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  1. Thanks Rectro! I found it: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/restrict-simulation-to-2-axis/1690057/6 Unfortunately, the described method is only for objects not points if I understand Srek correctly (Srek's example scene is no longer online). Yes, I guess the only way is xpresso and iterate though all points to restrice the Y axis, hmm.... I still don't understand why connectors are not working.
  2. Yes, I tried this as well, but no luck. For my understanding connectors should work (and they work for rigid bodys in my tests) but I can't get them work for points just for objects. Maybe I'm missing something... Please see attached scene. Thanks a lot for all your help! Tim soft_01-03.c4d
  3. Thanks a lot CBR! I would have preferred to clamp it directly and not use colliders since the geometry is going to be very high dense (500k polygons) in the end and this would lead to long simulation times. Nonetheless I think you are right there is no other way than colliders. Thanks, Tim p.s. Sorry, I updated the profile.
  4. Hi everyone, Is it possible to restrict a soft body simulation to the X & Z axis? Or even better to the surface of an object (like the clamp constrain but for points and not for objects)? I tried connector and a clamp constrain without success. Many thanks, Tim
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