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  1. BIgor

    Hair Rig Problem

    You were right about the collision object, I replaced it with a sphere and now it works great :DSo THX for that :D Is there a way to make the bone chain not move on one of the axis? So that the hair does not get twisted up because of the dynamics?
  2. BIgor

    Hair Rig Problem

    What about the geometry? What should it be like?
  3. Hello, If you have the time please watch this video In which I explain what I am trying to do... THX in advance :D
  4. BIgor

    Arnold BG scene

    Hi :D Ok so I have this little animation I did, this is just a Hardware Render, I need to add a Background to the scene, so as to make as if the legs are walking in a scene, maybe a forest or a room. How can i do that? Also would be good if the feet would make the appropriate shadow in the scene... https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgxozc9vdfg1pk5/second.mp4?dl=0
  5. Hello :D Ok so I need to do a walking animation of a human with a skeleton, that is no problem. What I need to figure out is how to make the foot muscles look like the ones in the picture and make them flex as the foot moves. Can I do that with the built in Muscle system or is there a better way....?
  6. BIgor

    Arnold, making it look better

    Yes I did do That, THX :D
  7. BIgor

    Arnold, making it look better

    Here is an Updated version, not supposed to show this because it is not approved yet but yeah...here it is, please do not who it anywhere else. :D
  8. Hi :D Ok so I have this scene in Arnold it needs to be only this picture of an Information Stand, How can I make it look better, make the Display look better instead of just a picture like this?
  9. BIgor

    How to Model This?

    Ok SO I have this so far, trying to make the panel lines with some boole tool, I made a dor like object and wanted to Boole it in on the side but it is not working... how from here?
  10. BIgor

    How to Model This?

    Ok, I will see what I can do? THX a lot for the help again :D
  11. BIgor

    How to Model This?

    @Cerbera Hi :D Ok so I have been trying but I can not get the look you did, the curved edges that you get on the first picture, I can not seem to get it that way. I know how to make curved edges with the Poly Pen but in order for them to be nice they need a lot of points (Arc Subdivision)...
  12. BIgor

    How to Model This?

    WOW, Very Cool :D I will see what I can do :D THX a lot for the help :D
  13. How would you go about modelling something like this? I tried something with splines but did not get good results... I do not need the Interior, just the exterior. This is called a SkyTran
  14. BIgor

    Arnold Lighting

    Hi :D In this image I did not use the Facing ratio node, found a tutorial on it and used it, Made the TEXT look a lot better and cut the render time by 10 minutes! So yeah, THX a lot for the suggestion... :D
  15. BIgor

    Arnold Lighting

    Hi, Looked into the Facing ratio node and not sure how you would use it to light up the text...??? Here is the progression of the PC project...