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  1. About the open Beta, this new version looks awesome!!
  2. And no more perpetual licenses of Arnold either.
  3. Really nice! I look forward to seeing the water in motion. X-particles is really cool and I hear they demo'd some new features at NAB that I can't wait to see for the new release.
  4. Great, thank you. I will make sure we are updated with the newest release of AE.
  5. Working allot with after effects using .Exr files I noticed in version 2017 I was having difficulties replacing footage that was in .Exr formats. Apparently other file formats are having issues requiring inconvenient work arounds or removing the c4d importer plugin from your After effects library. I'm hoping this will be fixed as it is a known issue, I just wonder who fixes it? Would it be MAXON? More info:
  6. Thank you so much!
  7. Hello, I am trying to add additional points/knots to a curve in the Collision Deformer's Object tab in the Attributes window. By default there are two points on on each side. I am unsure how to add more knots in the middle for instance. Clicking on the curve does not add new points. I am running c4d Studio R18, not sure what I am doing wrong. Like in this video at the 1:07 mark
  8. Very nice reel! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I expect some slowdown, but it is nearly twice as long now. I will look into it. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I have noticed after installing x-particles 3.5 that my license of Cinema 4d R18 Studio takes about twice as long to launch now. Not sure if this is a common thing when you have third party plugins installed.
  11. Oh cool, thank you for the info, much appreciated. I don't have the money for any 3rd party renderers right now but in the future might need something that imports openVDB and such for smoke. Then again that might become native in C4d in the future.
  12. Looks like a new update, I've never used V-Ray but I'm a huge fan of the Cg Garage podcast and have always admired work I've seen in Vray and the amazing Phoenix FD ( which I really wish they would port to C4d or Modo ). Just curious does anyone know any reasons why Chaos group chose to have a 3rd party develop the plugin for the C4d version?
  13. I too love the foundry's modo image gallery, one of the things that got me excited about modo was seeing the amazing things people create. I check out that forum daily as a modo user ( 801 ). And one of the first things you see visiting the page are amazing works of art. I think if this site had something like that as opposed to the 'Show us your WIPS and Final Images' where I often click on a topic and usually scroll around for a bit only to find an image I probably wouldn't have paid much attention to if it was a thumbnail at first. There is some amazing work being made in C4d and as a recent learner of the program I would love to see these images at a glance. thanks
  14. I'm thinking it might be a while as well, but version 4 is most likely going to be awesome.
  15. Looks like Greyscale gorilla has some sales including $100 off x-particles 3.5. Does anyone know or guess when v4 will be coming out? I am on the fence about buying 3.5 but am willing to hold off if 4.0 is around the corner.