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  1. Hi bwhitz, The knife tool was completely rewritten for S22 and it being a very complicated tool it unfortunately can happen that new issues are introduced. We are aware of this and are looking into it. Regards Fritz
  2. Hi Flonoel, the setting that is preventing this from working is the "deactivation" that kicks in, because your objects are stationary for so long. Go to the dynamics tag on the Voronoi Fracture : Dynamics > Deactivation > Linear/Angular Velocity Threshold. Set both to 0 to deactivate the deactivation :D. Regards Fritz
  3. Haven't tried it as I don't own fume fx, but this sounds like a job for "connect object". Try putting the voronoi in a connect generator and place that as source.
  4. Hi GaryAbrehart, The Volume Builder is converting your mesh into a volume data structure that is cubic in memory consumption and complexity. So lowering the voxel size by half will slow it down by a factor of 2^3 = 8. You should find the correct use cases for it because this condition can limit it for some things that it seems to be useful for, but practically isn't. If you feel like you need a very low voxel size, then it might not be the correct tool for your task. As soon as the objects were converted to a volume, it doesn't matter for the rest of the operations how complex the input object was. The conversion is most of the time a smaller part of the complete computation time. Most parts of the Volume workflow are parallelized so a high core count CPU with enough memory help a lot. This is without question a tool that needs the right hardware to work productively with. Regards Fritz
  5. Hallo DasFrodo, You can just drag the volumebuilder into the fiel list in the field force. It helps to either add a normalize layer in the volumebuilder or to normalize in the field list in the direction tab if you activate remapping. The default volume vectors are quite short. Regards Fritz
  6. I wouldn't either. Except you really really need the extra memory.
  7. Hi TreeW, I assume you exported the meshed volume to an alembic (so a polygon mesh), so backwards compatibility based on volumes not being in R19 should not be an issue. The alembic version might be newer in R20 and causes problems in R19. Is your memory really filled up or does he just claim you are out of memory ? Regards Fritz
  8. Effectors have an option called "visibility" which let's you control exactly that through any effector.
  9. Using the connect object offers options on how to merge different "Phong tag" settings. After that you can make it editable.
  10. Hi ToDo, I am afraid you will need to write a proper python plugin to be able to do that. As far as I know neither python tag nor python generator can implement the draw function. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/a-few-python-generator-spline-primitives-wip/1551988/7 Here somebody explains how to write a python plugin. Regards Fritz
  11. Looks like you are missing a Phong tag.
  12. If you are on R19 SP2, try upgrading to SP3. There was a bug introduced with SP2 that had wrong results on the illustrator import if you had a "join spline" option on. Not sure what the exact name of the option was.
  13. Hi asiejenski, put a material on the first version and decrease voxelsize and I would say you are pretty close. You won't get the same, because Arnold is volume rendering the data, which none of the inbuild renderers support. You could try to add an SSS material which will come closer to the soft look of volume rendering. Regards Fritz
  14. Hi Visionlux, Yes. The freeze layer has several grow options and also a subfield to control the look of the grow. Regards Fritz
  15. Hi TimW, I am not sure, but I believe the statue is in the content library. Make sure you are on R19 SP2. There were some important fixes for detailing in that version. Nothing for your issue however. Regard Fritz
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