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  1. Definitely, on my pc it cranks up the machine pretty well
  2. 1. Macbook Pro 2013 with nvidia gpu; 2. 10.14.4 3. Standart 4. Intel power gadget (iStats tells the same) I see it does not top out the clocks while rendering but does while benchmarking. So it looks weird at least.
  3. The thing is the clocks are not reaching the top while rendering in C4D unlike as when CB runs. No free cores are left to chill
  4. The only setting there checked was "adapt thread priority", but disabling it didn't change anything at all
  5. Hi! I'm a Mac-noobie, so sorry if that's stupid. But... My C4D R19 does not utilise CPU fully while rendering despite Cinebench does. When I run CB it cranks up the frequency and spins fans pretty well, on the other side C4D does not force it to do the same, clocks are about at max non-turboboost frequencies and fans are not kicking at all. What could that be? I'm on the latest (and I see definitely not greatest) 10.14.4.
  6. Hi! I have a scene in which all the instances suddenly stopped updating until I turn it off and than on. I did nothing with the settings and can find no cause. New scenes have no such stupidity, restarting the program changes nothing. What could it be and how to cure it? Transferring everything in the new scene is painful and not a nice as a solution.
  7. unfortunately, this is related to some newer version. THere's nothing like this in 2.1
  8. And yes you're right, I initially was a hard 3ds max user but 3 years have switched to Cinema and never went back (except for modelling) But currently i'm in the state when I'm not searching for any parallels or similarities between the programs, I use it freely and have no problems with that (again, except modelling :D)
  9. Oh - my applauses for new shader node editor! It's a brilliantly made interface, it's so excellently designed! My respect
  10. Yes, I understand. As well as I understand that I am NOT a UX-designer, despite I feel I could put together complex things and concepts inside a logical interface. Anyway helping your team and suggesting some things me and many others need everyday and influencing the development could be an awesome opportunity) I have no access to real tasks you face so can't check myself. But how can I make something you'll really use in your work? Would be glad if you guide. Of course, I'd rather be much better CG guy, but it's unlikely...(
  11. Hi! Not sure it's a nice idea to write a letter as a job candidate being who I am, but "UX designer" and "3d generalist" got me caught! I like what MAXON do so much that I'll be glad to help them even as a freelancer or not being paid. For example, I have wrote a big list of proposals to improve C4D experience, basically, it may be considered as a lite UX-report. Do you think it's adequate to write them about that?
  12. I keep adding items in the list. Not sure now will anybody in MAXON read it, but I hope so. Happily, Cinema is not the program that needs all-new approach and logic (except modeling module) but there's still a lot of places for improvements GENERAL While "align center" window is active dont't apply the changes to pivot untill the "execute" button is pressed as it's too easy to mess with pivot simply selecting object; "Center axis to" and other commands must not retain the behaviour defined by "Center axis" dialog; Fast "key selected attr" as Q in timeline - when autokey sets the keys for all the parameters it's a bit inconvinient; Fix "render instances", make them like real instances. For now they disappear as soon as we work with them as real objects, putting in symmetry or any other generator. It must work like if you work with a bunch of Instance objects, not like now; Less nulls - there's no real reason why we must group geometry in null to put it in SDS or symmetry. But we have to still, seems to have no point; Cloner negative offset! It's really needed feature to have a way to shift cloner in opposite way than it's possible now; Consider null the object of size of it's content. It's really needed for "fit to parent", axis manipulation and similar things; Add a way to dock attribute manager under the dope sheet object list to see key parameters immidiately; Add a "Show in Solo mode" in Interaction tag; Don't gray out snap options when it's turned off, it is rather inconvinient than logical; One click solo activation with last used settings. Hierachy turned on by default. Messing with flyout menu every time is time-consuming and not pleasant; Disable all calculation of objects outside of Solo or hidden by "traffic light", Solo must speed up the scnene, now it does not really; Committe Knife, Weld and so on by Enter or Right click or Enter; When "effector" in "filter" menu is off it still shows in instances and cloners - must be fixed; Individual "filter" menu settings for each vieport (or possible ovveride system), adding a "file" grabber for filter menu to make it floating window; Make backlite respect the compositing tag "exclude" feature. Now it doesn't; A few operands for Boolean and Spline Mask; Fix UV scale. It's damn weired! (DONE) Simultaneaous rendering and files saving - sometimes save process takes a long time and render is paused while that; Make an easy way to control non-PSR parameters with deformers and effectors. We really lack it; Don't colour clones by default; Add "transparent" option in Display tag; TIMELINE By clicking on the object in timeline ONLY select it's own keys, selecting it's and children's keys is possible via middle click already. For now it's such a pain to work with that if you need to tweak anly parent animation. AT LEAST as an option. ; Colour-code Summary track and add a margin to separate it from the rest of timeline, it must ease getting around with what's happening in the scene; Colour-code animation parameters in timeline according to curves colour; Always show Velocity curve representation by default; Add AE-like "speed graph" mode (velocity curve editing); Add an option "don't keep playing after scrabbing"; Make velocity reference curve fit background with no respect to scales on the side so we can see simply the relative speed values not changing the view; AE-like system to control trajectory and velocity separately. Introduce editable velocity curves in timeline; An option to stop playback on scrubbing; "Solo track on object" - turn off all the rest of animation but ONLY for this object. The rest of them remain animated; FIX THIS (copypasting keyframes) https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/94518-copy-paste-keyframes/ Autokey only active (selected, or keyed alredy) dimentions option; "Keep visual angle" for tangents by default; Possibility to animate in world-space even inside parent object; Hide "tracks" folder; Syncronize animations channels folding and unfolding for selested objects; Shortcuts for toggling parameters like in AE (PSR, for instance); Store the state of selections in timeline for each object respectevely and restore it when the object is reselected again; Add new animated parameters to "solo" mode when it was enabled already before creating new animation (another way that's confusing how it works, make user think something is broken); Remember graph scale for each selected parameter indivigually not to frame it evety time we switch; Timeline selection presets as "selection" objects in OM; MODELIND: Delete polygons with corresponding points by default; (DONE) While "Split" duplicate object without children. Delete points of splited geometry; "Toggle parent generator" must turn off all generators or SDS. Now it works unpredictable. I think there must be some switch or tag to make particular generators stay on even when "toggle" feature is off. Also, wherever is the geomtry in cloner, connect or any other generator, the visibility and editablity of mesh must be preserved. Now it's not working that way. Also fix the same problem with Bevel defromer; "Bend" is awful. It needs to be much more intuitive and flexible, take as a reference 3ds max's one, it's much, much friendlier. Also there needs to be a fast way to bend object symmetrically in two ways (butterfly-like way); NEW: DEDICATED MODELING TOOLBAR! Including: fast axis switch (available in all modes with two "recent settings" buttuns to store setting for fast access without using dropdown menu); Merge Regtangle (and other variation) selection with Move/Scale/Rotate and others; "Pivot to base" or "base to pivot" for primitives; Spline pivot to Bbox centre;
  13. You know, you're somehow right. But I didn't use GI. The pass I had missed was Illumination. But that's not all the story, I had to shift colour very harshly to come somehow close to beauty, for example look at THAT curve, one of a few. So, despite that issue was mainly my flaw, for some reason the passes are, no doubt, very different. But the problem with reflection pass remains anyway



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