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  1. Hello Ok so I found this very cool model of Tiffa online, and I would love to print her out on my Ender 3 pro, paint her and have her on my desk as a cool peace. I am using Simpilfy3D to slice the model but I am getting all sorts of problems with the end result, I have posted this in the FB group of S3D and the stuff they told me did help but still some of the GEO is missing when I slice, as you can see in the picture. In S3D I separated the mesh to parts, that did help, I was told that the mesh was non-manifold I tried to fix it in Meshlab and do a Dynamesh in ZBrush but still having problems... Maybe you can take a look and the model and try to slice, tell me how can I make a great slice with this Model and have her printed out, The size I would like her to be printed is about 20cm tall... THX in advance for the help Here is the model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3606232 P.S. you might have to wait a while for the site to load, since the it is very slow in the past few fays, must be over visited or something...
  2. But how do I combine the Round corner node with the normal map? they both need to go in the Bump...???
  3. Ok I will try it out, Please send me a screen shot of your node setup from a SP export in Redshift C4D, and will this also work in Marmoset the same way?
  4. Displacement is the Height from SP? I can not figure out why the corners of my Low poly are still sharp, tried to fix them with phong shading but no luck... for the displacement you do not have to have a lot of geometry?
  5. I did find a few tutorials on YT showing how to setup the textures for redshift in Maya and I used kind of that logic, not sure I apply all the maps where they should go, maybe if you just send me screen shot of your Redshift node setup of one texture you made in SP?
  6. Dude this is fantastic!!! I also use Unfold 3D for UV-ing and also use Redshift THX a lot for this tutorial, Before the Zbrush part I tried to go the Substance rout but I DID not know that you had to do the bake in this method also, I taught that baking was only when you have a High poly of the model with details. So when I exported the textures without the bake they looked bad in C4D... THX alot, this is a huge time saver
  7. I guess a video would help a lot, if you have the time to make it...
  8. THX for the tips, I will see what I can do, but to be honest it seems a bit to complicated for me...
  9. You are correct, THX for pointing that out... and sorry for wasting your time...
  10. Hello, in this video I show the problems I am having, so if you have about 6 minutes to watch it please do so and you might know the solution. THX in advance
  11. Hello, I am wondering for how much would someone be willing to model\sculpt a person, a girl via reference pictures. The model does not have to be super realistic, maybe even a bit stylized but has to be recognizable. The end goal is to have this model 3D printed and hand painted. So if you are someone who is interested please show me some of your work and maybe an estimated price for the finished model, no texturing needed... I we strike a deal I will send you a lot of pictures of the person for reference.
  12. Hello If you have 2 minutes free please watch this video of mine and you will see the problem I am having
  13. @EAlexander @BigAl3D Here is my newest try. Did the new changes, what do you think now? On a scale of 1 - 10 how realistic is this? I want it to be photo-real, so far still getting a Game look feeling, something like NFS... In the download file you have 3 pics, the name of the pics tells you all you need to know. All of them have the same post work in Ae, using the DOF pass and some Curve standard S adjustment... The Portal light of the shop are placed on every window 1 portal light and the are all using the HDRI plugged into them... https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2plqfpeuj6y5dy/New Car Renders.zip?dl=0
  14. Here is my new try at this, tried to do the changes that were sugested in this thread... what do you think? @BigAl3D @EAlexander https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1r6dyiaho09t5j/MP Render 2 Cam 2.2_00000_00000_00000.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdnor7em8no8ypt/MP Render 2 Cam 2.3_00000_00000_00000_00000.png?dl=0
  15. Ok THX for the advice, I have a job project that I need to finish up, after that i will see to improving my Car render with all the help tips Looking forward to your render updates also
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