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  1. rezmajom

    Hair density on Sphere w/ Proximal

    Thanks for looking into it, I saw the tutorial but I couldn't get it to work and I gave up. I ended up baking the proximal shader for now, filtered it in photoshop and used the bitmap for length control. Haven't given up on the procedural solution yet... Btw I used a null in case I'd want to play with the offset to have more snow/flatland in some areas.
  2. Hi forum, Looking for a solution for distanced-based hair density/length control, would really appreciate any pointers or alternative approaches. - I'm building an earth-like planet (SubD > Sphere > Displacement); - Terrain is colored with Proximal gradient from center point (control null for ref), closest points are brown for soil, mid are green for foliage, furthest are white for snow. Now I am trying to grow vegetation in the mid region, cleanest solution seems to be hair, but none of my approaches worked for mapping the region I want it on. What I have tried so far: - Used the same proximal from the terrain colors to drive hair length/density, does not produce functional results (could be a scale issue but it would seem logical that the scale is preserved from the terrain colors in this context too) - Tried a spherical gradient to map out distance in space, didn't get the result I was looking for. I don't want to manually paint guides, looking for a procedural solution cos it is doing my head in when I am 110% sure it's doable. I'm attaching the scene file, I deleted the hair and the ref geo for size reduction, but basically I would just make the SubD editable and use that geo for hair ref. Thank you in advance for any info on the subject! rezmajom EDIT: in the hair material included there is a shader map in the Length slot, ideally that would be the surface area I'd want to grow the hair. planet_015.c4d