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  1. I know about rearranging would fix the problem but I could not find right order it was too late at night :D. that spline and constrain should also be fixable but matrix and tracer should be more flexible/ "procedural". i glad it helped
  2. if you want a truly holographic look similar to sw i would do that in compositing this is how they didi it in new sw if you want some new look I would recommend to play with glass shaders and blending materials maybe wireframe node could look interesting. And than some post effects/ compositing glows glitches etc
  3. Spline_animated_Polygon-adam.c4di build two systems but both have problems with priorities
  4. haha that's cool. I think this is some standard of how real life lenses are made and design https://www.scantips.com/lights/fieldofview.html
  5. Just create. suggest 3 ways how to learn when you feel stuck in your progress : 1. make small projects for yourself with clear briefs. - you can make your own if you want to be creative (for example: make a character head of pig pirate OR make infinite loop animation on the topic of overfishing sees ) - there are sites that can generate briefs like form real clients https://manuodelrio.com/projects/brief/ https://fakeclients.com/illustration http://briefz.biz/ https://sharpen.design/ https://briefbox.me/ 2. recreate works from other people. just go to Instagram, Behance, art station, dribble find work you like and have feeling you know how to do some parts of it and try to recreate it. first, try it yourself and when you get to roadblock just google specific problem you facing +c4d. (don't post ties to your portfolio and if you share them for feedback add credit to the author) 3. Experiment/ play /go with the flow. I learn a lot when I'm just randomly playing with software and just combine stuff to see what happens. good luck with creating



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