how would you call a system not letting you even use a year-old Adobe suite, making it obsolete? Along with many, many other programs? It's a total disgrace when you ruin people's pipelines, "depreciate" technologies established for a quarter of century in a year pushing everybody to just announced proprietary apis nobody supporting. I kinda hate Windows, for a reason, but it lets me run even some programs from the 90s and that's right. When Mac on the other side became a kind of gimmicky iOS-like toy system requiring all you apps to be upgraded (for your money!) once a year. What am I supposed to do, it I want to update one piece of software but not others? One requires me 10.15, other's simply are "obsolete" in stupid eyes of 10.15! What if I do a Videohive business and want to have r21 features but I NEED TO have AE CS6 installed?
  10. UPD: MAXON updated the news post, 10.13 is now claimed to be supported. There's a news article on your site where you told Mac users you'll drop support for all the Mac OS version except Catalina. And, you know? IT'S THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO! I totally understand AVX requirements, let's leave it aside. But regarding Catalina - 10.15 is a DISASTROUS SH*T! It's the least reliable MaxOS ever built, and forcing us to jump to this pile of junk as simply cruel and stupid. Metal is there from Maverics and up - why to push us that far where stability is ruined, programs and technologies we rely on are "depreciated" and nothing works adequate? I have a bolt on what Apple thinks we must do. And I stick to 10.13. But why do you push me so hard to ditch the last adequate os? I'll simply have to leave Mac OS this way. It's very wrong move. https://www.MAXON.net/en-us/news/MAXON-news/article/future-system-requirements-for-cinema-4d/
  11. Oh, sorry, I have no idea how it happened. New forum is confusing I'm an amateur in anything organics related, this is my second attempt in walkcycle and I still make ridiculous mistakes( I fixed it already by myself a few days ago
  12. Hi I discovered a very weird behaviour. Look at the video, FPS counter is ~stable, but you can definitely notice the playback isn't realtime. As soon is I start to move/rotate camera or simply click while holding Alt - it starts to fly smoothly. Is there a reasonable explanation? I feel even if it's not a bug, it's not a good feature 2020-02-05_21-42-05.mp4
  13. Sorry, this setup wasn't quite right. I tried it with non-symmetrical map and it went wrong. Here's the fixed one exponentialProjection_01.c4d preview36.mp4
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