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  1. Ah ok. But how do I implement the functionality of "Posemorph 1 above the ground and posemorph 2 below the ground? If posemorph would be a Deformer I would be able to use the Restrict Tag or I could use a field. But I do not know how to restrict tags.
  2. The Softpet is under disclosure so I had to reduce it. The Ear Rig is temporary WIP and does not reflect the final Rig. Thx for your interest Ear_Problem.c4d
  3. Hi Guys, I have no Idea how to solve this problem. It would be nice if some of you could help Problem: I have to rig a soft toy Charakter. It has no mouth so all the emotion expression comes from the eyes, posture and the ears. The ears are long stripes of fabric hanging from the head and lie on the ground if not controlled activly from by the Soft toy. When the ears are controle activly they can have all sorts of shapes and positions. That is why the have to be rigged. Wenn the soft toy is walking the rigged Ears are allways intersecting the Ground or hover above the ground. This looks awkward. Question: Is it possible to dynamicly restict the bone Animation of the ears the the Geo Part lying above the ground while the remaining Polygons are controlled by Softbody or Cloth Simulation so the allways collide correctly with the ground?
  4. Even it was a bit embarrassing to me: I said this to the customer now. I think the look of peach hair is better than blurred edges. Anyway the customer is allways the king and I hope I can convince him.
  5. @ Anthony Good Idea but its an Animated Charakter. I could blur the Alpha in AE. But if I do so only the outline would be blurred not every individual Objekts outline @ All This Thread is good: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/shader-driven-by-thickness/1584783/15 Its seems Modo has a Shader wich does what is needed. Does anyone know how to build this: Thickness-- Determines how thick or deep an area is and applies the gradient based on the measured depth. The ‘Thickness’ is calculated by a ray being fired inward from the first surface, until the next outward facing surface is encountered (the backside). This Thickness Shader i could plug in to the Transperncy of the Shader to get blurred edges
  6. OMG my customer doesn´t like the look of peach hair. He "simply" wants soft edges on each individual hair. - Fresnel doesn´t work on complex structures - Rendering individual hairs and blur ther Alpha Mask in AE doesn´t work cause Hairs are sometimes in Front and Back of another Hair at the same time - He don´t like Peach hair - glow doesn´t match the color of the Hair Please help me - Its an easy effect which has to be possible. Or isn´t it? (Blur edges of overlapping complex Objects)
  7. @bezo Thanks a lot - it was the missing nvidia driver. Problem Solved
  8. Hey guys, So basically I have a problem with imported textures. Everytime I drag a material with an imported texture onto an object it only appears in one colour wich is picked from the picture I used as a texture. So for example if I wanted to drag a picture of a text on red background onto an object, the whole object would be just displayed as red in my Viewport. The texture was applied correctly to the object - it can be seen in the render view...but i want to see it in my workspace as well. I've been searching all over the internet for solvings and the only solution it came up with was to change the Texture Preview Size to something else than 'default'. Funny thing is, I simply do not have another option available than 'default'. Even after reinstalling the whole Software and getting it all back to the default settings it just didn't work. Is there anything I'm missing or did you have a comparable problem? I'm just out of ideas and could really use your help! Thanks a lot!
  9. So there seems to be no solution to solve this on the Shader side. I will now try to solve the problem with the brute force aprouch - hair on hair
  10. no I haven´t and - this is a really good Idea! THX edit: I tried it but it doesn´t work correct. The glow is´nt a Plane color - it gehts multiplied or added. Thats why its nearly impossible to match the color correct and on a white background there is no glow at all. Anyway - it was a nice idea
  11. Peach fuzz hair is a possible Solution but it also add a lot of compexity to the Szene (The yarn is Simulated). Ok Hair on Hair is possible but the render and simulation Time would be greatly increased. I would really prefer to solve the Problem on the Shader side.
  12. Problem: I need to render wool yarn realliy close to the camera. I allready found this free shader as a base: The yarn is relativly close to the Camera so there is a need to make it fuzzy or blurry on the edges. The Fresnel shader an Alpha channel doesn´t work cause if the yarn points to the Camera it gets completly invisible I need a shader based on thickness like SSS but I couldn´t figure out how to create a clean Black and White mask from the SSS Shader. Question: How do I make the edges of the yarn transparent based on the POV of The Camera and the Thickness of the Geometry? Thanks a lot
  13. Takes are even more important to me. Its possible to split up your scene in several parts you can do something like this: Layer in AE: 1. 3D Foreground 2. 2D Actor 3. 3D Background But it is much more powerful than that. You can change different Animations, Materials, Render Visibility in different Takes and composite them later.
  14. I don´t think there is a general rule. You have to think about your scene and figure out what makes sense in your Scene. Its allways about control in AE. If you have different Images you can control them easyly in AE So think about what you want to control in AE (talk to your Friend) and plan your Takes and Multipasses accordingly In Case you don´t know what Passes, Object Buffers and Takes are watch some tutorials on Youtube. And its a perhaps a good Idea to make a Testrender with passes, Takes and so on and hand it over to the AE-guy: Learning by doing
  15. I have a problem rendering a scene with both: A lot of Takes and a lot of Materials with several really long .png Sequence Animations. They are rendering fine when rendering a single Take to Picture Viewer C4D Crashes when: - rendering marked Takes (even if only one Take is marked) - Trying to add them to the render Queue (even when trying to add a File containing only one Take) The Problem is solved when deleting the png.Sequence Materials - but they are essential for this Project. Any Ideas?

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