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  1. Arnold Lighting

    Hi, Looked into the Facing ratio node and not sure how you would use it to light up the text...??? Here is the progression of the PC project...
  2. OK, THX a lot for placing it where it need to be. I will see what I can to about the blown out part and test what it look like with the Blue color. Nothe the light that is in the front and shines inside the case is also a blue color...
  3. Ok here is one more try at this project of my PC assembly. Played around with some light and did some POST CC. What do you think?
  4. Finally done the PC Rig from the all the parts i found online and I made the cables, does it look any good? How can i improve it? I did a lighting setup from a MoGraph Plus tutorial...
  5. Arnold Lighting

    Ok cool I will see what I can do. THX for the advice :D
  6. Arnold Lighting

    Hi :D Ok so I got some PC Parts from 3Dwarehous in SketchUP format, and imported them in C4D, redid the materials as best as I know how because the automatic change to Arnold materials did not work. Now this is so far what I have the GPU the motherboard and the RAM, did some mesh lights for the text to make it look cooler. So far the scene had a Dome Light in it with a HDRI texture to light it and a point light from the one of the sides. I am gonna build a Full PC rig. So far I feel like this could be light better. Any suggestions?
  7. Arnold Texture Lighting

    OK I did a lot of material work on the Motherboard and made some letters mesh lights on the DDR Ram and the MB, but I still can not get the Logo to light up good. What do you think of this?
  8. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Wow yeah!!! this looks great, Curious to how you did it. What do you mean I was using a Selector? I think it was set on UV, tried Cubic and Flat but they weer no good. Here is my e-mail: iggorr252@gmail.com
  9. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Hi :D Working on your tips, just not sure what you are saying here: "One tip you can choose shader network in the color attribute of the mesh light, this mean make a shader load a picture, connect to viewport, the use that shader as a texture in the color channel of the mesh light. " Can you please explain it a bit more?
  10. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Ok I will do my best :D The standard light and material are there because I started to make the Project like that but then decided to do it in Arnold, so they will be deleted. Do you know maybe why the Logo mesh is showing as a black solid in the Viewport instead of showing the logo picture like it used to, even though the image in the network editor is connected to the Arnold Viewport?
  11. Arnold Texture Lighting

    This is what i was able to get so far, still need some work, I made the Light mesh thinner and lowered it into the Object the whole thing is sitting on. One idea that I got which might work is to build a frame inside of the logo that follows the lines of the logo and but a separate light in each part and make that light the color of the logo part where it is under... Will try that when I can.
  12. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Her is the Project file. It is kind of a mess but you can find the Logo that needs to load up on the top of the list in the object manager, also one texture is missing I do not know why and some of the textures are showing up as red and yellow for some reason but when rendered they are fine.... THX in advance for taking a look :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bcbrlzgbub4hkv/Galata Logo.rar?dl=0
  13. Arnold Texture Lighting

    OK so I did what you did and get no good results as you can see. The problem is making the light shine trough the Logo, and the logo is an Image placed on the hexagon, And to get this I also had to turn on the Reflectance of the Material with the Logo pic in it... I have Arnold 4
  14. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Whooh, this is a lot of info, I am having trouble understanding. Can you maybe write down what i should do in steps?
  15. Hi :D Ok so I have this texture of a logo on this hexagon and it is placed on top of some other object. I want to make this logo light up this part of the scene but look a lot better then it does now. I am not talking about the noise, I know I can fix that with samples. I tried something with the Arnold Mesh Light and this is what I get. How can make the Texture light up better...? I guess what I want to get is that the light comes from the Logo and not from the sides of the mesh...