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  1. So after getting my Cinema 4D S22 trial to work on my underpowered graphics card (Nvidia Quadro 4000 2 gb). I found that it worked consistently without crashing. Now after repeated updates on my graphics machine, it still will not recognize that my drivers are up to date. Both computers get the warning screen but it seems to like Nvidia. I went on to the MAXON site and checked for a compatible graphics card. I picked up a Radeon Pro WX 7100 8 gb card. It's one of the recommended cards on the site. Well, I installed it today and it's beautiful I now have three screens connected for work. Except, S22 still doesn't recognize that I have an updated card. I'll be running tests all day to see if it crashes.
  2. Hey all. I've loaded the C4D r21 demo and am having substantial issues with crashing. I have two machines for graphics; both are Intel Xeon machines with 12 and 24 GB of ram respectively. One has the Radeon RX 580 Series 8 GB card in it. That's my main machine, while the other has an Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB card. The one with the Nvidia card has no crashing issues with the R21 or R22 updates. It works well. My more powerful machine with the Radeon card crashes both R21 and R22. The driver (20.4.2) is the most recent but still gives me the error that my driver is not up to date when I load R22 into the system. Any similar experiences out there?
  3. The real question of the day is "is your video card still compatible with Windows 10 and the latest iteration of C4D? I'm still trying to figure out how C4D R 21 and R22 don't believe that I have the latest drivers for my AMD Radeon RX 580 is installed. They keep crashing in the middle of modeling or texturing. There seems to be some glitch that still has me relying on R19 for daily use.
  4. Hey all. years ago, I downloaded C4D R 20 and wasn't impressed. I went back to my trusty R19 with its compatibility to my plugins and GOZ. I tried R21 and was experiencing crashes. I never gave up my R19. I tried R22 to see if there was a fix for the problem. R22 pops up an outdated driver notice for my AMD Radeon Adremanlin driver. When I check with my AMD control panel, It says that I have already updated my driver Adrenalin2020 gpu driver. Anyone else having this issue? I'm running an Intel 2.80 GHz Xeon CPU with 24.0GB RAM. the Graphics unit is Radeon RX 580 with 8GB memory. I've tried the download on my other graphics machine that has a similar profile but with a NVIDIA Quadro 4000. That one seems to have no issues with the new upgraded C4D apps even though the card is outdated and the drivers don't seem to be very well updated.
  5. Thanks. This has been my issue with C4D. They make modelling pretty darn easy and is my hands-down favorite modeler. They should add practical features like "Mirror and Weld" as well as a symmetrical modelling tag that allows you to edit in points across x, y, or z axis. Once I hit "make editable" I'd like to be able to continue editing with a symmetry function as I do in ZBrush. Guess I'll have to wait until R23.
  6. I do my modeling in C4D and most of my sculpting in ZBrush. Although I box-model with the symmetry tool in C4D, I usually find myself using the ZBrush "Mirror and Weld" and symmetry on features once my asset has been made editable. C4D has excellent points, edges and polygon editing features where is the model in symmetry mode? The C4D sculpt tool has a symmetry option but I can't find one for spline edit mode. Is there an equivalent feature in C4D that let's you edit mesh in symmetry?
  7. I've been learning Python on and off this year. Any course that I can get my hands on is greatly appreciated.
  8. This is great information. I use Genesis figures in C4D as well for comics. I do all my sculpting and customization in Daz and Zbrush first then bring the figures in as FBX files. I then link the joints from the rigged figure into custom controllers using the Visual Selector in C4D. With regards to figure height and other structure changes that may alter the general shape of the base figure, try creating 3 or 4 standard body types for males and females in Daz then you'll have an easier time editing in C4D. I'm currently looking at creating a python script for connecting joints to the Visual Selector to take some of the tedium out of the transfer process.
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