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  1. Same thing here in Win 10 using Chrome or Firefox. I see the attached image and not the yellow bar. Brave is the only browser that is usable for me on this site.
  2. Yup, I watched the same webinar and was blown away by the real time raytracing in Unreal Engine. I also know of several studios that are switching over to this render workflow and their results look amazing. And now that my favorite render engine Octane is available for UE, I too am excited to see what the future will bring.
  3. I'm not familiar with online converters but another option would be to bring it into Blender and use their glTF export or use Sketchfab.
  4. I''m very happy with the output from Pixelplow. Their UI contains a slider that allows you to vary the output rate based on priority. You can often get a low render rate if no one else is online.
  5. I use a combination of Macs and PCs with no issues. You may have to fiddle around a bit but it will work.
  6. Sure thing. Send me a PM when you want to discuss the details.
  7. No problem. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. Scene prep is important so try to optimize for Unity before export. Are you familiar with Sketchfab? I use it to test/share/preview client models.
  8. My advice is to export to Unity and use the Khronos Group Unity GLTF exporter with animation turned on. The Blender GLTF export is another option. I have not had luck exporting directly out of C4D.
  9. You may want to up the geometry a bit...change the angle to 6 and see how that looks.
  10. I believe Octane is free for Blender users...just sayin'
  11. Hi Cerbera, I'm following in your footsteps and putting together a similar build. I have the 3900x, X570 MB, and 32GB RAM. I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the storage device(s) but am leaning towards a 2TB M.2 with an SSD for backups. I'm also going for the RTX 2070 Super. Now that you've had time to break everything in I was wondering if you have any advice or would make any changes to your system? I can't wait to put this together and give RedShift a spin. Ron
  12. This tutorial from The Pixel Lab is an oldie but goodie but I think there is more control with yours.
  13. I've had success removing shading errors in SP with this Vertex Normal Tool.
  14. Does this help? MICROFLOATIES.zip
  15. I highly recommend the tutorials from FlippedNormals especially if you use Substance Painter in your workflow.
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