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  1. Clintanders

    Displacement not working with rig

    Well, at least my going crazy is somewhat justified. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. I'm using 15.064. While I wait I'll try to rebuild things and see if it happens every time. Thank you so very much for trying to help!
  2. Clintanders

    Displacement not working with rig

    Haha, I truly appreciate your patience. Apparently, I'm a moron. Let's see if this works: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gymnrnxmmph1vpu/AAAu-VOvcUWg5X4zb6VK7TyPa?dl=0
  3. Clintanders

    Displacement not working with rig

    Whoops, totally thought I added the scene file. But yeah, displacement works fine with the skin turned off. It's just when it's animating that I'm having weird issues. I just set up joints and animated my base mesh that way. Thanks again for your help! Octo-shooter_0003.c4d
  4. Clintanders

    Displacement not working with rig

    Hey! thanks so much for getting back to me. So having 100% quads only plays a role when animating? Seems weird to me that it can show the displacement perfectly on the low poly with n-gons up until the point of any joint animation. How is it not able to stick the displacement to the UVs when they're moving? I guess the logic behind it not working is still escaping me.
  5. I'm going insane over this. I've successfully modeled a character, sculpted details, baked out displacement maps (that seem to work perfectly), applied them to the low poly mesh, and then rigged and animated that low poly character. The displacement on the rigged character is crazy messed up when it's animating, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Any guidance to something I may be missing would be great. I'll attach some images to show you what I'm talking about. Cheers