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  1. Hi TreeW, I assume you exported the meshed volume to an alembic (so a polygon mesh), so backwards compatibility based on volumes not being in R19 should not be an issue. The alembic version might be newer in R20 and causes problems in R19. Is your memory really filled up or does he just claim you are out of memory ? Regards Fritz
  2. Effectors have an option called "visibility" which let's you control exactly that through any effector.
  3. Using the connect object offers options on how to merge different "Phong tag" settings. After that you can make it editable.
  4. Hi ToDo, I am afraid you will need to write a proper python plugin to be able to do that. As far as I know neither python tag nor python generator can implement the draw function. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/a-few-python-generator-spline-primitives-wip/1551988/7 Here somebody explains how to write a python plugin. Regards Fritz
  5. Looks like you are missing a Phong tag.
  6. If you are on R19 SP2, try upgrading to SP3. There was a bug introduced with SP2 that had wrong results on the illustrator import if you had a "join spline" option on. Not sure what the exact name of the option was.
  7. Hi asiejenski, put a material on the first version and decrease voxelsize and I would say you are pretty close. You won't get the same, because Arnold is volume rendering the data, which none of the inbuild renderers support. You could try to add an SSS material which will come closer to the soft look of volume rendering. Regards Fritz
  8. Hi janheylen, I might have found what happened to your installation. Did you by chance click "Set as Default..." in the "Edit" menu of the attribute manager? We just found out that this breaks all newly created Volume Builders by showing exactly your reported behaviour. This can be fixed by going to "Window -> Content Browser (Shift + F8) -> Presets -> Defaults" and delete the Volume Builder from that list. Regards Fritz
  9. Hi Visionlux, Yes. The freeze layer has several grow options and also a subfield to control the look of the grow. Regards Fritz
  10. Hi bezo, the Volume Builder is supposed to allow external objects to be dragged into the list. That is not the issue here because it also causes problems with having the objects childed. We could figure out what the problem is and what exactly broke, but we could not yet find out how this state was achieved. Regards Fritz
  11. Hi janheylen, we had a few customers now with this issue and we are currently investigating the reproduction steps. We are very sorry that you are experiencing these problems and I hope your reinstall will let you work as intended. Somehow you managed to bring the Volume Builder into a state where barely anything about the objects list works anymore and this sequentially allows actions inside that list that were not supposed to be possible. These unfortunately can lead to crashes. The only solution I have right now is to create a new Volume Builder, because this broken state is saved within the cinema file and cannot be recovered. I have some questions that might help us get to the root of the issue: Did every Volume Builder you created have this issue (before you reinstalled)? Did you install any R20 or try to install any R19 pluigns? Is anything about your installation customized, like layouts from previous versions? Do you have any idea how you could have brought the Volume Builder into that state or did it just happen with normal actions like adding objects, rearranging them or changing settings? Regards Fritz
  12. Hi @3D-Pangel We are aware of the issue and in contact with Nvidia (affects only Quadro drivers). My suggestion would be to roll back to <391.xx version (started there) or use the "g_threadedRedraw=false" as startparameter for cinema. The startparameter will however cost some performance, but resolves the issue. Your solution was as far as I know not known yet, so I will add the info to the bug report. Are you certain it resolves the issue? Regards Fritz
  13. Hi TimW, I am not sure, but I believe the statue is in the content library. Make sure you are on R19 SP2. There were some important fixes for detailing in that version. Nothing for your issue however. Regard Fritz
  14. Hi Tim, the detailing option can be a bit challenged with higher poly meshes. The issue here is, that the original mesh created my the breaking algorithm on the inside faces isn't very homogeneous in his tesselation. You can see that by turning off detailing and turning off the ngon Creation in the "object" tab. What would help is to reduce the "maximum edge length" in the detailing, but that increases complexity and it will take a while to compute. Even that will not fully solve the issue. Regards Fritz
  15. That is R19 SP2. Do you use the same version on your work computer? Can you post a simplified scene? I could then have a look on Monday if I can reproduce it.



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