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  1. Blend me some bear too please ;D Seriously, I feel kingda sad, as while this conversation goes, I realize it's going where it's going, but we have no power to change a thing. There's no point threatening MAXON "I quit!" or something like this. But what people tell you here will eventually happen if policy remains unchanged. I feel like the story of "folders in timeline", a famous one among After Effects users, might be repeated, and it's especially harsh as C4D is taking of on it's way to higher league promising much. And that's after years of awaiting new multithreaded core, fast viewport, new Xpresso with point-level manipulation in Houdini-style and so on. And all of my proposals I just sent you I still hope it wouldn't be so, but we can't afford relying on that hope. Of course, I will not quit C4D as I like it much and I heavily invested in learning it. But I lean to stick to r19. I seemingly wouldn't say anything new on the topic, I hope others will. But I'm glad I started this thread and I will closely watch how it goes. Help, HELP, CTRL+F1 us to believe in you again ;D
  2. It works exactly the way you need
  3. You have to select all the objects the keys of which you need to move. Use middle mouse button on the parent object. In timeline it works another way, just like you want (which is BAD I bet)
  4. Deformers act on objects and all of it's children. If you want to restrict the deformer from influencing your child object, you need to get it out of the parent. You might add one parent null for both of the objects. There's also a trick to use a falloff in the deformer settings. Set it to Source, add there the object you want to exclude, invert it, set falloff to 100 and slightly increase the Sample distance. Not guaranteed though
  5. If you are using a third-party render, you'd probably need to bake all those deformations and animations. Other than that it's hard to judge what might be wrong
  6. Sorry I've got bad language (actually I'm not native speaker), I used Sublime Text as my programming habit makes me like it much, there's no spell check There are definitely some things missing, but I am an animator mainly, and I noticed some problems others don't. You're very true regarding proper symmetry, UV is usually out of my interest and so on.. The most important thing I forgot is preferences migration. If you simply copy old prefs to fresh installation it usually screw things up, for example, if there are new features in the interface they will be hidden, because old layout simply had none of them. This way I could not find Bevel, Tweaking, solo mode and some other things in R17. If you highly customize your setup it takes significant efforts to rebuild it from scratch. It holds back from updating even I'm very pleased with your answer . And I'd be extremely happy if I can really make C4D better and influence it's evolvement.
  7. It's wonderful to hear that I tried to send you a message, but the system tells me my in-forum mail if overfilled and I can't write to anyone. So let me please attach the doc here It's a brief list of about every problem or flaw I stumbled upon in Cinema 4D and some of my thoughts on how they could be solved or improved. + Some new concepts might be useful. If you need a vision of detailed solutions to some things, let me know. C4D_IMPROVEMENT_SUGGESTIONS.rtf
  8. Adam, if it suits your particular needs, I'm glad, but this doesn't mean it's right nor good for everybody else
  9. Oh, it's all looking slightly messed up. If you've got your help online - it's definitely in some kind of database. It could be read both on the server or in the C4D. Let the online help be more up to date, let it be frequently updated (can't get why do we need that, but ok), but simply once you roll out the update - backup you datebase, zip it and send to us. It's THAT EASY! If you've got your internal help as a bunch of separate htmls - ok, there's a workaround too, you can generate them from the DB and zip it once you've decided to push it as update. You're doing so advanced things on such a level! I can't believe you've got no staff to implement it. It seems like somebody's will to screw it up
  10. Well, @3D-Pangel, you simply nailed it. Exactly. Applause!
  11. It's awesome and unusual that you are here and read what people talk about, I do appreciate that. Despite that, your diplomatically vague answer make me suspicious regarding whether you will actually note that or not. Or you're an Adobe agent getting the company ready for acquirement by Adobe (oh no). I understand that your position has some restrictions and not everything may be said, but I still lean forward the suspicion I'm not too much wrong thinking about MAXON future. It is still very much concerning. Very much.
