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  1. Well, I put the fingers under the wrists and made the wrist controller work, however, my expresso for the fingers bending is all broken. Also bending the wrist bends from the forearm. Everything bends the forearm. Every time I get something working and move to the next area, the prior areas all become messed up. This is hopeless. I've spent way too much time trying to figure out how to move stupid arms and fingers. Whatever the weighting "normalize" did, it isn't what I needed. .....Move arm up & down, bend at elbow fingers bend. That's all I want to do. 4 days. Thanks for trying to help. Your input is appreciated. I'm sure it's clear to you that this is beginner rigging headaches for me.
  2. One thing I noticed is that I can move the arms via the wrist controller now with no weird weight issues. However, I cannot rotate the wrist. I believe I have the Constraint tag setup correctly, but maybe the wrist weight itself is not applied? How do I add that wrist rotate aspect to this without destructing what is all good now? Thanks
  3. That it did! I left the upper arm joint locked and applied normalize to the rest of the structure and now it works nicely. Thanks so much for your time.
  4. I've attached a c4d file (zipped for size requirement) . It's 2 character arms. The problem I keep having is in the weighting, I think. I look at all the joints and they look weighted right. I have my controllers setup to move the wrists and for the fingers. My problem is when I do move the wrist controllers, the mesh goes wonky like it's not weighted right. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not very well-versed in rigging as I am in other areas. I really want to understand this. I have re-rigged so many times now, and am beyond frustrated. I just want to move the wrist and arm positions and also effect the fingers. Thanks for any help. arms.zip
  5. Thanks so much for your reply, and for trying to help me "get it". Unfortunately I can't re-create what you show. I guess I don't know how to create the handles? or are they "goals"? I currently am hand animating the joints with keyframes. After many different re-creations of goals and IK attached to different joints in the chain, I gave up. inchworm.c4d
  6. Hello, I am trying to rig an inch worm to move as it does. Back end of the worm moves toward front and middle section raises up in a rainbow-like arc, then the front moves forward and resets the arc down...repeat. Well, I cannot get the correct hierarchy of joints/controllers to manage this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. I am interested in modeling this device. What is the best way to create the side handles with their indents and textured grips? Thanks for any advice.
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