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  1. Great, you tutorials are always amazing and always went above and beyond expectations. Just purchased both nodes and fields classes. Waiting for my download links so I can start learn new stuffs. Can't wait to get the OpenVDB though. :)
  2. I would like know how to set up the facial rigging for lip sync, the pose morph, xpresso and python can all be used, the final result would be something like when giving a word, then it can automate the facial expressions. As I think this one tutorial would cover all techniques for facial rigging so I can make any types of facial rigging, think this as one stop tutorial. I just want to know it is done and not the details about how to model, uv mapping and texturing, only animation. Thanks, Tim
  3. I would love to see how lip sync with words matching works within facial rigging.
  4. Never mind, that's just from the advanced template instead of regular, that will come out with all types of controls and hot spots option. :)
  5. Could I please have a little help for adding controls to the joints inside the all 4 of the controllers listed in the object panel as well as adding hot spots as stated in the help contents for the attached model? thanks, Tim lion_rig_finished1.c4d
  6. I have just experienced the problem with symmetrical weight transfer from one side to another in R18, when I click the "Replace" button in the weight manager after I selected the joints on the side where I want to replace, the button "Flip X|Y|Z" became disabled, it was enabled prior to the click, and then it left one side with double the weight and not able to copy it over to the other side. I am using R19, does anyone know how this happens or is it an existing bug? Thanks, Tim
  7. Is there a way we can have rigging tut using Character set up, I see other tutorials about how to animate but not how it is set, I now used the Quadruped template created the rigging system for the character, but don't know where to go from there. Something like how to add controls to each part of the controller created by the template, tips and tricks for the process, as now I am not even sure how to select individual rig as I tried all possible keys combination and it just does not work. So it would be very helpful to have this type of tutorial. Thanks, Tim
  8. Would you please create the nice rig that covers the topics of weight painting as well as pose morph, such as opening a mouth with teeth appeared once it is opened or something similar if there is no script or xpresso involved? Thanks, Tim
  9. when I middle click the mouse for adjusting the brush size and strength, sometimes it works fine, but most of the time, it switch the viewport, such as when I middle click the mouse when I am in the perspective view only, it opens up all 4 views, and when I middle click again, it switch to another view depends on where my mouse pointer view is. Is this a bug of C4D or how to work around it to use the middle mouse to adjust the brush size and strength properly? I am using R18 studio version or C4D. Thanks,
  10. Does anyone know if the sculpting material shaders come with Cinema 4D? I see people just pull up from content browser, but when I navigate to the sculpting area inside content browser, I don't see it. Thanks,
  11. Awesome, then let's build one.
  12. That's then build advanced animation, can you create an animation as shooting a pool ball? Something like aim to the target ball using the object ball so the the target ball can move to the expected direction based on the contact point. Can we build something like this?
  13. Not too much, just a complete walk cycle automated with Python.
  14. I just subscribed, but not seeing the TD Master section at all. Please advice, Never mind, got the link.



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