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  1. HI I was just wondering how you control the thin flm shader, ie how it gets it's colours, So say you are getting a nice hue from yellow to pink on a bubble and then want the yellow to be blue, where do you control it from? Any help appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi Guys Running into a little problem, I have files of mo cap data, the shape is already chosen (imagine a long flag in the wind) I need to make then into sweeps which is easy enough, but I need the space between the sweeps (splines) to be the same There is a way of intially lofting the splines, taking the verticals, putting them into a mo spline, re lofting and the spacing is alot better than just a Loft, but I have a alot of lines and to drag and drop these into source/destinatin splines in mo spline takes forever Looking for the clever people out there to see if there is another way ;O) Have attached a quick grab to help visulise Any help always appreciated Cheers R
  3. 002 Carlsberg2.jpg

    I'm sure I wont be the first to ask this, but how did you do the water droplets?
  4. Mini Rally Style

    Thanks for the comments guys
  5. 2nd Equal Place - Lesia44

    I second that, the materials and texturing are really well done and thought out, very good job
  6. 1st Place - thuur

    Very nice, you would have gotten my vote