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  1. Flowlife

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Thanks! If I update my copy to R20, I'll definitely buy it. I'm sure the quality is top notch. If you don't mind me asking what's is going to be the next course?
  2. Flowlife


    Particles haven't been touched for ages. It's a shame to pay 3000+$ for an app, and then buy X-particles because c4d sucks.
  3. Flowlife

    Nice deal for future tutorial creators

    So nobody heard of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)?
  4. Flowlife

    MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    Judging by the Adobe software, it's is a bad sign. IMHO
  5. Yes, I have the latest drivers and this issue is present in all c4d versions.
  6. Hi everyone! I bought a Dell 4k Monitor and now it's impossible to work in C4D/ Here is the problem: I use 3840 × 2160 resolution with 125% scaling in Windows 10 with Wacom Intuos tablet, If I use cinema 4d with these settings it's impossible to use tablet because the cursor and an actual press happens at different places (use graphic tablet is On) But If I use 3840 × 2160 without scaling everything work perfectly, but the main issue becomes that everything is so small and it's hard to work in c4d. When I use mouse everything is OK.
  7. Flowlife

    TD Master Class

    So officaily new material won't be added?
  8. Flowlife

    C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    Great news! Is it a new reincarnation of full length trainings (like vertex-pusher) or short videos like TD Master Class? And what level you want to target (a novice,intermediate,advance)?
  9. Flowlife

    TD Master Section / Now Available

    An Idea for a new lesson: How to divide splines (letters,numbers) into a number of equal parts or how automatically turn them into quads for proper deformation.
  10. Flowlife

    Redshift / Renderstorm Giveaway Promo

    who has won?
  11. Flowlife


    If possible I'd like to learn how to generate a weight map. Example: A character is walking on the ground, and where he steps (where his sole touches the ground) generates weight map, in order to change(mask) texture (after the impact of the sole, different texture appears at this place) like a person after the shower leaves the traces.
  12. Flowlife


    Maybe you have had a project where you used Muscles/Mskin in c4d? Would love to learn something interesting about it, if there is something to learn. Also how to make and animate knitting in c4d, where you can create it any shape you want.
  13. Flowlife


    I'd love to learn how to make a rig of a wheel, when the wheel touches the ground, the tire deforms like in real life.
  14. Flowlife

    TD Master Section / Now Available

    ATM only one V-menu can exist, but I want one V-menu for modeling tools, one V-menu for tags, and so on. Like Pie Menu in Modo, or Blender, or Maya.
  15. Flowlife

    TD Master Section / Now Available

    I've been asking everybody and MAXON for help to make many custom V-menu, but to no avail. I understand I can change the main V-menu, but I want to create a few of them with different tools in them. Maybe it's a challenge for this course?