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  1. WOW your result looks very cool :D However I am going for a Full colour hologram look. this is what i have so far... What do you think? How could I improve this scene?
  2. Hello :D Ok so I am trying to make this look like a hologram in color. So I guess the desired look would be a transparent look, something like you see in the Star Wars movies, but here I want it to be in color since I am using PNG images on the all of the sides of the cubes with polygon selections. Anyone have any Idea How I can pull this off?
  3. Yes I remade them, I made on window from a cube and deleted the polygons around and duplicated it all after that closed off the rounding. Then I just ended up using the High poly with no UV and slapped a premade stone Redshift texture from GSG... :D 7 minute for this render... I still need to master the pre-mentioned workflow...
  4. Ok yeah this looks a lot better :D Did not know that the polygons inside could be a problem. I took a cube flattened it made one window and then duplicated it to get the whole mesh and then connected all of them into one single mesh...
  5. Just trying it out, does not seem to be working fro now...This is the end result... you can see all the different Errors i get on the Model...
  6. Well the way I learned this from Gnomon vids is. You make a Low res, then you make a High res, then you UV the LOW and duplicate it to make a cage. The cage is used to help Substance calculate as to how far it will search for the High res geometry. when baking. Now in Substance I import the Low and I use the High to BAKE some Normal map Detail and other stuff on the Low. This way the end result is a Low poly model that looks Hig Res... I hope I am understandable... :P
  7. How do I fix this? as far as I know the High res is not supposed to be UVd, only the Low and the cage need to have good UVs... that is how I understand it...
  8. Keeps giving me strange results, as if the Cage is not big enough and stuff like that... but it is...I am still learning all of this, as far as the workflow goes I have the theory down... I think but still cant get this right...
  9. Hello :D So I have made this model of a Japanese Lantern and I also made a Low a High poly version and a CAGE so that I can Texture it in Substance painter. I have no idea why it is not working, maybe you can take a look and tell me...? https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1f1aw24q09d4te/Lantern Rebult 2 ALL.c4d?dl=0
  10. Yes this sounds like it will work I will give it a try, I am using MoCap from mixamo and Motion Clips so animating the sequence again will only be a few minutes :D THX :D
  11. Will try the normalize part, didi try deleting all keyframes still the problem remains. I am starting to think that it might have to do something with the Mesh that I imported into mixamo, might nit have been zero-d out in 3D space?...
  12. Hello :D So in this 2:30 minute video I explain my problem, If you have the time please take a look and maybe you know the answer :D THX in advance :D
  13. Ok THX for the suggestion, I will give it a Try, need to look into the spline animation first :P
  14. Hello :D Ok so I have found this model of Lara online and rigged it with Mixamo, the rig is not perfect, but it will be good for what I want to animate. I want her hair to act nice and dynamic while I animate her so I have set up a test seen so that if you have the time you can take a look and maybe tell me how I could fix this, make here hair act better in a complex animation like this where I am using MoCap from mixamo to make her do her thing... THX in advance :D https://www.dropbox.com/sh/orivga1h1vb5h52/AAD-XpyLEgqIu4_NTqPym4sca?dl=0



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