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  1. Of course all feedback is very welcome and it is the only way to learn and improve :D So THX :D
  2. Hi :D Ok so I am making a personal project, it will be an animation with a little story in it. The animation is made out of 1200 frames and one frame will take about 40 minutes to render. This is one of those frames. It is rendered in Arnold and I used Forester for the trees. So what do you think, what would you do to make this look better...
  3. The night scene...
  4. Ok so I tried to fix everything you said was the problem... what do you think of it now? I added some stuff to the BG and even made a cave like Mine entrance...
  5. Ok this is all very useful advice, THX a lot :D Your Grass render looks Epic! :D Well please tell me how to make a moon lighting in the native render and maybe I can then figure out how to incorporate that in Arnold...
  6. Yes I tried to fill the background with some hills but could not make it work, not yet, I replaced the Road texture with a new one that has a nice Displacement map and the only way it will work is if it is set to Cubic and the displacement level is 0.01, anything higher gives strange results even with a higher polygon count. I also tried to do something with the grass, any suggestion how I can make it more random, the way you described it with the Hair module that is built in C4D? Oh and if there is anything else I can do to make this look better or if there are still some mistakes feel free to tell me, I want to learn and improve :D P.S. I am rendering this with Arnold using a Physical sky, any idea how I can ad some moon light to the Night Scene?
  7. Ok, so if I understand you correctly most of the problems should get fixed by subdividing the models and maybe a little bit of reaajusting of the polygons, well that is what I did and this is the end result, what do you think? P.S. I also added new grass with Hair...
  8. OK so here is the wireframe model, I hope it helps, could you point out the error that you see? Also how can I make a Moon lighting in the night scene? I think I set all of the material to be Cubic... The grass is done with Forester and for some reason when I put the grass into foresters own cloner Aarnold does not see the effects so i made the grass multiply on its own...
  9. Advanced user needed for cinematic work

    Maybe I can help... PM me what you need so I can take a look
  10. Ok so I followed a Tutorial and made this house model, then I edited it a little and made Arnold Materials for it, used Forester to add the tree and the grass. Made a Night and Day Scene. What do you think? P.S. This is the Tutorial I followed I highly recommend it for beginners, you can learn some great stuff here:
  11. Hi :D Just gave this plugin a try in R17 Win7 and it works :D Just wondering how can I or does it Work with other render engines like Arnold...?
  12. Plastic Bottles / Arnold

    Cool THX :D
  13. Plastic Bottles / Arnold

    Ok I fixed that, sorry :D P.S. oh wait, you fixed it?...
  14. Ok so still working on my Bottles Project, the Glass bottle is done THX to people here! :D Now the one problem I am having with these Plastic bottles is the fact that the Tubes that go inside of them do not show up as they should. Above the water they are white and a bit transparent but inside of the water they appear different and that is not the case in a real world example, they should remain the same only a bit thicker and bent as you can see in my reference picture here... So any idea how I can fix this? I made the materials by following the MographPlus tutorial for plastic and edited them for my use. On the link you can get the Project file if you want and have the time to take a look at it... :D THX very much in advance :D Project Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2869kvcfe2i59v1/Bottles For C4D.rar?dl=0
  15. The water's IOR is set to 1.333. I figured it out, there were not enough rays of Refraction in the Render Engine... :P Now it is good :D I also tried placing some Bubbles on the inside of the bottle on the top but that did not turn out so great :P The on of the left is the one I am recreating :D