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  1. I am not sure why that is, the wau I did it is that I imported them manualy to their respected channels. Maybe thye did not load like that because i exported them as RedshiftMetallRough materials...
  2. Yes I see the bad Normals now :D And what of the texture maps?
  3. WOW! yes this is very good :D THX a lot for the info. Not sure what you mean by the texture part? Are then not good? As for all those errors I have no idea I they came to be, I did not even realise them I was going for all quads, after the Low poly Model I made a High poly version and did some sculping to add the wrinkles, then i bakes the high poly over the Low poly in Substance Painter....
  4. Hello :D So last week there was a job opportunity on CGTrader, you had to make an Ottoman and texture it according to their instructions and if you did it right you could get a job for modelling CG props for them. I did not make the cut but they gave no feedback as to why. So I was hoping if there is anyone here who is a pro and might give me some pointer as to what it is that I could have done better...? Here is the model with the textures that I made, modelled in C4D and textured in Substance Painter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngacm8myu53vkke/5f5ce6c3.7z?dl=0 and also the file with the instructions: GleasonChairOttoman_INFO.txt
  5. OK so as I said when I export the model from C4D as an OBJ it has no problems. As for having to delete some point, what you said, is it not enough to do an Optimise...?
  6. I kind of solved it a few minutes ago. Seems like that Unfold 3D world best with OBJ files, the previous was an FBX and now it is OBJ, it worked perfectly... :D
  7. OK, I understand :D Well will uplod the file if I do not solve it soon... these kind of things are such a draag... :P
  8. Ok, THX :D But I think that I would get this problem even if I unfolded in C4D... If I took the time to learn how to do it :P but yes I forgot to say that is in Unfold 3D :D
  9. Hello :D So I have made this Ottoman model for a competition of sorts and I just can not get the UV-s to work, I am using Unfold 3D, and no matter how I unwrap the model manually or automatically I get these black parts on the Sides of the TOP that do not exist on the UV map. I have no idea why, the topology looks good to me...The faces are all facing in the correct direction, all points are Normalised.... Any idea?
  10. All very great INFO :D THX! Well I am going for a stylised look so I guess more then 2K maps is not needed, and if I would like to go for a very realistic close up then I should make UDIMS... at least that is what I have read and found on various places over the net. I just found out the Unfold 3D has a fantastic auto unfold feature for all kinds of shapes :P Not sure how important is the stretching on the islands... What do you think? P.S. I have a Low Poly and a High Poly version of the sword, did some sculpting in C4D on the high Poly. If at a later time I change the UV island layout and how they are cut, is it enough if I just copy the new UV tag in C4D over the old one?
  11. Ok cool :D So this Auto layout of the islands is better then what I have done?
  12. Yes there are options to automatically place the islands, some of them place them with the current scale some option stretch them, That is the number 1 I have circled in the pic. Number 2 are the options to adjust the Islands in various modes, like Lines and polys of them... I think Unfold 3D uses the same algorithm as Maya... Well I plan to take this Model into Substance painter and paint it there... In this picture I have used one of the Auto place options...
  13. Yes I understand this, well I want to make this into a stylised sword, something what you would see in World of Warcraft or something like that... The small island are like that because it is the best way I could figure out how to unwrap some of the parts so that there is minimal or no stretching. If I was to make the small islands bigger to fill up the space, would that be good?
  14. Hello :D So I made these UVs using Unfold 3D... Would you say that these are good?



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