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  1. Cristiano

    cmiVFX support

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a tutorial on this site - cmivfx.com, and the same problem happened to me ... I am very frustrated, since I paid and can not even watch, nor download the content purchased ... and I haven't had success by trying to contact their email: support@cmivfx.com. Any help on how to solve this problem I would be very grateful! Below, attachment with the messages I'm having...
  2. Hi there! Im trying to built a model based in the is guy here, a dreadlocked man with the hair tied with an elastic or something like. I need to do the dreads dynamically, so Im starting with some c4d hair setups. But I don't know how to tie the hair like this photo. Anyone able to give me a little big help? Thanks in advance to one and all in this community.



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