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  1. HI I was just wondering how you control the thin flm shader, ie how it gets it's colours, So say you are getting a nice hue from yellow to pink on a bubble and then want the yellow to be blue, where do you control it from? Any help appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi Guys Running into a little problem, I have files of mo cap data, the shape is already chosen (imagine a long flag in the wind) I need to make then into sweeps which is easy enough, but I need the space between the sweeps (splines) to be the same There is a way of intially lofting the splines, taking the verticals, putting them into a mo spline, re lofting and the spacing is alot better than just a Loft, but I have a alot of lines and to drag and drop these into source/destinatin splines in mo spline takes forever Looking for the clever people out there to see if there is another way ;O) Have attached a quick grab to help visulise Any help always appreciated Cheers R
  3. Hi guys I have seen post on this before, but have seen no real answer I have a phone screen in cinema that is rotation and panning at the same time, then it rotates away from you so you see the side of the phone when I bring this into AE to produce a solid for the screen, it is well off, it does follow to a cartain degree, but then the size is wrong, it's off center etc. AE has a keyframe oneach frame so it's hard to adjust Any thoughts on a fix Cheers Richard
  4. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    I created and supplied these for the new Ribena advertising that you may have seen on 48shts and 6 shts around town...
  5. I'm sure I wont be the first to ask this, but how did you do the water droplets?
  6. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    Again no product existed and we had just created the promotion so a simple pack shot was needed
  7. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    My old agency had an experiential arm, so created visuals of stands that went around shopping centres etc.
  8. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    My company had just created the promotion, so there were actually no packs to shoot, so created 3D visuals
  9. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    Created this for Appletiser for a DM Pack plus website
  10. Thanks for the comments guys
  11. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    Had to create a Neon sign for Appletiser, It had to be CMYK for print and on a cream background
  12. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    I did this for Morrisons, the food was shot and comped in afterwards
  13. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    Looked so good I had to model it
  14. From the album Richard's C4D Gallery

    Another bottle created for my company