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  1. @Tina Would you mind uploading a frame from your PNG sequence and/or your c4d project? Might be easier to see what is going on.
  2. Hi, I've been looking and cannot find a similar tool in c4d to 'poke' a face or polygon like the poke tools in Blender and Maya. Is there a similar tool in c4d? The subdivide and triangulate commands sort of worked how I wanted. please see images for examples thanks for your time
  3. Thank you, double clicking seems to work. Once you do that you have that preset in your 'image' section under stamp. You can then drag and drop other presets over it to replace it with a different brush if you want.
  4. I am attempting to use a sculpting brush preset brush as an image stamp during sculpting. I've seen this done in tutorials and the help document says In the Content Browser under Presets/Sculpting/Stamps you will find numerous stamps you can use (simply drag your selection into the Image field). But for some reason I cannot drag a sculpting brush preset from the content browser down into the stamp/use stamp/Image box so that I can use that image as a stamp brush. But I can drag an image from my finder window or desktop into there just fine thus creating a stamp. I've attached a video demonstrating my issue, not sure what I am doing wrong. sculpt_presets.mp4
  5. Tomorrow my MSA is set to expire. So yeah tonight I will be tossing and turning trying to decide whether to upgrade or not. Aside from the unintuitive interface this is something blender users never have to stress over. My thinking is if I do upgrade to R21, at least I will have it in the 'My MAXON' thing and see if there will be a perpetual upgrade next year to R22 or just hold onto R21 for a bit and get a subscription a few years later. Not sure, the new licensing certainly raises my spider senses and my intuition tells me I won't be happy where this is all going.
  6. I truely hope they keep offering perpetual licenses! I think that would be a smart move on MAXON’s part keel everyone happy. Although I’ve always felt the MSA and upgrade prices were too high for me. The original $650 for MSA was okay. But when they raised it to $725 me and others I know couldn’t understand that. Personally I think $500 for an upgrade to the newest version plus access to cineversity would be reasonable. Why else other than a jab in the ribs pushing you towards subscription would they take cineversity away. That seems crappy to me and lowers my respect for the company. But I love C4d. Along with Houdini these are my favorite tools. They both speak to me as other programs don’t. I’ve been playing with blender for a while now, and although it’s free and the blender institute is passionate and great at what they do I just really prefer C4d as a whole. Its personal taste. Like anything else, what kind of car you’re attracted to or what kind of food or music gets you pumped. I want C4d to be my hub and sprinkle in Houdini indie when needed.
  7. Thanks hvanderwegen for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it.
  8. Blender is very tempting but there are just a couple of things that I really can't jive with in blender. First are the text tools, certainly not as nice as c4d. Second are the curve creation tools, I just can't understand the way to draw and alter curves in blender. And some simple UI things like not being able to hit the 'delete' key to delete objects in the viewport and the outliner. In blender you need to hit 'x' in the viewport and in the outline you have to right click on an object and choose delete. Perhaps you can change the keymap somewhere for deleting objects. And for the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the array modifier properly like in this video, I think I'm just spoiled by how intuitive c4d is.
  9. The new 'My MAXON' system seems helpful. As a freelancer going into different studios it will be great to just download and use c4d. The last five places I've freelances for all had blender installed on whatever workstation I was on and it'd be great to be able to use Cinema. One question though, will all your versions be available to you with 'My MAXON' if you aren't on subscription and have a perpetual of R21 can you use that or can you use a version of R20?
  10. I purchased just one plugin for C4d and will not do that again. When I was running R19 I spent almost $500 on a license of x-particles 3.0 was upgraded to 3.5. Went about just fine using the plugin until I upgraded to R20. Then I find out that I would need to upgrade to the newer version of x-particles for another $400 or so because the license for 3.5 wouldn’t work with R20. It it wasn’t even a year and the plugin I was still learning to use and had for less than a year was suddenly gong to cost almost $1000. Spending that much money on a plugin that I couldn’t even use in the newest version of cinema without having to basically pay the equivalent of buying it twice in a 1 year span has thought me never to buy another plugin for cinema again. On the blender side you can buy a very impressive fluid simulator for $76 ( when it’s not on sale ) and I believe receive free upgrades when they are available. No maintenance or subscription schemes. https://blendermarket.com/products/flipfluids Or Khaos, a smoke and debris simulator for $35 again with free updates https://blendermarket.com/products/khaos-ultimate-explosion-simulator I have no problem paying those prices and knowing the plugin will still be viable and usable 9 months after I buy it. Fume fx, real flow c4d and x-particles are all great but I’ll never pay almost a grand for something that isn’t going to work if I’m ever inclined to upgrade cinema to a new version.
  11. I still have modo 801, I really liked it, but haven’t used it much since I bought C4d. If they could add the foundry’s camera tracker and implement some sort of fluids and smoke and if they could improve the already robust particle system I’d happily upgrade. If modo was a bit more versitile and still reasonably priced it could be a very attractive and dangerous application at a fraction of the price of C4d or a maya rental.
  12. Thank you Rick and Rectro for the quick answers, I appreciate it.
  13. Can you keep your R21 and not convert, and then add a subscription when for instance R22 comes out? This way if you are short on cash or whatever and cannot afford a subscription for R23 you can still use your R21 license or any older license like R20 ?
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