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  1. Hi Everyone, I read somewhere that when I used vray distributed rendering, i can only used vray native shaders. Does this mean I cant use, tiles, fernel, filter, etc in the vray shader? I have to convert everything to advanced bitmap or use vray fresnel? Thanks in advance. J
  2. Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help me out. Im having a problem with textures rendering black. This is typically something that happens when textures are missing but... the textures are all linked correctly and show up on the material but when i go to render -they render black. However, when i open the texture and hit reload on every channel within the texture -they render correctly. This is really painful to do - going into each texture one by one and hitting reload. Does anyone know what might be the problem or how i can reload all textures in one fell swoop?
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently upgraded from r16 to r19. When i bring my preset libraries in to use on projects, my coworkers end up with broken texture links because the libraries are using "suggested paths" for the textures (just the file name). I have found a work around: when i open the preset library, I immediately open the texture manager and globalize all file paths. This converts the suggested path (just the file name) to the real path (preset://new.lib4d/"filename"). This allows the textures to be pulled from my coworkeres corresponding preset libraries. After I globalize texture paths in a preset library, c4d wont let me resave the library with the updated paths and from what i have read, there isnt really a way to edit libraries. Does anyone know how to create a preset library where the textures use the real path or a setting in c4d that makes the textures use the real path instead of the suggested path? Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance!

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