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  1. My understanding is that it's perpetual. You don't have to subscribe to it. You only get updates for a year but then you own that version forever. This will most likely be the last year.
  2. If you upgrade Substance Painter from Steam you can save 53% on the 2021 perpetual version. Offer ends January 26.
  3. I wish I could help but I'm not familiar with Redshift or it's error messages...perhaps the Redshift forum?
  4. Hello KRIVI, I work in VR but my workflow is C4D > Substance Painter > Unity. Sometimes I export directly from SP if I need a glTF model via Sketchfab or Unity when I create worlds in AltspaceVR. I don't use Redshift so I'm sorry I can't help you there.
  5. Totally agree with this statement. We made the mistake of using R23 on a project that relied heavily on the new UV tools and the results were disastrous. Had to move back to R20 to finish the job but wasted 2 days in the process. From my experience this is the worst release in the 13+ years I've been using the software.
  6. You can create your world in C4D and bring it into AltspaceVR to explore. Works on both headsets or desktop.
  7. You can still buy a perpetual license on Steam and it usually goes on sale during the holidays for around $75.
  8. Imagine that. A company that removes features/functionality and does not tell its users about it. Hmm...I wonder who that sounds like?
  9. Lol, really? I must be doing something right
  10. Are you baking your animations to keyframes before export? Are you familiar with setting up controllers and animations in Unity? Which version of Unity are you using? A scene file would be helpful.
  11. I saw this on Reddit yesterday; What about non-subscription users? This update is for both Subscription users (who can download it tomorrow if you have an active subscription) and R21 Perpetual licence holders who can upgrade to it for a $1000 USD upgrade fee. MAXON is unveiling a new single subscription Bundle that includes Cinema4D R23, Redshift and Red Giant Complete for $1,200 USD per year. Not a bad deal, you save about $400 USD getting the bundle over getting each product separately.
  12. If you have a decent CPU then you may want to give Arnold a try (they have a free trial available). Very easy to get nice looking renders with little effort. It can be a bit pricey but I just prefer the "look" of an unbiased renderer. We still use physical renderer quite a bit as it's quite capable for our needs with proper materials and lighting.


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