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  1. Bigbot

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    thanks for the files. Much appreciated.
  2. Bigbot

    R19 ProRender

    Im just realizing the dos and donts of pro render. Im realizing the parts of c4d prorender does not support such as certain shaders , floors. It seems to work pretty well on my new iMac pro 10 core with Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB card.
  3. Bigbot

    R19 ProRender

    So I guess pro render just doesn't like macs. I just got the new iMac pro 10 core with Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB. It handles xparticals like a dream but crashes with prorender even with the easiest scene. I guess nvidia is the way to go if you plan to use prorender .
  4. Hello, For sale REDSHIFT RENDER with Pixel Lab Redshift material pack. I just recently purchase a copy of redshift3d renderer. I was never able to installed it due to my Mac Pro dieing on me. Now I have a iMac pro that does not have a Nvidia card which is required. So its up for sale software and material lib to anyone interested. Please Read system requirement before contacting me .https://www.redshift3d.com/product/system-requirements Must have Nvidia Gpu with Cuda in order fo software to run. If interested please contact me Bigbot4d@gmail.com thank norm
  5. Bigbot

    R19 ProRender

    Hello all, I'm having the same issues with my mac pro with pro render. Is anyone using a Nvidia Quadro card having similar issues or does it work. thanks norm
  6. Thanks Cerbera, It Looks like MAXON is trying to get it right. Almost there but not quite. I Just dont like doing extra unneeded steps when modeling. Hopefully they'll have it fixed. NA
  7. ok im baffled by this line cut tool. The Knife tool worked soooooooo much better. Why can't MAXON improve the tool not make them worse. Im getting unwanted cuts that go straight through when i don't want them. Not sure what setting i need to have this so it stops doing that. I have visible only selected but it seems to still cut through the object. It seems to be random as well . The only way i know how to make it stop is by doing a selection and restricting it but that seems to be an extra unnecessary step. Has anyone else had this issue??
  8. Bigbot

    Line cut tool

    ok thanks i thought it was me. What they did is nice but i have to agree with you Cerebra...MAXON COME ON!!!!
  9. Bigbot

    Line cut tool

    Ok I'm deeply annoyed with Rel 18 line cut tool. Yes its much better then the earlier versions but for what ever reason i can't figure out how to turn this one feature off. When using the line cut tool i want to cut the geometry in the front but the tool keeps creating cut in places where i do not want the cuts to be. its creating unwanted geometry. the image below i want to do a cut on the right side but the tool will cut straight through very aggravating . anyone have any idea how to turn this off so i just do the cuts i want. the only way I've figured out to get around it is to do a selection and have restrict to selection turned on
  10. Bigbot

    By Bigbot

    Giant Robot Spider
  11. Bigbot

    NEW STUFF 2015

    here is some recent work. For other works goto bigbot4d.com
  12. hey poodles nice entries but i notice youIf have no wireframe images with each of your entries. By the rules if you don't have them your entry could be disqualified. Just an FYI.. Nice Job!!

  13. Bigbot

    1st Place - Soundwave

    Very Impressive job! Congratulations on the win.