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  1. You can do that?? feel abit daft if its that simple. you mind if i ask how to flip the normals?
  2. Hi I have been playing with hair, and I made a tree (woot!), Anyway I was curious of how to put the inside another object and have it collide and reshape inside the object. if you add an object on top of the tree with a hair collision tag the tree reforms and grows around the sphere. however If i try this by static meshing the sphere and putting the tree inside the sphere it completely messes up. any suggestions?? also second question, is there a way to grow hair from the polygon points inside a sphere, to face inwards towards the centre?? thank you any advice as always is great! :)
  3. How to squeeze a sphere with a spline

    hi, thank you for your repsonse, can you link me to a relevant tutorial, as i really cant find one. :) thank you again
  4. Hi, I have been working towards a larger project and im still a fairly inexperienced user of C4D. I am currently trying to wrap a spline.. say a ribbon as an example or rope. around a sphere then have the sphere expand and almost over bear the wrapped spline. imagine a really sturdy balloon, and wrapping lots of rubber bands around it, and the sections of the balloon are expanding in there individual sections. make sense? can anyone perhaps outline a basic workflow for this or link me to . a relevant tutorial, as i cant seem to find any, thank you all the best :) this kind of effect where there is an expansion where there is pressure. (god i feel like this is a lot more simple to explain than i am making out, apologies, long day)
  5. Making a soap bubble pop

    I have actucally completed that tutorial and had good success with it.. but im not sure how to take things further
  6. Making a soap bubble pop

    Hi, Ive been working in cinema 4d the past couple days to try and create a bubble that pops, I can get as far as making a sphere rip like cloth, but i cant get it to uniformly rip and recede to the back of the sphere. Im completely new to cinema 4d so even that is an accomplishment for me, but I would like to understand the workflow for how to achieve a good looking bubble pop. this kind of effect is what im going for, it doesnt have to look exactly the same. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance :)
  7. Creating a container with a rim lip top in C4D?

    Hi Sigor, That looks great!, certainly a good place to start. Can i ask about some of the techniques you used to get that result? thank you for your help :)
  8. Im trying to create a container that breaks into 3 pieces and stacks on top of each other, Im each piece has a rim and a lip that fit together. I would like to be able to make the pieces have a wavy style lip, I will post some corresponding images to help my explanation. (apologies if its poor) i should mention i'm aiming to 3d print this also. hopefully the image make my explanation more understandable. I would appreciate any advice that can help me make this, I would be happy to provide more information and sketches if that helps anyones understanding Thank you in advance for any help