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  1. As Cerbera mentioned above you will have more control and flexibility if you add the text in post, especially if (when) the client makes changes. That being said, there is no reason why you can't accomplish this in C4D if you want. This should get you started. Isometric.c4d
  2. Did you try baking all the keyframes on your camera?
  3. After you brought the camera into AE did you open the layer and zero out the coordinates?
  4. Sweet panos Cerbera! Those look great.
  5. Substance painter is a great program to bake PBR maps for unity and a host of other programs.
  6. Cool, thanks. I'm familiar with Quixel Megascans but have not heard of blankrepository (I now have it bookmarked!). I don't usually work with food items but it looks to be a great resource nonetheless.
  7. Very cool, thank you for sharing! I've heard of Real Displacement Textures but not Friendly Shade. Will definitely check them out!
  8. I'm with you Dave, but I'm not surprised.
  9. In the "Object" tab of your emitter change the shape to object and change "Emit From" to edges. After reading your original post I think I misunderstood your question...so how about converting the edges of your object to a spline and using xpFollowSpline?
  10. Are you animating this and need to use bend deformers? If not, it seems like the spline arc tool would work for this.
  11. You are not crazy, I'm getting the same errors after baking in Substance and opening in C4D.
  12. Just for fun, I opened your file in Substance Painter and applied the normal map you created. It's not perfect but it looks better than it does in C4D. My usual workflow is C4D>Substance>Unity so I've not noticed this before but I'm going to agree with Cerbera about this being a C4D issue.
  13. Very cool Philipp! I'm not familiar with Spark AR but your animation works in Unity. Have you tried using an obj sequence? Perhaps PLA is a limitation within Spark?



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