  12. An open letter to MAXON CEO David McGavran David, I'm afraid we need to talk. I've came to Cinema 4D on r12. My first 3d program was 3ds Max, but a few years using it I felt it's stuck on evolution and I decided to move. Since then, Cinema 4D is my trusty and beloved home, the best piece of software I've got on my computer, the thing I rely on, my leaving and career relies on. I trusted it not only because of the features and quality it's got, but because the MAXON team's vision of the future, the attention they have to their work and management relation to community formed around. I was one of them when C4D was known as "not serious" amongst many 3d artists, I'm one of them now when it's (still) rocking 3d world. In recent years since MAXON announced the shift to a new core architecture a was waiting passionately to see it. Finally we stepped through the Rubicon and an unprecedented power uncovered to our vision, promising so many new things to expect! And now... Now it starts to seem like all that glory made by devs is going to crumble under a pressure of new freaking management approach. I know where you've came from, Dave. But the things Adobe did to their policy is the reason we leave, run away from them and try to substitute their products as much as possible as it's dangerous to rely on them nowadays. And the former MAXON relation to customer and the whole community on the other side are the reasons we adored this company and growingly loved Cinema 4D. I am SHOCKED to see these precursors of some very ugly changes to MAXON policy in recent time, this weak and humble evolvement of program in the last release, exactly in the such important point of it's history, when it shifts to top league, promising such a great functionality I'm afraid we would not see already. You could call me "headlong" for saying all of this, but nope - I saw such thing already (Canon, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk) and I have a distinct feeling of what's going on and what's coming next. Get me right, it's not personal (yet), you may be awesome in person, but where you start to lead us to - ISN'T WHERE WE WANT TO GO. And THERE IS a choice, and despite it would be a harsh shift like leaving a childhood home, we will shift if you keep it going. Not tomorrow, not in a year, but we will. Remember the death of "immortal" 3ds Max, you know what I'm talking about. I feel worrying for the YEARS AND YEARS of my hard work learning and mastering Cinema 4D. I feel worried for my entire career I relied on Cinema 4D. I feel the move you're taking is DISHONEST to us, the whole community, about like XSI murder by Autodesk felt. I, personally, considered subscription option, despite it's pretty pricey (but It's your right to set pricing, ok). But seeing the movement of recent time I opted not to. No because the release is weak for a major number, no - because I don't want to support the movement in that direction. I don't want MAXON to go there. You're clearly taking the Adobe route. They told us the same - "constant updates with no need to wait untill release will let us push more cutting-edge features right on your table, increasing development pace will push the boundaries of your possiblilities and creativivivity way beyond today's standards" and so on and so on. What did this spaghetti on our ears turned into? You know by yourself - sluggish, buggy, unreliable software, from release to release bringing NOTHING we needed, nothing we were asking for DECADES (as folders in AE timeline for instance). For the price many times more adequate, growing constantly with no reason. Subscription? This isn't the key. I'm glad it exists, despite it's pricey I think, but it's on your side. It's good there is an option, this isn't a problem. The problem is the whole approach you try to take. "The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world" as MRalph said. Let's face it, "online" is simply lidicrous here. "Online" - is a steel wire you tie us to yourself. Adobe did so, and as a result - constant stream of money made them not a software developers, but rather a typical rentier. That is what you try to do to OUR world, right? Recently I wrote an extensive list of improvements for C4D, spending my working time and thoughts to have a chance to make it better. Because I love it and wish to it to evolve. And I was sure if I mail it to MAXON, I have a chance to be heard, as our goal is the same. Now I feel like soon there would be no one to listen to us. Not even considering that, just like Adobe does. Isn't it a right time to stop and take a step backwards, Dave?
  13. You know, I wasn't really amazed by the subscription option, but I thought it might be worth to buy, I considered paying you that way. Now I DON'T. I WOULD NOT SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT. I will not support ruining my favourite piece of software in sake of adobe-style greed, I will not make you think it's "Ok, they will use to it", I will not let you move me into an ephemeral "online" which is needed only to suck more money from me doing nothing. We did go through it already, NO MORE. I'll stuck with my trusty R19 till you change your mind. Hopefully
  14. Oh no! NOOOO!!! Why do you screw it all up, when everything was fine, EXACTLY LIKE IT SHOULD BE? I was afraid you're new CEO will bring the worst things from "Adooubie" evil giant, who ruined everything they had, threatening their own customers like retarded moneybags, and now I feel the same is going on with our beloved company. C4D just established itself as a no-compromise, no-competition tool for motion, we just calmed down "ok's all nice finally!" and now - that? Adobe-like madness? This "agile" thing is not only controversial, it's stupid. If program hasn't changed, why help should? If program changed, what's the problem to update help offline too? It's simply webpages and nothing more, let us download them as before! It's totally far-fetched argument. More than that, all the Adobe scam started with the argument "we will evolve constantly!". And you know what? They didn't even once. I'm suspicious we see the same "beginning of the giant crumbling". But now we have nowhere to run out. There's NO OPTION! God, what's so wrong with CG industry we have to constantly suffer?
  15. Quaternion are mind cracking Got no Idea how to work with them here, but thanks for clarifying the cause of this behaviour.
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