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  1. Hi all, Just figured I'd share a quick bit of information I just discovered (with help from MAXON's tech support team) that you might find handy. My employee's brand new laptop seemed to be really struggling with certain scenes (the viewport getting very laggy and switching into line and box modes in order to keep up). The machine's spec's were pretty solid i7 8700 3.2 ghz processor with Nvidia 1080 graphics card so it surprised me that it was having so much difficulty -- plus the scene wasn't super crazy (2.5 million polys, not a ton of objects in the object manager). I tried the same scene on a variety of other machines (including a 4-5 year old macbook pro with a 2.8 ghz CPU and 780M gpu) and in all cases those machines had no issue. By all accounts it should have been at least outperforming the macbook pro -- so why was the viewport seamless in the macbook pro but laggy in this brand new machine? Turns out an errant keystroke must have disabled the "hardware openGL" checkbox in preferences > openGL. Once I re-checked that box and restarted Cinema he was flying around the same scene like a comet. Just figured I'd share. -Ryan

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