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  1. Arnold Object Mask Problem

    I have solved it, needed to render out AOV of alpha and refraction and use then in Ps as masks and it works great :D
  2. Hi :D So, you Arnold Render Engine users out there, do you know how can I render out a Glass Bottle so that when I bring the rendered out Picture in Photoshop whatever I place behind that bottle can be seen through the bottle. I did a render with the Object mask AOV and I get a good Alpha Background but the bottle is not see through... How can I do this?
  3. Eye Rig Problem

    WOW! Looks very Promising :D THX a lot :D
  4. Hi :D If you have the time and will, please take a look at this video I made explaining my problem. THX :D
  5. Skin Wrinkles

    THX, Looks promising I will try it out :D
  6. Hi :D Ok so I am working on rigging a face of a character with bones so that I can use those bones to do some facial animations with some MoCap data, Not sure how I can rigg and weight the forehead of the character so that when his eyebrow go up he gets wrinkles on the forehead, can someone tell me that? First pic is his eyebrows in a neutral position and second when I raised them. The bones for the eyebrows work great if you ask me... :P
  7. Cactus Dan has passed away

    Did not know him much, and I only found out about his passing now tat I searched for one of his plugins but this news to me is saddening, he even did reply to one of my post about rigging and helped me out... hard to believe this kind of news when ever I hear it no matter how many times, but unfortunatly it is part of life. Thank you Cactus Dan for all that you have done, Requiescan In Pace.
  8. Face Rigging Problem

    I don't know, now I will try to remake that character with Fuse and make his mouth less open, maybe just a little so I can select the polygons there and see what happens...
  9. Face Rigging Problem

    OK so This problem fixed, now I have new one... :P Explanation video is 1:15, if you can please watch it :D
  10. Hi :D i have made this less then 5 minute video in which I explain my problem, if you have the will and time please take a look, also I have included the project file :D The project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ch758bjyaje3b4u/Lumberjack Rigg.rar?dl=0
  11. I would like an opinion on the new grass compared with the old grass. Old grass is made with Hair and the new one is made with the forester plugin... P.S. the Hair grass can be seen in the previous post I made here...
  12. Ok all great advice i will see what can do to make it better, would anyone be willing to take a look at the project after I am done, before i start the final rendering, maybe someone can make the render time better...?
  13. Of course all feedback is very welcome and it is the only way to learn and improve :D So THX :D
  14. Hi :D Ok so I am making a personal project, it will be an animation with a little story in it. The animation is made out of 1200 frames and one frame will take about 40 minutes to render. This is one of those frames. It is rendered in Arnold and I used Forester for the trees. So what do you think, what would you do to make this look better...
  15. The night scene...