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  1. exploding sphere

    ok thank you. now I feel stupid. I didn't realise it was the bevel deformer being mentioned rather than the bevel tool. Never used it before. Will play with this file to see if ican get it to do what I want thank you!
  2. exploding sphere

    maybe someone can help me with this. I have separated all the segments and used a bevel etc. But i still cant get either Explosion FX of Explosion deformer to treat each segment as a whole. (with Explosion FX I can increase Max Polys under the Cluster tab which holds each segment together but then I cannot add any variations without the segments coming apart) Of course I could select and move segments manually but I would prefer to have more quick adjustability. random effector wont work as they are not parametric objects... is there a way around that ? sphere.c4d.zip
  3. exploding sphere

    hi, yes putting a bevel on each segment of the sphere is not a problem but having each segment stay together, thats the issue I cant seem to solve ?
  4. exploding sphere

    could not attach both files in my first post. here is my example
  5. I am attempting to recreate an exploding sphere consisting of separate segments that have a bevel or lip. Explosion FX is doing a good job of giving each segment depth but if i want the individual segments to have a bevel I cannot find a way of Explosion FX keeping each segment whole once I convert them to create the bevel.. it explodes every plane of each segment. I have tried using poly FX with a random effector but still the same problem, how to keep each segment whole ? maybe I have not used the right method of preserve groups when converting to polygons but I think i have tried every possibility. any ideas Cafe ?