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  1. This is great news for c4d and vfx https://www.afterworks.com/FumeFXC4D.asp
  2. At the moment Octane only runs with Nvidia cards: https://home.otoy.com/render/octane-render/faqs/
  3. For me it is a personal preference but I find the c4d tracker has way more options for fine tuning your track, seeing what tracks are problematic etc. Also setting up a ground plane for your object to sit on and cast shadows onto seems easier and more accurate in cinema. But I have to admit I haven't used the camera tracker in AE all that much.
  4. If you have c4d studio and after effects, I would recommend doing your tracking in cinema and using the cineware feature in AE to import your tracking information and data from cinema into AE. Here is a really great video demonstrating tracking in c4d: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/siggraph_2018_rewind/siggraph_2018_rewind_josh_johnson_r20_features_and_vfx_workflows
  5. I did not contact support yet, but deleting my preferences fixed that particular issue. If I run into another weird issue I’ll likely reinstall R20.
  6. Deleting my preferences fixed the issue. I've deleted my preferences 4 times to fix random weird behavior since upgrading to R20. Including not being able to rotate objects, icons in the tool bar not displaying being some of them. I wonder if I should just re-install....
  7. I just discovered an issue with R20 that I did not have in R19. When I create a motion tracker object and import the footage I want to track, whether it be a movie file or an image sequence the footage does not appear in the view port unless I deselect the motion tracker object. This makes it impossible for me to adjust any of the parameters or perform a track and see the footage at the same time. In R19 and previous versions the footage I am tracking is viewable in the viewport whether or not I have the Motion tracker object selected or not. I've attached a video demonstrating my issue. Not sure what is happening. It might be I need a new graphic card perhaps. Mac Pro ( Mid 2010) 64 GB RAM 2x3.33 GHz 6 core intel Xeon ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB R20tracking_issue2.mov
  8. I dream of this becoming a reality every day myself :)
  9. Hi guys, Just wanted to share a cool video by Zacharias Reinhardt a talented CG artist who made a video featuring some of his work from the previous 14 years, some entertaining back story and more. He also used allot of Cinema 4d in his earlier years which is interesting to see. Might be a fun watch.
  10. Firstly I would say please, please keep the perpetual licensing available. Subscription only is not something I would ever be interested in. Penalizing folks for skipping upgrades should be done away with in my opinion. Having a set upgrade price that is reasonable and accessible to hobbyists and freelancers will go along way to build brand loyalty. There are allot of unhappy artists using other programs that will likely be won over to a software that is powerful, stable, well thought out and doesn’t have any wishy washy licensing schemes that so many programs are plagued with. I understand that from a business standpoint a company might think forcing people to upgrade in order to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to basically rebuy something that they spent a ton of money on and invested allot of time into is a good way of making money. But I wonder if it just scares people away, leave a bad taste or if there are some people who are using ancient versions of Cinema begrudgingly that are outdated compared to the competition. Not sure if this is a smart business move for MAXON or not. They may want to compare the positives and negatives of such an upgrade approach. The first software I bought was Modo 701, at the time under Luxology all upgrades cost around $450 no matter what version you were on. For instance you could go from 601 to 801 and pay $450. That to me made allot of sense but then Luxology merged the Foundry and my passion for the software has slowly waned ever since. Right now I am likely not going to extend my MSA when is expires as I can’t really afford it right now. I’m really conflicted about this, I don’t want to fall behind. I love all the new tools and the possibility of what is coming ( fingers crossed on updated particles and fluids ! ). I also think there are too many modules for Cinema, looks like there are four currently to purchase this confuses people as to what to buy. I wonder how many people bought a cheaper version only to wish they had bought Studio or something with more bells and whistles. Maybe have a Studio version with all the goodies, a lesser version and perhaps an indie or non commercial version like Side fx has with their Apprentice and Indie versions. But I know that this can be tricky and creating upgrades or migration options will need to be considered. Just a few thoughts I had, sorry for the long list.
  11. Loads of great stuff: https://www.cineversity.com
  12. If anybody needs some quick motivation to do a mini-project brograph.com has a nice 'randorender' page. Just hit the button, they give you a couple of key words to base your project on. http://brograph.com/randorender/
  13. One thing that might work is animating the 'visibility' parameter in the particle emitter. Might take some tweaking to make it gradual though.
  14. Not sure where preferences are located on a PC currently. But if you have a mac go to library/ Preferences/ MAXON/ Cinema 4D R20.../prefs and delete the file 'Cinema 4d.prf and then relaunch Cinema. Curious, are other people experiencing this issue, not being able to rotate the viewport in R20?
  15. Deleting my preferences fixed the issue. Thank you for your suggestion.



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