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  1. I'm trying to convert polygons to edges. Can someone tell me how to get edge id's? import c4d from c4d import utils def main(): nbr = utils.Neighbor() nbr.Init(op) edges = c4d.BaseSelect() poly_count = op.GetPolygonCount() sel_polys = op.GetPolygonS() list_polys = sel_polys.GetAll(poly_count) for i in xrange(poly_count): if list_polys[i]: print "Poly at index %i is selected." % (i) #edges.Select(????) op.SetSelectedEdges(nbr, edges, c4d.EDGESELECTIONTYPE_SELECTION) c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main()
  2. Hi, guys! I'm trying to change the gradient with python, but c4d.Gradient methods doesnt works. How can i change knots in octane c4d.GRADIENT_GRADCTRL? Is there any way to remove knots?

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