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  1. Brilliant! Yes that makes sense. No I did not set (or didn't intentionally set any rotation track key frames.) I'll give that a try. Thank you @Cerbera!
  2. Sure thing, thanks for taking a look. I wish I would tell you how to replicate the issue, for the most part I have been composing my scene. Moving things around rotating them and that's about it. The primary culprits right now are the dock cargo, water towers and the rail road tracks. The original geometry was copied from a Kitbash3D model kit and then pasted and rearranged. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4h2l0y1hmxzbvzf/along-came-a-spider.c4d?dl=0 Thanks!
  3. Hello all! I am having an issue were copy/pasted objects randomly flip 90 degrees after a transformation. After a few times I thought I was inadvertently pressing a errant button but it continues to happen. Any ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks!
  4. Gotcha, thank you Cerbera. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hello! When using object selection mode, is there a way to select an object and automatically select its parent group rather than just the object itself? Thank you!
  6. Cool! Yes I was having the issue when trying to apply the Axis Center to a null group. Thanks for the info. Also, I gave Magic Center a try and really enjoy being able to center on a group. Thanks for that as well!
  7. Hello! Long time Maya modeler here. I am looking for a function similar to Maya's Center Pivot, in C4D. I have tried using Mesh > Axis Center, but none of the tools under the menu will center the pivot to the selected object like I am looking for. Anyone have suggestions in how center the pivot of an object quickly? Thank you!
  8. Brilliant! Turning Automatic Mode back on did the trick! Thank you!
  9. Hello! I can't seem to get my set key frames to display in the F-Curve window. When I select the Animation Layout, I can successfully see the key frames in the F-Curve editor. But, when I go back and select the Standard Layout, I can no longer see/edit my keyframes in the F-Curve editor. Any suggestions, on what I have disables/enabled to cause the issue? Thank you all!
  10. Gotcha, thanks for the reply. I understand the process of changing the keys, I was more interested in the ability to make a sweeping change to all of the keys that required the initial m, shortcut at that beginning. But I think that I might be misunderstanding the m shortcut popup that occurs when pressing m. I thought the m key brought up a menu, and that menu then showed the shortcuts. But If I understand it correctly, the m pop up is only showing up because of the volume of shortcuts that proceed pressing m? Am I on the right track here? To get the same tool menu to pop up for another key, I would need to reassign all of the shortcuts start with m, to another key. Right? Thank you!
  11. Hello! Can you rempap the "m" shortcut for the modeling shortcuts to another key? I would like to remap it to a key closer to some of the other modeling tools I use frequently. For example, instead of pressing, m, s, to bevel, I would prefer to press v, s, to bevel instead. Can this be accomplished? Thank you!
  12. Aha! Brilliant, worked like a charm. Thank you for the guidance!
  13. Hello! I would like to use Bridge, to create polygons between two selected edge loops. I have both edge loops selected I have selected the Bridge tool, but can't seem to get the tool to work over the entire selection. I can only bridge one edge to another. The geometry have been How do I go about creating geometry between the two edge loops. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for the reply bezo, fortunately I figured it out. It ended up being a render engine issue. Really appreciate the speedy response though. :) Much appreciated!



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