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  1. hmm I tried with my setup and it was somehow cut off. will have a look again
  2. The final object is going to be similar to this but with some deformers at the tip of the path to create a kind of liquid structure. and without caps I can not use the displacer so make a bubbely tip.
  3. Oh thank you! this one helps me with another problem I have but in this case it would be perfect if the texture would respond to the generated geometry. Also with this method the geo doesnt have caps, which I need. My final object is going to be a bit more complex. I found a tool, the Spline UV Mapper: https://www.at2-software.com/www/blackstar/spline_uv.php has anyone used it before? I am not sure whether this can help me with a live splinewrap as they talk about generating UV Tags.
  4. Hello there! I have this splinewrap texture problem: I want to grow a cube along a spline using a splinewrap but the texture should not stretch. In Other words, I want to reveal the projection of the final path by the geometry so the texture stays the same on the path everywhere and dows not slide while growing the path. Any help is highly appreciated!



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