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  1. I do a lot of CGI in my field. Every time I motion track a shot, either in After Effects or C4D, I'm left with a series of nulls. From a distance, you can KIND of make out the edges and surfaces in the scene, but it's still a hassle to correctly place objects and set up shadow catchers. I'm wondering if anyone has seen a plugin or XPresso rig that can take the data in the nulls, and based on proximity of the points, create a rough surface that overlays the scene. Almost as if I dropped a a huge cloth over the the area. Any thoughts?? The data is there.. so I imagine it's possible.
  2. After motion tracking a scene, I'm usually left with a couple hundred nodes floating in 3D space. In my head and using the nulls, I can roughly visualize the scene to build my floors, walls, etc. for dynamics or shadow-catching or what have you. I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen a plugin or Xpresso setup that (with enough nulls) can roughly build a "metaball" looking mesh of the scene. Here are my first thoughts.. 1. Clone a bunch of planes onto nulls with size based on proximity to other nulls --> Run an optimize or smooth or some command to connect the planes 2. This may not exist.. but a loft of some sort that can read the nulls as points as a surface. I'd like to emphasize my use of the word "rough" here. Ideal results for me are about as detailed as a low poly landscape primitive.
  3. VR Animation

    I'm excited for this! I've been looking to do the same thing unfortunately I haven't gotten the VR just yet and don't plan on doing so until I fix my phone.. Don't watch to be looking at giant virtual cracks through my goggles! Anyway, the render is looking beautiful so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it! Maybe my 3 monitors can simulate 180 degree vision at the least!
  4. Hi 3DKiwi. New Member here! I'm desperately trying to find an answer to my dilemma. Could you take a look at my post? Thanks! :D