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  1. Wow, thanks so much for looking into this for me Hrvoje!!! Never thought to check the layers, must have been a remnant from something. Will.
  2. It's version R19.068. I've attached a zip folder with the scene file. Hope this is what you required. Thanks all for your help! Will. Paris_scenefileEX.zip
  3. I'm using R19 and have recently started using the Takes System which I was really happy about until now. All of a sudden, everytime I try to add in a new child to the Main view, the entire model disappears along with materials, lighting, everything! If I delete the new child, still no sign until I undo back to where I was before. Even when copying the whole thing into a clean file or toggle with the override and autotakes. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I fix it please? Ta!



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