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  1. I don't get how and why it works so. Definitely not as t should. Thanks anyway... I'm sad C4D's animation timeline is substantially worse than it some others, such as Blender one. Sad they aren't serious about that
  2. Things got stranger. I copied as before and fixed the curves by hands, than copied a copy over the original piece of animation to overwrite. And now when I repeat the same it's working. Freaking why?! It is not a fix, but some kind of workaround anyway, but what it the logic? I can't get it
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZP3-xIwuyQlmJRoilCJCBwES5GHHTiZ1/view?usp=sharing Take any of the feet, foot_L for example, and it's position.z Thanks
  4. It doesn't work. Even if we assume linear is suitable. Even if I add one more spare keys on the cure ends and tackle the handles, than copy, or delete the excess ones and then copy, no changes. It's too stupid 0_*
  5. They actually are. "Break tangents" is on for each of them, but it's ignores once I merge them, the new one does not respect this setting. Might it be a bug? I tried r19, same there though I don't understand how to get over it
  6. I copy a key on top of another. I want the tangents to remain the same as they were, but the new key isn't what I expect. I tried to lock the tangents before join, break them - it does not work. What is needed is simple - a curve looking the same as the black one representing the "Continue After". The same problem appears also when I use Key > Cycle How to get it right? bandicam 2020-01-22 04-06-21-361.mp4
  7. So, in brief, before I add another animation and turn it to a clip, I need to delete clips taking role in Motion system now or mute them, and than do it? What is the point of Motion system layers than...
  8. Many thanks for such a detailed answer! But one moment isn't clear to me yet - is there a way to add new animation and create clips from it AFTER the first one(s) have been created? Not everything might be planned out from the start
  9. Hi! I'm stuck win Motion Clips system. The aim is simple - I need a character to walk, than stop and stand, than start walking again. I have an animation of walkcycle as a motion clip, now I need a standing pose to add as motion clip too, but freaking how?! I added a new layer in Motion system tag. But default one (or motion clip which was automatically added) still plays and I can't animate. I turn the clip's animation off and create a new layer, set the pose, save as a new clip, try to blend them.. And get a weirdly distorted animation making no sense! I'm stuck. I found no tuts answering my question. Any clue?
  10. I wonder will it ever be released. Yeah, Apple push them hard, but my doubt is... pretty high We saw demos on iMac in 2015 on OpenCL, and what? We even saw Octane on iPhone, never came out I feel Apple also is VERY wrong in their update policy, they push you to raw, unreliable technology which isn't even supported by most vendors! Ok, I'm glad there's Metal, but you put OpenGL intro trash IMMEDIATELY?! Are you mad? Tons of software used it for 25 years, and now you dump it all? Trully "Think different" approach. And what about software support? You make programs obsolete in the same rate as on iOS, but Mac ISN'T an iPhone! It's a tool. Freaking Catalina is a panicle of this madness, when you can't use even AE 2018, so the ONLY way is to upgrade. But what if I work on CS6? And I do! What if I make projects for Videohive and NEED CS6 to be supported? What if my software haven't received an update? You now call it "obsolete" and that's it? How to name this? So, despite I was a huge Mac fan, now they disgust me. High Sierra is the last "adequate" MacOS. And for sure, Octane X will only support f*** Catalina! But the sadder thing is they push us to Metal, not Vulkan, so I feel there won't be Octane/RS for Windows+AMD. And this is really sad
  11. Nobody else experiences this? I'm tired of that

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