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  1. Hi! Working with animation a lot I have really tired of one timeline feature. It always shows the children keys on the parent and if you select the parent and/or it's keys the children's key are selected too. As I shuffle keys back and forward very often this disturbs me every time! How can I make it show on the parent only it's own keys and select only them when I select the object? Some other than thin long rectangle selection :\ After all I can already select them all quickly at once by middle-click on the parent. And, also, where from is this huge waisted space on the left from the object tree? Any way to collapse it?
  2. Alternate effector influence?

    Really can't get why falloff messes with weights at all. Is there any clean explanation? I wonder how it works
  3. Alternate effector influence?

    I need to introduce some randomness to the amount of influence the shader effector gives. Like every clone get it's own random weight, and this weight is then used as a multiplier for next effector (shader in this instance, but it may be any other one). Of course I need to maintain the correct falloff. What you suggested does not work like that
  4. Alternate effector influence?

    I have tried this. It works wrong (for my purposes) way. It actually shrinks the area affected by the effector beyond the falloff and does not solve the problem, the "border" of falloff remains "shuffled"
  5. Hi Cafe. I'm really curious. I want to set some random weight for cloners, so this weight would alternate the amount of next effector influence. In particular scene this is shader effector making a wave, it is restricted by 100% box falloff. But as soon as I add random effector before it, strange thing happens. I starts to push the Shader eff. influence beyond the falloff. The amount of randomness changes the expansion, it looks weird. And it happens very rapidly for cloners, not anyhow smooth. It's like a kind of erosion happening from the edge of falloff gizmo. Simultaneously there's absolutely not effect on the central cones. ***? I need very simple thing - random eff. sets the weights for each cloner. This weight than works as a multiplier for for the next effector. And it definitely must not make the eff. expand it's falloff! And it I change the weight in Random it should change smoothly the flyout of clones. I think, nope? How to reach the result and what am I doing wrong? Please advice The scene is in attachment wave_cloner_flat.c4d
  6. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    So this is considered normal?? If the developers are around here, may somebody explain me the logic? Or change the way it works :D
  7. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    You know, even if I manually select parent key, all the children keys in the same frame are automatically selected. That's so weird! And definitely abnormal, no logic behind. Can't get it
  8. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    That the option I always use in conjunction with Automatic mode. No except here :\ I just don't remember there was such a mess in 17/18. Could it be a bug? Very frustrating thing
  9. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    Yes I have it checked. It's very inconvenient for me to manually drag objects into timeline
  10. I'm getting mad! I have to rebuild my layout and settings in r19 and I'm really screwed with r19 timeline! Can't remember such things in the past. For example here I select only one object (that has child with animation too). And for some freacking reason it selects children's keyframes too! WHY??! This is utterly distracting. I checked all the settings and could not find what could cause this. Please help. I can't work this way :|
  11. Interface custmization

    Thank you! That helped, never new it must be done this way But even so, is there a way to save different and independed layouts for different windows?
  12. Interface custmization

    Hi! I heavily customize my interface. Shortcuts, panels and so on. But I have a few problems. For example, I add new object manager panel to xpresso editor. Dock it to the editor window. I save it as startup layout, double click on xpresso tag and... No interface changes were saved, I see the default state of editor. Why, and how to save this layout? Also, what if I want to have a few variants of layout for particular window (timelime for example) but change it regardless of all the rest of interface? In 3ds Max there were such settings, but here - nothing similar. Any suggestions?
  13. Make effector affect subcloner mograph

    Ok, now I'm back again %) Let's assume we have a setup like this. A bunch of mograph objects like cloner, but inside another objects hieracy. As all the cloners have the same position center (let's assume we can't change it, because the point is different) we can't influence them with plain effector directly. So as I think, we can put all that hieracy in fracture object and alter the color, for instance. And than somehow alter the cloner values based on color change of it's parent in fracture object. Right? But how to implement it? I'm stuck! Explaining short: I need effector to affect the MG object that's inside parent MG object, but through the parent one. How can it be done?
  14. Make effector affect subcloner mograph

    Wow, very simple and logical, great solution (don't know why didn't I come up with the same)