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  1. Lonchaney

    Augmented reality

    You can use ARKit or ARCore depending on your platform. My general workflow is to model and UV in C4D, texture in Substance Painter, and develop in Unity.
  2. Lonchaney

    How to Recover a C4D file?

    This video from 3D Fluff may be of some help. (Scroll down to the C4D Crash Recovery video)
  3. Lonchaney

    Head movements in a Mixamo Animation

    No worries. You can modify specific parts of the animation by adding keyframes as outlined here.
  4. Lonchaney

    Head movements in a Mixamo Animation

    Just add a "looking behind" clip to your timeline.
  5. Lonchaney

    Object Fly-around Render

    Fellow cafe member kbar created a great C4D plugin that allows you to make 3D pdf's directly from inside Cinema. It's called 4D Publish and works great. It is not free but worth every penny IMHO. I use it to get client approval on models I create. You can also add psr animation and camera walkthroughs.
  6. Lonchaney

    CG Society Forums Bitcoin Mining Now ?

    The Activity Monitor on my MbP is flat when visiting CGTalk on Chrome but skyrockets to over 400% CPU usage while using Safari. Very strange. I don't have FF installed.
  7. I've been given the opportunity to test drive one at the Apple store so I find this thread to be interesting. They told me they would install any program I wanted but I'm a bit skeptical about installing my C4D for an hour or two...perhaps I could get them to install the demo version instead. Anyway I planned on rendering the grapes file to get an idea of speed but thanks to BigAL3D I no longer need to do this, much appreciated!
  8. Lonchaney

    Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    Affinity Photo and Photoline are great alternatives to Photoshop. I believe Photoline has been around for 20+ years and it supports animated gifs.
  9. Lonchaney

    Tutorial Requests

    Hi Sam, I'm interested in learning more about Substance Designer/Painter as it relates to texturing in C4D and exporting to Unity. Any info you can share relating to PBR materials would be appreciated!
  10. Check the path to your textures on your TR machine to make sure they are pointing to the proper tex folder. Also are you cashing your x-parts files (external) and does your TR machines know where to find them? If not, it could still work but the sim will not line up.
  11. Lonchaney

    C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    Great resources teknow, thank you for sharing! I have been looking for a model of a brain that I can texture and animate...any idea if there is one in there?