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  1. O !!! I did not realize that... My bad THX dude
  2. Hello :D, ok so I have made this Axe from a tutorial by Digital Tutors, but I took it one step further. I also made a low poly and a High poly and want to bake the high poly on the Low in Substance Painter to texture it and make it a game ready asset. Can someone tell me why is the baking not working for the part of Cloth that is over the Axe Head... I have provided the models so you can take a look. THX in advance https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jc7g17pka5r75el/AAB7id166R2x6Mqz4fK0qpOma?dl=0
  3. YES!! That was the problem, THX a lot :D
  4. Hello :D Ok so I am following a tutorial from a guy known as 3Dex on youtube, he makes great stylized stuff and in this tutorial he teaches some cool things. The difference is that he is using Maya and I am replicating the modeling he is doing in C4D, this is not a problem, After I made the low poly I had to make the high poly that will be baked for details in Substance painter when I am done with the sculpting. The way he did the High poly is by making every brick a separate model and now they are beveled and it all looks cool in C4D, but the RED part that you see in the picture is getting some errors and I can not figure out why, I did optimizes the points... Maybe someone can take a look at the model and tell me what could be doing this? THX in advance :D Stylized wall 2.fbx
  5. @Rectro WOW Dude!!! :D This super cool of you, THX a lot :D I did do this for a few people in the past, making a n explanation video just for them for a question they had on a Facebook page, never taught someone would ever do it for me :D Super cool, THX!!! :D
  6. This Looks VERY COOL, I am not sure how you did it, even with heh written down instructions... :P
  7. Hello :D Ok so I have managed to model this Axe without the cracks on the blade, but now I am having trouble getting good geometry with the cracks... Here is how I tried to do it but when I extrude the model and connect the point on the edge to get a sharp edge I get strange results. I have included the files so you can take a look also included the concept art I am using. Not sure how to solve this, I have been at his for 2 days now, watching a bunch of stylized modeling videos but I can not get this right for some reason... Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong...? P.S. This is supposed to be a game ready stylized Axe. I need to make to low poly, duplicated it and make a high poly which I will Sculpt in Zbrush and then I want to bake the High over the Low in Substance... Making it look like this in High poly is not a problem for me I understand how supporting edges and edge flow need to work, I need to make it work as a low poly one first. All the references I look at online have a low poly Model with not very much polygons and great detail that was baked from the high poly, not to mention UV mapping the low poly is a lot easier then the high... AXE with Cracks 2.obj AXE with Cracks 1.obj
  8. Hello :D If you have the time please take a look at this video, you might be able to help me... :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKkNO_SEn0s&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1hAqQeFeDo07kofC2DEjqS3XtaIuuCr6FTjpnStChBrRhcOLVSyx3SF30
  9. Ok this is very cool :D THX a lot :D Now I can continue :D
  10. Hello :D So I am learning a bit more modeling stuff, but having some strange problem that I do not know why it is happening. I have made a 3 minute video showing the problem. If you have the time please take a look... I have also included the OBJ file... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXA8Ddei-FM&feature=youtu.be Axe.obj
  11. WOW your result looks very cool :D However I am going for a Full colour hologram look. this is what i have so far... What do you think? How could I improve this scene?
  12. Hello :D Ok so I am trying to make this look like a hologram in color. So I guess the desired look would be a transparent look, something like you see in the Star Wars movies, but here I want it to be in color since I am using PNG images on the all of the sides of the cubes with polygon selections. Anyone have any Idea How I can pull this off?
  13. Yes I remade them, I made on window from a cube and deleted the polygons around and duplicated it all after that closed off the rounding. Then I just ended up using the High poly with no UV and slapped a premade stone Redshift texture from GSG... :D 7 minute for this render... I still need to master the pre-mentioned workflow...
  14. Ok yeah this looks a lot better :D Did not know that the polygons inside could be a problem. I took a cube flattened it made one window and then duplicated it to get the whole mesh and then connected all of them into one single mesh...
  15. Just trying it out, does not seem to be working fro now...This is the end result... you can see all the different Errors i get on the Model...
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