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  1. thanks for the files. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello, For sale REDSHIFT RENDER with Pixel Lab Redshift material pack. I just recently purchase a copy of redshift3d renderer. I was never able to installed it due to my Mac Pro dieing on me. Now I have a iMac pro that does not have a Nvidia card which is required. So its up for sale software and material lib to anyone interested. Please Read system requirement before contacting me .https://www.redshift3d.com/product/system-requirements Must have Nvidia Gpu with Cuda in order fo software to run. If interested please contact me Bigbot4d@gmail.com thank norm
  3. hey poodles nice entries but i notice youIf have no wireframe images with each of your entries. By the rules if you don't have them your entry could be disqualified. Just an FYI.. Nice Job!!

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