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  1. Shape growth animation

    Thanks man, I've ended up modelling this shapes in a little bit of a different way and just extrude them in one by one. Cheers for help and sorry for delay with getting back, was on a tight deadline :) B
  2. Multi-pass rendering/compositing

    Cheers, got it now :)
  3. Hi Everyone, I need to do a shape growth animation but got stuck as none of the techniques I know seems to be working. I've experimented with MoSpline, Spline wraps etc. but I can't find an easy way of doing this. It's really simple shape animation (as attached), it just has to grow from top to bottom following it's original shape. I even tried animating a boole but this also creates some problems. What would be the best way of doing this? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help, not sure if I'm missing something obvious? I'm setting up a multi-pass render with some toon/ao etc. The problem I have is that the beauty pass has those effects too already and I'd like to have a 'raw' image so I can control everything in post. What's the best way to do it? Should I render out one full animation without any of the effects, and then second pass with super low settings for beauty pass? Or is there a magic switch that could disable the effects on the main pass? Thanks in advance
  5. Multi textures in C4D?

    Great stuff - cheers!
  6. Multi textures in C4D?

    Actually, on that note - is multi shader capable of handling reflection and bump maps?
  7. Multi textures in C4D?

    Thanks darby, number 1 clarifies it for me. I get what I was doing wrong now, cheers!
  8. Multi textures in C4D?

    Hi darby, Thanks for getting back and apologies for not explaining properly. What I'm trying to do is texture a floor with a multi-texture library. My colleagues at work use 3dsmax and they use a plugin or script (think it's called MultiTextureMap or something) that handles multi-textures so if a texture pack has 6 single tiles the script will 'mix' them together and populate entire floor randomly with those six tiles - not sure if that makes sense? I was trying to achieve the same result with Multi Shader but after your reply I realized why it doesn't work... I'm not sure if there's a plugin/script or a built-in feature into cinema 4d that handles multi-textures? Or is it any way of working with multi-textures inside C4d? Regards
  9. Hi, I was hoping to get some help with multi textures in C4D. Basically I'm trying to use multi-texture on a floor - I have six different tiles patterns that I want to mix together within one texture and project on a floor plane. I know in max there's a plugin/script that handles it but I can't find any info how to do it in C4D.. When doing research I came across a Multi Shader tutorial but for some reason this technique doesn't want to work in my case, although I pick "index related" option still only one texture gets tiled. Another thing regarding above is that I'm not sure how to apply for instance a bump or reflection map for multi shader? Is it possible to do at all? Thanks in advance
  10. Modelling a shower hose

    Hi Briand, Thanks a lot for the tip - wouldn't have thought of that! After posting here I kept trying and trying and eventually managed to wrap a sweep around a spline wrap, but this creates a lot of geometry so your technique will definitely come in place - especially for animation! Thanks again! Bart
  11. Hi, I'm new here so first of all wanted to say "Hi" :) I'm also new to Cinema 4D and got stuck while modelling a hose, was trying to google some answers with no much luck. This is kind of thing I need: I figured that I could sweep a rectangle around a helix to get the shape but I have no idea how to wrap it around another spline? Is that even possible? I've attached a screenshot that explains what I'm trying to do Thanks for any help