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  1. For new users that end up on this thread, here's a great photo from solid angle exemplifying types of noise to identify the problem:
  2. Indeed ambient occlusion was turned on. I have no idea why to be honest, or what it does. I've also increased the sampling to 8 (max 9 min 5) and everything is looking very very neat! I had no idea about sampling quality haha, learnt with this occasion. Thank you!
  3. So far I've scaled everything up 4 times, seems to have fixed the problem. Will keep trying around.
  4. I've attached a screenshot. Everything is composited to not receive or cast any kind of shadows. I just want to make a standard shiny logo that is glossy and all that. Kinda much much harder than I imagined though. Any advice on how to get better glossiness is welcomed :) I'm also using some small studio's studio box/template thingy with materials, I'm using their most glossy materials! I'll probably change the light setup to something much less extreme after I figure out those pesky shadows or maybe just noise.
  5. So, to anyone else coming here in the future having this problem whilst starting with Realflow: Before building the mesh, not after, so right after creating the 'mesh' element you go to Export => Export Central, look for the mesh and 'expand' it, press that plus to the left of it. Uncheck ABC and Check BIN. Now build your mesh and export it. If you already built the ABC Mesh just manually delete everything in the mesh folder and re-do it. Whatever you do, you'll have to re-build the mesh. Good luck!
  6. Pretty much made a mess of everything after deleting the ABC files and selecting to export the MESHes as BIN, now for some odd reason it can't find my objects saying warning file [path]/Objectname.SD not found I'll keep trying :(
  7. I think it's mostly an issue of how I'm trying to use it if that makes sense, sometimes it works, other times it does nothing, I'm trying to pan around the workspace to the left or right using the middle mouse button + pressing alt; If I try to use it in other apps it always works, no issues, hence my belief that it might be a C4D issue or maybe not an issue at all just lack of knowledge on my behalf
  8. The title pretty much encompasses my issue, any advice is appreciated :(