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  1. Hello I'm in the early stages of a project that involves matching old photographs of terrain and urban environments shot from the air against newly shot aerial plates of the same geographical areas. The idea is that the old photos should seamlessly, where possible, fit in on top of the modern-day aerial shot. I can very easily take the old photo and lay it on top of a freeze frame of the new video plate but I would like to try and leave the footage of the new plate playing without a freeze frame while the old photo animates on and tracks to the footage illustrating old and new. I would also like to take things further and have the details of the old photo feel like they are in 3D space by using the old 2.5D projection mapping technique, obviously only where the speed of motion of the modern aerial and the geometry within the old photo allows for the rotation around and extension around the individual elements of the photograph. Hopefully the above describes the problem. In the past I have tracked stills to footage and on other projects created 2.5d animation of a still using the camera calibrator but I have never attempted a fusion of both techniques and there are very obvious obstacles in the way but I thought perhaps someone on here may have successfully completed similar projects in the past or have some thoughts on how to achieve the effect. Although the modern day aerial and the old archive photo have been recorded on very different equipment with very different camera/lens settings the modern day aerial has been shot in an attempt to match the perspective of the old photo so I think there should be a solution within C4d that helps me calibrate the projection mapped geometry of the old photo into the modern camera move. I am willing to accept that a perfect solution does not exist and perhaps some math might be the answer but it would be great to hear any other thoughts on this. Thanks J



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