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  1. Refraction

    Hey guys, I have a question and hope maybe some of you can help me. I try to achive a similar effect as you can see here on the poster: this weird refrection of a display in the waterdrops. Does somebody of you know how to do that? Would be super happy for a hint. Many thanks! All the best, Florian
  2. 3D Pattern on object

    ouw okay! cool i'll try! Many thanks!!!
  3. 3D Pattern on object

    Cool! Many thanks for your answer!!!! Cheers, Florian
  4. 3D Pattern on object

    Hello there, can somebody tell me how i can do a 3D pattern like this one attached on an object (the 3d triangle on the silver or the pattern on the gold) … i already searched for more than 1/1/2 h at the internet but couldn't find a way. Many many thanks for your help!!! Cheers, flo
  5. Basketball Trikot

    cool! Great! Many thanks for that advice!! Cheers, florian
  6. Basketball Trikot

    Hello there, i try to make a basketball-trikot like material with a print on it. I was able to create the mesh-texture but now i am struggeling with the print on it. I would love to have kind of a 3D print on it, but if you already could help me with another kind of print on the mesh, that would be pretty amazing!!! Many many thanks! The file is included, hopefully it helps! Cheers, flohmo FBL_Flag_0002.c4d
  7. Ball Displacement

    Hello there, I have a probably pretty easy questions to you guys. I want to have Displacement (logo) on a Ball (Basketball). All the ways I tried did not work somehow. Now i found a way to center the logo but i don't know how to make it look 3D as a »embossing« into the ball. I hope my english is not too bad to understand my problem. Attached is the file if someone needs to have more informations! really looking forward for your help! Many many thanks! Have a great day! Cheers, Flo basketball_Marble_02.1.c4d.zip
  8. Wrinkled Paper

    cool! thank you grain. many many thanks for your support!!!!
  9. Wrinkled Paper

    Hello grain, thanks for your reply the thing is, i don't want to have a paper ball — i would like to have a wrinkled paper, with all it's structure maybe damaged i already tried it with the wrinkle tool in c4d but the result doesn't satisfy me
  10. Wrinkled Paper

    maybe somebody has another idea how to get a wrinkled paper in c4d? i don't want a paper ball, i want t a wrinkled paper with typography on it … can anybody help me? many thanks in advance! best, Flo
  11. Wrinkled Paper

    Hello there, many many thanks for the help. i almost got it … i just have now another problem if you take a look into the file: why is the plane moving its size when its starts to fall down??? Thanks a lot!!! 2016-08-10_Reformationstag_01.c4d
  12. Wrinkled Paper

    wow pretty cool thanks so much for the help is there also the possibilty that it looks a little bit more edgy, like some overlappings of the paper, like in the example attached (which is probably a photo)
  13. Wrinkled Paper

    Hello there, i am trying to create a wrinkled piece of paper in C4D. I guess it is not that complicated, but everything i tried so far didn't look good. maybe you guys can give me some hints. It should look like a scrumpled paper which you open again after you scrumpled it … any idea how to visualize that? Many many thanks! Best, Flo