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  1. The scene is here The thing is all of you work with polygonal object. I work with Voronoi Fracture (applies to any other procedural generator). It does not work the way you suggest savoyCabbage_01.c4d
  2. I think I can help you with technical animation
  3. Hi! It started with a task - I wanted to bevel some geo with bevel deformer and than pipe it to moExtrude. BUT - I needed only main polygons to be extruded, not ones which were produced by the work of deformer. But (and this is another topic) I didn't find procedural tags for Bevel. And I found no way to use them in moExtrude. And especially, if there are another objects/generations on top. So, that's my proposal - there needs to be a "promote selection" tag ("promote" sounds Houdini-like and this is not accidental). What it needs to do - say you have an object with a selection tag in your connect generator. As soon as it goes through it, there's no selection set anyomore. "Promote selection" should take it (as a link) and "reselect" the set on the Connect. That's it! Same with null or any other object. Even on SDS - it should select the tags produced by subdivision of the subobjects we are interested in. I think it should be quite handy, don't you think? I'm somehow new into the python, my knowledge is humble yet, so despite I could be interested to write such plugin by myself, I have no idea of an algorithm to find the subobjects which are produced from corresponding subobjects of underlying geometry. It will be nice if somebody will dive a hint of that if devs don't find my idea valuable.
  4. I tried 21 today, had to try. I have to proof, web-based help system is AWFUL! It's completely stupid, slow, I don't even want to use it any more even once. I considered before even updating my system to hateful Win 10 to install r21, now I don't even mind. This is too much a MAJOR FLAW. I will jump to r20 (can I yet?) but no further till you return internal help as before. No way!
  5. Not sure why I can't "thank" you, but looks like a good point But some weird thing happens when I try to animate the randomness with "noise" or any other Random Eff. mode, C4D hangs and does not respond, constantly using 1 cpu core at full speed. So I can't say if it's only this particular scene or not, but it's not quite working
  6. I stumbled upon supposedly a bug. In the scene attached you can change anything in the cloner or it's random effector and see the changes live. Until the moment you switch on the Fracture object. It would not update it's content anyhow, making the nested animation impossible to use. Interesting moment is if you change the content of cloner, change the circle radius - it updates. But if something is changing in cloner - no way. Even if that's not a bug, I think it is anyway I remember it from r15, not I'm on r19 and it's still there bandicam 2019-10-11 02-22-02-244.mp4 circlesCutByCircles_BUG.c4d
  7. An interesting example of modern world SaS solutions or why else we are much afraid of fatal subscription model flaws https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/7/20904030/adobe-venezuela-photoshop-behance-us-sanctions
  8. Xpresso - I thin it worth to start a standalone topic on that, I have many thoughts how it should be evolving. Basically, I'll suggest you to take a look at some Houdini nodes. And especially - a way to procedurally select and manipulate points of the mesh. That alone would increase Xpresso power drastically
  9. A note on online help! I've been off ill for a while. Being back to work I discovered Nextlimit "renewed" their Realflow online help system. And now no matter where do I press "help" it leads me to stupidest ever page with a bunch of products I have no clue about, anything but not the page on the topic I'm interested as it was just a month ago! And I have to manually search it in interned to get any info. Idiocy I'm just ireful. And we are all afraid the same will happen on day for C4D, not even talking about that's simply inconvenient and very stupid. Cinema's help was the best in industry.
  10. Blend me some bear too please ;D Seriously, I feel kingda sad, as while this conversation goes, I realize it's going where it's going, but we have no power to change a thing. There's no point threatening MAXON "I quit!" or something like this. But what people tell you here will eventually happen if policy remains unchanged. I feel like the story of "folders in timeline", a famous one among After Effects users, might be repeated, and it's especially harsh as C4D is taking of on it's way to higher league promising much. And that's after years of awaiting new multithreaded core, fast viewport, new Xpresso with point-level manipulation in Houdini-style and so on. And all of my proposals I just sent you I still hope it wouldn't be so, but we can't afford relying on that hope. Of course, I will not quit C4D as I like it much and I heavily invested in learning it. But I lean to stick to r19. I seemingly wouldn't say anything new on the topic, I hope others will. But I'm glad I started this thread and I will closely watch how it goes. Help, HELP, CTRL+F1 us to believe in you again ;D
  11. It works exactly the way you need
  12. You have to select all the objects the keys of which you need to move. Use middle mouse button on the parent object. In timeline it works another way, just like you want (which is BAD I bet)
  13. Deformers act on objects and all of it's children. If you want to restrict the deformer from influencing your child object, you need to get it out of the parent. You might add one parent null for both of the objects. There's also a trick to use a falloff in the deformer settings. Set it to Source, add there the object you want to exclude, invert it, set falloff to 100 and slightly increase the Sample distance. Not guaranteed though
  14. If you are using a third-party render, you'd probably need to bake all those deformations and animations. Other than that it's hard to judge what might be wrong
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