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  1. Hello. im running into a problem. but i dont know how this problem is called. I have this character with hair and i want to render it with a alpha channel. But im getting this strange white color also (from the planes that use the hair texture) im not sure if it is a material problem or a lighting problem ( i tried turning make the render stettings as default as possible, turning of GI and rendering with "standard"). also did a default material with only a diffuse and a alpha layer. (also only selected the correct layer from the image within that channel). somebody any clue? is it because that multiple planes overlapping each other? thanks in advance.
  2. hey. well thank you for looking into it. i also did not find a good solution yet. i aws trying it with a sweep nurbs and spline warp that object. it works. but how do i get 50 of them on screen then... i also though i could make a closed spline, and boole my section out. but that also does not work.
  3. well. i did that. > turn of loops. but then they stop at the end of the helix. in the end i want around 50 objects flying around the helix and looping. (not just 2)
  4. hello, i have this helix and a tracer that follows the helix. but at the ehd of the helix it jumps to the start of the helix giving me this straight line i dont want. but still i want the tracer to loop around the helix. any one knows how to fix this? i cant find it... thanks c4d: tracer test.c4d
  5. 1 object, 2 anchors, fallow spline

    aah, well now im thinking about it, it should not be that hard with using mograph...
  6. Hello, im not sure if there is already a topic about this. (but i dont know the words to search it on) i have to figure out how i need to build this thing: (see image) i have a spline and a object is needed with 2 anchors that fallow a spline. the objects needs to be within those 2 anchors. i have no clue where to start with this. does somebody has a idea how todo this? in the end it is going do be a 'rolling door' so i also need to chain chunks. but i need to start with the basics thanks